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Thursday 09.08.12 afternoon.

• UPDATED Roster !!!! - Removed some links and added some links (above).
• Updated my contact page (just new mobile phone image - since I recently got the new Samsung S3).
• Updated links page (to re-shuffle the order of links near the top and to add Lauren Lucille's site!)
   > That one was LONG OVERDUE - The last time I updated that part of my site was in 2011!!!)
       Link added via this banner:
                                                   Lauren Lucille's website

• There's been many ups and downs, too many to list right now - more details on my facebook pages - this update was mainly for changes made to the site - see above and the fact that I'm taking the 26th, 27th and 29th off work.
I.e. MARC ON HOLIDAY from Wed 22nd August to Sun 2nd September.
Don't get too excited, I'll be recovering from dental surgery for the first week!


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Tuesday 10.04.12 1205 hours

• Just added a link (icon) above for my Google calendar

• Sold my van and got a great laptop - details on my facebook...
• Having 2 extra days off this rotation - I.e. the Thur 12th and the Fri 13th (I would be doing day shifts those two days)


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Saturday 18.02.12 midnightish-hundred hours.

• UPDATED Roster again! -!!!! - HOLIDAY EXTENSION! I'll now be taking off TWENTY days off!!! (28th Feb to 18th March)

• I've had a very rough few weeks... Actually you could say the entire 2012 has been... unfortunate in several ways... But this is the Internet and I'm not writing my personal problems on here - anyway, what would be the point?
GOOD NEWS: I'm now a PROUD and HAPPY owner of a FIBRE-OPTIC INTERNET CONNECTION! Yipee again! Happy!
   Iinet gave me a 'Bob Lite' (special iinet modem-thingy), Telstra gave me the pipline and I give me more Internet fun. The connection gives me more speeeeed! I've watched a couple of download and seen speeds of up to 1300 KBps. When I did an actual speed test, it said 2.something GIG per second wink
But it's not even meant to be about speed - well partly, but the other thing is it's more reliable. So far so good, no drop outs and all VOIP calls I've made have been 100% crystal clear.
OTHER GOOD NEWS: Bulk rubbish collection (in my suburb) has provided me with 2 new working monitors (one is even LCD flat-screen) a laptop bag (with an ancient {'95} but working laptop in it!!!) and a great office/pc chair! (I used to sit on this horrible white vynal/white steel tube thing)
• I've re-installed the SPB Mobile Shell (A whole different smart-phone operating system {I'm using a Nokia N8}) again am LOVING it! There are soooo many functions and tricks and refinements it's FANTASTIC!!!
• I'm coming closer and closer to discovering WHAT it is that I want to do. On that note, I'm signing off to do stuff!

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Wednesday 11th to 14th and Thur 19th to 21st 05.01.12 my days off

• I picked up Niko and Larra(visiting all the way from Perth) from the airport and took them to their hotel in the gold coast!
I was so excited and happy to see them that I totally forgot to take lots of pictures!!! sad

It was so much fun! - There was the best Kebab I ever tasted, there was painting with Ella, beautiful views and swimming pools - relaxing spa time, massages, plenty of catching up, running from monsters, checking out the Gold Coast, keeping the rain away, dodging 'Oil of Taj', rat-investigations, sleeping on the couch and being tipped out of the couch!
Niko, Larra, Ella and Taj need to move here!!!!

Photos: These are all I have:

The Westergerling clan! <- Missing Taj - caught him in next one:

Niko and Taj                                                                                                          TO TOP
This stealth shot was taken at Ella's dancing competition at the Casino - She was great! I will be uploading a short video and will link it HERE.
This hotel was one of the views out of the Meriton where Niko's clan were staying - I love it! (I'm not usually one for enjoying architecture!)

Spent every waking minute (and the ones where I should have been sleepingwink) with Ant and Deb and then with Niko and Larra!
• As soon as I finished my rotation at work I scooted down to the gold coast to see Ant and Deb and they gave me Christmas prezzies!!!!
Deb, Anthony and Keira Prsents for Marc!                                                   TO TOP
Here's another picture of Keira, coz she was such a cutie!!!!!

Wednesday 11.01.12 1515 hours

• Look down hither! (I've marked my holidays)

• Niko and Larra and Ella and Taj are all here in QLD!!!! - Photos will have to wait! - Speaking of which, I have to get ready for work now!!!

Thursday 05.01.12 2359 hours

• Finally updated my website (2012'd it) - Note my roster shows which days (or nights) I work

• Looking forward to Niko and Larra visiting this month!                                                                                                     TO TOP

ROSTER FOR 2012:                         
D = DAY shift:     
(0600 hours - 1800 hours)  Holidays   RDO = Rostered Day Off   A / L = Annual Leave 
N = NIGHT shifts 
(1800 hours - 0600 hours)

My Work RosterTO TOP

Work RosterTO TOP
D = DAY shift:      (0600 hours - 1800 hours)  Holidays   RDO = Rostered Day Off   A / L = Annual Leave 
N = NIGHT shifts 
(1800 hours - 0600 hours)


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