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 WEBSITE: Added Lord of The Rings to Movies.html
 OTHER: Can't believe it 2003 is almost upon us! I've read "The Fellowship of The Ring" and "The Two Towers" - I have become Lord of The Ring fan.
If anyone is in touch with Anthony Marriot let me know, I cannot seem to contact him.

WEBSITE:: Added new thoughts to thinking page
OTHER: Since Maggie might not be able to make it over here in January, I'm probably off to Bali for a holiday instead. If all works well, Raz will meet me in Perth and we'll be off to Bali around the 5th.
WEBSITE: Added 2 new pics pages with heaps of new photos! Added Mulholland Drive to movies page.
OTHER:  meh...
WEBSITE: Added 'AdAware' link to the resources section of the links page.
OTHER: meh...
WEBSITE: Cropped the home page image so that it's all visible at 800x600 resolution.
OTHER: meh...
WEBSITE: Built a SITE MAP page!!! - Linked the main pages links (as seen at the top of this page) to all the main pages. Uploaded today.
OTHER: My goal these days is to work toward not working for someone else.
 03 or 04 .10.02<Mon>
WEBSITE: Added links (View my Guestbook & Sign my Guestbook) to the home page (index.html)
OTHER: Been working many hours - mmmm $$$$. Saw "Bourne Identity" GOOD STUFF!

WEBSITE: Between now and last entry I added the common-sense links (as seen top of this page) to make it easier for shmucks to navigate this site. The question I now ask myself; "Why would I even want schmucks poking around in here?!". Added Simpsons link to links.html
OTHER: Thinking again of business and other ventures again.

WEBSITE: Added content to the thinking.html page
OTHER: ...

WEBSITE: not much done with portfolio site, made prices.html a bit easier to glance over. added link to Adolf Westergerling's sculpture list and some more on the movies.html page on personal site. New pic of Rex added.
OTHER: Looking for a new place to live!.

WEBSITE:: built new graphic (my head with gears grinding away) for portfolio site. Adjusting all the 'HOME' links on my personal site.
OTHER: Serviced the Rav 4 today. Went for about 22 hours with no sleep... interesting...

WEBSITE: Adjusted the introduction to my site (index.html)- instead of the nonsense with the two refresh to other urll pages , it's just straight to my home page now.
OTHER: Will be moving agin soon - my darling flatmate has given me a week, even though she'll still be 'renting' the property till new occupant(s) can be found. My next (temporary) address will most likely be back at my Mum's place.

11.09.02<Wed> (Technically, since it's just turned midnaight)
WEBSITE:: Currently under way adding  new pictures to my website (e.g. Anthony)
Added some details about "BladeRunner"
Added some graphics to my portfolio website
Added pic of Michael that I found while transfering files from old puter to new one
OTHER: Now we can't ever forget this date - great goin' world-maniacs...
Well, technically yesterday (Tuesday) ,  I saw "Insomnia", GREAT film with Robin Williams as a bad guy.
Have decided since last entry that my plans to move to Melbourne were a bit premature... and  those of you in Perth will be glad to hear I have no immediate plans to run off to Melbourne.

WEBSITE: Added a few behind the scenes specials to my website as well as the portfolio site. Added sexy buttons to the portfolio site.
 OTHER: Decided recently, to move to Melbourne. I will never be 100% happy with any major moving decision, but at least this way, I won't be asking myself 'what if' all the time.

21.08.02 <Wed>
WEBSITE: Built the who.html page yesterday and today. Uploaded today. Also added resume.html and kim.html and uploaded lots of the new scheme.
OTHER: Decided yesterday to get back into martial arts. Gonna learn me some Brazilian Jujitsu!

19.08.02 <Mon>
WEBSITE: Have re-designed the site TWICE since last entry, this is V6.0
I think I'll leave it like this for a while... It's still under construction but I built the home page last night and today.
   Added new links at 1729 EST.
OTHER: Enjoying new 2.0Ghz Pentium® 4 with 80G hard drive space, enjoying my Internet connection and enjoying living in Perth. Also enjoying KaZaA!

No joke here, I did do some work on April fool's day. I scanned a heap of photos and began adding some of them to the site (see friends.html).

It's become painfully obvious that I am bored with this already. What seemed like a really cool idea now seems tedious and not so 'cool' as I first thought... blah.... made menu today for people who wouldn't like the pic-link (image map) way of navigating the site. *yawn*
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