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Neverwinter Nights

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My Dream, a magic kiss swimming around the room,
From neck to shoulder to arm and cheek, my heart swam,
I wasn’t dreaming but felt soft and out of focus,
I bade no expectations.

Diamond by diamond, gold after gold,
Each day another treasure revealed in your eyes,
Two souls vibrate as if recognising a familiar tune,
I was the lucky one, the winner of that beautiful heart!

Bedazzled and relieved, as if searching was over,
I lay in your arms all sighs of fulfilment and gratitude,
To be seen and felt and known!
How deeply in love this heart would come…

In the days there was joy and play,
In the nights, passion and unity,
Side by side we faced adversity,
Up we flew and on our feet we’d land : )

m 2007



Call me Freak,
Don’t call me creep.

mj ’98 ©

"State of Mind" (The Illusions of Life II )

Process is learning,
To the learned,
Hardship a lesson,
To the wise,
Pain is growth,
To the enlightened,
Adversity is a challenge,
To the awakened.
Choose your state of mind.

mj '93 ©


Don't blow out the candle,
Let me see your eyes,
Nothing to hide,
I wish I was safe,
You are my sanctuary,
Don't turn away,
My life in your hands,
My faith rests with you,
I wish I had strength,
I borrow yours,
Don't let me down,
I need someone to trust,
It might be you,
Wish I had God,
Wish I had you,
Dark dark night,
Love on the brink,
No time to think,
Steal my heart,
Before I guard,

mj 98 ©

"Don't Touch Me"

Your eyes are beautiful,
Your soul I can feel,
I love you my way,
You love me yours,
Just don't touch me,
Or all may be lost.

Do I deserve to be touched?
Who am I thinking of?
You don't know,
And I can't show,
I'm dying for Love,
So don't touch me.

Time doesn't matter,
And loneliness is fact,
Nothing I can do,
No one can heal,
I'm happy to wait,
Without being touched.

I may need a friend,
And then maybe not,
I certainly need Love,
Or something I haven't got,
I need to feel free,
But I don't need touch.

marc jager '98 ©


As we fly closer the sun,
Our wings of wax start to burn,
I can see the fall,
Can't protect us at all,

You aren't slowing down,
I'm chasing your flight,
We spiral up,
Afraid to look down,

Where will we land?
We know the day will come,
When we meet the sun,
Will we meet again?

mj '98 ©

"The Ilusions Of Life"

This is reality to me,
Something else to you,
Dreams are not real,
Someone said they were,
Death is the end,
Could be the beggining...
Only where we stand,
Determines what we see...© Marc Jager

"A Fine Line"

The desperate one,
The lonely son,
The empty cup,
And something is up...
A fine line,
Between a friend and an enemy,
A narrow margin,
Between animals and humanity,
Love comes too late,
Someone turns to hate,
Someone mentions fate,
There's a common thread,
About where angels tread,
Fear meets us all,
No one is safe from the fall,
The Happy man,
A child playing in the sand,
The couple in love,
The olive leaf dove,
Balance will come undone,
As quick as wars are won.

mj '98 ©

" Friday.... "

Music runs through my soul,
Lights flash to some primal beat,
Cars drive past,
People hold hands,
Everyone talking,
The lights turn red,
Someone walks through the door,
A cigarette is lit,
You can hear people laughing,
Some wear suits,
Some wear jeans,
Somewhere there are drugs,
And somewhere there's love,
From an alleyway you can hear the beat,
Glass crunches underfoot,
Rain falls from a black sky,
Someone looks manic,
Someone looks lost,
There's a girl crying,
And a drag-queen laughing,
A tree stands in the mall,
A taxi stalls,
People everywhere,
Some are arriving,
Some are leaving,
It's midnight,
A drunk staggers across the street,
A waiter smiles,
Someone sweats on a dance-floor,
A familiar face in the crowd,
A smile,
A mobile rings,
It's someone's call,
Not everyone is happy,
A scream,
Hugging on the mall,
Video games and roses,
Nightclubs catch their prey,
Someone calls your name,
A fight looks to be starting,
A street light flickers,
A girl plays solitaire,
A beautiful face,
Stilettos on the street,
The night smells of rain,
Someone is busking,
All these moments will be lost,
Like other Fridays gone by.

mj '98 ©


Listen to your heart beating,
Listen and be still,
The rhythm of Oceans,
The rhythm of Life!,
The beat your soul dances to,
Come home!
Look into your eyes,
See the child inside,
Feel the Love you hide.


© Marc Jager

"Lost in a Circle"

Caffeine Nicotine Sugar fix,
Fast cars Fast life,
Mad nights fitfull sleep,
Chasing a higher high,
Chasing our 'own' tails,
Running from shadows,
Burning the candle at both ends,
Give me more, Give me MORE!
More Work More Money,
More time, More drugs, More love..
Nothing really matters,
It's a habit out of habit,
Find another dream.
Don't stop Won't stop,
Can't stop...This is fun!
Try to smile but I'm weary,
Tired...so very tired..
Want to sleep forever..
And forget...what I forgot.....

© Marc Jager

"The Kaleidescope"

We're living in a Kaleidescope,
All just fragments of the rainbow,
Everything is shifting,
We may think we're lost,
The picture is endless,
As we dance,
In The Kaleidescope of Life...

© Marc Jager

"Yesterday is in Vain"

How I long for amnesia,
How I long 'yesterdys' passing,
Take away my demons,
Take away the pain,
I want to start a new day,
Without the ghosts of past,
Yesterday's got nothing for me,
Just visions of another dream...

© Marc Jager

"A Golden Morning"

The morning kiss of sun,
She graces our bodies softly,
The wind stirs a gentle breeze,
A soft caress, beneath a peaceful sky,
'Father Time' looks away,
As Nature is seducing us,
The rythem of the tides stroke our imagination,
And feed our yearning for Life.

© Ramez Campbell with Marc Jager

"I Fell"

Yesterday there was some magic,
Yesterday I did fly,
No one asked me,
Nor could I run,
Time stood still,
And everything was gone,
I kissed your lips,
And fell in love.

mj Sat 16th Nov '96 ©

"Lover's Destiny"

To touch her lips,
an ecstasy kiss,
Passions unfold,
memories behold,
The lovers gaze,
deepens the maze,
A heart entwined,
no feelings denied,
His love's design,
feels no time,
He holds her close,
The one he chose...

mj '98 ©


They stood under a moonlit night,
Speaking, laughing and sharing kisses,
They stole into a forbidden hour,
They held each other sweetly,
Just precious time is a luxury.
They hold hands because they can,
He gives her roses,
She gives him hope,
She finds a real one,
He finds her unique,
They played by the ocean,
Swimming, loving and living,
They laughed at the sun,
Both of them could feel it,
Time was turning,
And so was Fate...

© Marc Jager


Pieces of love are lost in the storm,
Tears burn sorrow on her cheeks,
As dreams disappear into the wind,
Promises dissolve on his tongue,
Love fades with a distant sunset,
As her heart turns to stone,
Mountains of hope crumble to dust,
His soul drowns in an ocean of despair. mj '98 ©

...for Michelle, I didn't stop loving you....

"Where am I?"

Is not guilt burden enough?
Is not pain punishment fair?
Nor anguish and suffering,
Nor loss.
What tears will wash away sin?
What deeds good will cleanse my soul?
Surely there is no reprieve.
I am indeed in hell.

mj December 1998

"The Depths of Despair"

A heavy heart sinks tonight,
A once happy soul begins to drown,
Down and only down,
There is no up,
No way out.

Sorrow slowly turns to sleep tonight
A heart once full of love begins to break
Pain and only pain,
There is no relief,
No comfort here.

Spiralling down,
Darkness falls,
The end seems near,
But never comes,
Life looks bleak,
And tomorrow never comes

mj 99


This is my life,
This is my line,
You are not mine,
I am not yours,
And we are divine,
To share is to love,
To live is to give,
And we are all one...

© Marc Jager

.... In Love they find, their heart's desires ....

"Ever Upward"

Process is learning,
to the learned,
Hardship a lesson
to the wise,
Pain is growth,
to the enlightened,
Tests are challenges,
to the awakened.

© Marc Jager

When you're in the dark, you don't know where to go
Maybe you don't even want to move....
No matter how, black, We can find our way home,
And that's, what matters,
Your spirit to survive, your spirit to grow....


In other words please don't get depressed when reading the poems I wrote when in pain ;)


I'm empty,
There's no where to go,
It's lost.
Quick as the blink of an eye,
My spirit's gone.
There's nothing for me,
There's no prize for trying,
No love for crying,
And no rest for working.
There is no answer,
No beggining and no end,
Where's the 'master-plan' now?
I'm empty,
But I feel full of poison.
Is this what dying feels like?
I'm lost,
And I don't try to find me.
Love's in vain,
This game has cheated,
There's no winners in pain.
I'm empty,
And I'd rather be dead.
I'm strangled,
And yet I live.
I'm drowning,
And yet I breathe. I've fallen,
And still I stand.
My heart is broken,
Yet it loves,
...but , I'm empty...

© Marc Jager

" Sleeping Angel"

There she lay,
Looking for all the world,
Like an Angel.

Asleep and innocent,
Untroubled and plain,
A sleeping lie,

I wish she lived like this,
I could watch her all night,
This beauty by my side.

2002 MJ (c)

"Sleep Escape"

Sleep to escape,
Sleep to hide,
No fear there,
No pain to bear,
Sleep to survive,
Sleep to relax,
There's no guilt,
There's no shame,
No anger,
No rain,
No beginnings,
No horrible end,
Sleep for peace,
Sleep for calm,
Sleep forever,
To forget her love ...

mj '97 ©

"Where Are We Going?"

In one blink you become alive,
The next second you are a child,
You laugh you cry,
You want to grow up,
You do,
In the blink of an eye.
Father tells his daughter of hopscotch,
She's watching a video game,
Too soon you are killing yourself,
Smoking cigarettes,
And forgetting about laughter
Forgetting about fun,
What have you become?
Soon you'll blink and be old,
And you'll remember you childhood,
As the next second takes your life.

mj '98 ©

"Letter to the Princess"

Hey you!
Who do you think you are?
Come crash my trusting path, Why be there that night?
Like the vision of my desire,
Laying snares and traps,
For an open heart,
Why don't you watch your step?
You want to trip me up?
What's your game?
Can't you see I don't gamble?
Why give an inch,
If you can't handle a mile?
What's your pleasure angel-girl?
Don't you want to fly?
I don't want your lines,
I haven't the time,
I don't do competition,
Don't play well with others,
So you better rig the game,
Or tell me the rules,
Your prize or ours,
You get to chose,
Else go play in someone else's garden …

mj '98 ©


I look at the stars, As if there's one missing,
I stare out to sea, Like I'm waiting for a tidal redemption,
I sit in cafes, Waiting for an angel to walk in,
I spend my time thinking,
Maybe the answers will come.
I go driving, with no where to go,
Write poems, with nothing to say,
I think I know what's missing,
It has something to do with Soul,
Till I know where to look,
I'll be outside watching the world go round.

mj '98 ©


She tastes like woman,
Her eyes are of fire and spark,
Her touch like an Angel,
She’s wild and meek,
Smarter than a Vixen,
Innocent as a child,
Silk skin and blood nails,
One day she’s a kitten,
The next, a proud Lioness,
She bubbles as laughter,
But can put a man on his back,
She knows things,
And shares them all,
She is a dream-girl,
And nothing more.

© mj

"The many little deaths"

You sleep
you dream
you're oblivious
then your'e awake
you live
you love
you fall out of love
you cry
you smile
you live
you die
Blinking moments

(c) Marc Jager 2002


She’s always been here,
She’s been ready,
She is the worthy one,
The one who remembers,
The one with patience.
She’s the believer,
The one with open arms,
And a heart waiting for me,
She is the question,
She is the answer,
She is for me.

mj 2002 ©

"All It Takes"

I've got all it takes,
I can fly the high wire,
I can take it to the top,
I can dance with fools,
Or play with Kings,
I can make love to a Princess,
I could build an Empire,
Or chop wood,
And carry water,
My only nemesis,
To love myself,
That would take all I've got...

mj '98 ©


Here we sit,
Companionable silence,
The light of morning,
Brightens my soul,
Anticipation of what the day will bring,          ... Nat '98

And anything is possible,
Wonder is probable,
Time stands still,
As we dance to silent music others don't hear,
Something is waking,
Maybe a spark …

mj 98 ©


Listen to your heart beating,
Listen and be still,
The rhythm of oceans,
The rhythm your soul dances to,
Come home!
Look into your own eyes,
See the child inside,
Feel the Love you hide....

mj '97 ©

"The Bad Rush"

It's a re-run, I'm sure of it,
Didn't this happen yesterday?,
Maybe it was the day before...
I wake up like I haven't slept,
I don't dream sweet dreams,
I don't smile or cry,
In fact, I don't feel at all,
Time's a blur,
And so is my memory,
People, places, faces,
All is mixed into one,
It's like watching,
But not participating,
I'm here, but a zombie,
Trying to get a grip,
But that only tires me more,
I have no energy,
Yet, I'll go give some more,
What was your name?
Haven't I seen you before?
What day is it?
I 'think' I remember,
But I'm not so sure,
It's hard to concentrate,
The way I was before,
I used to run,
Now, no time for fun,
They think I'm cool,
But I'm not,
More a fool,
Who's lost what he's got,
I'm a puppet on a stage of lies,
Faking a style of life,
Burning the candle all over,
A stranger says 'stop',
But I keep going,
Poor stranger, he's me,
And I don't want to hear it...

mj '98 ©

"Pick Up"

You winked and smiled,
You played the eyes,
I took you home,
We went for a drive,
I got you drugs,
To make you mine,
You told me to wait,
I said I'd try,
We passed a gate,
You faked a smile,
You were saying yes,
Your body on mine,
Time passed quickly,
You lost your appeal,
Something came undone,
You were not real,
I choked my heart,
Nothing left to feel,
Few more hours,
The sparkle was gone,
Back to reality,
Where no one loves.

mj '98 ©

"Enjoy Coca Cola"

Would you like a cigarette?
Alpine fresh,
Ah my morning coffee,
Three sugars please,
Just one hit,
And one for the road,
You only live once,
Money makes the world go round,
Where would you like to go today?
Enjoy Coca Cola,
And then it's Mac Time,
Get a healthy tan,
And join the band of bull-shitters !
mj '98 ©

"Fighting the Rat-Race"

I want to run,
I want to scream,
I want to get away,
Mad mad world,
Sickens me.
I want to fight,
I want to flee,
I want to change it all,
Ignorant people,
Hurting me.
I must hide,
I must hold,
I need shelter,
Cruel disease,
It's getting to me.
There must be a way,
There must be a path,
There must be a road in-between,
Maybe far away,
I need to dream.

mj '98 © Marc Jager

" Betrayal"

No sooner had i let down my guard,
I was hit,
Come trust,
Come betrayal,
My first act of selflessness,
Was I taken,
My only chance of virtue,
Now it's stained.....©
Marc Jager


Smash Smash Smash!,
A vase of disrupt,
Into a thousand pieces,
Now crush them to dust,
And things become fine. ©
Marc Jager

"Side Step"

You entered, You schemed, You promised, and teased.
I opened, I planned, I believed, and pleased.
You stalled, You balked, You missed, and walked.
I waited, I watched, I caught you. Then I let you fall.

mj '98 ©


I'm lost,
But she's the one missing,
She's gone,
And I'm missing,
We missed our calling,
I missed my chance,
Then she missed hers,
Nothing was missing,
But all was lost ...

mj '98 ©

"Who Knows?"

Young children know,
Some old folk know,
Greedy ones don't,
God knows,
And many artists do,
I think I know,
Mr. Lennon probably did,
My cat knows,
My boss hasn't got a clue,
A lot of theosophists know,
And Buddhists too,
Politicians should,
Priests and Pastors would,
But it's not their time,
Bless them, who do not know.

mj '97 ©

"A Spark"

Sometimes a spark is all it takes,
Soon a huge fire is blazing,
A Soul reaches out for more,
An eagle spreads its wings,
We are all on 'that' journey,
Sparked by God.

mj '97 ©

"Manic Tendencies"

I'm flying like a child,
Goose bumps are lying here,
Excitement rushes through,
I'm alive! I'm free!
I know everything,
I can be!
I'm bored and unhappy,
Nothing interests me,
Tears always threaten,
I'm sad,
I'm lonely,
I am no one and I want to die,
But then again,
I'm flying like a child!

mj '96 ©


With her back to me,
She sips on tea,
Forever writing,
A mystery,
Dreams swimming in her eyes,
Or memories perhaps,
The colour of sky,
I could swim there,
Soon enough the pieces fit,
And I'm laughing at life,
There's an uncommon ease,
Even with her back to me.
A mystery,
To intrigue,
The pen flows,
Wherever she goes,
My smile grows.
Two fists,
And a wall,
She's got them all,
Fiery spirit,
Icy cool,
Something tender,
She likes to deny,
Tears lost in the night,
Who will know?
As she turns her back on all,
Itchy feet,
Travel calls her away,
The penny falls,
I hear the boarding call,
With my back to her.

MJ Aug '98 ©


The possibilities are endless,
He laughs,
She cries,
They scream,
He 'why's,
She dances,
He flies,
Time screams,
She 'why's,
He denies,
They sleep,
He 'why's,
She denies,
Love flies,
She laughs,
He 'why's,
They love
He dies,
She 'why's,
All the possibilities

mj '96 ©


Memories lace our lives like shadows,
Burdens which follow us around,
Some of them never give us peace,
Others disappear,
Like tears in the rain,
A smile given in warm faith,
An unborn child that never cried,
You can't bring them back,
We cherish,
We recall,
And we flee,
And hide

mj '96 ©

"One Surreal Day"

So surreal,
My perception,
I was staring at the ceiling,
In my wonderful life,
A disjointed day has passed,
I slept and dreamt absolutely nothing,
Rather the day felt like a dream,
I was there but not present,
I felt like a stranger all the while,
Then I met with this beautiful lady,
We did some things,
There was a look I remember,
Then I slipped into a dream,
We kissed and I was home once more,
Now she's sleeping in her house,
And I'm a stranger once more,
Here I lie,
Waiting for sleep to take me,
So surreal,
My perception.

mj '96 ©

"No Hope"

Ears that will not listen,
Eyes that do not see,
A dying heart,
A lasting memory,
She feels all is lost,
And really wonders why…


"Avoiding disaster"

Harmony lurks,
Vibrations ring,
A crystal,
About to shatter,
Stop the noise,
Pleading love,
I prepare to die,
Danger lurks,
Time is helping,
Time is not,
Vibrations running high,
Fever pitch,
Reality looks aberation,
But not to me,
I can dampen the noise,
But can I act soon enough?
Even sleep walker,
Not acceptable,
Yours is better

mj '93 ©


Like a firefly,
Dancing in the night,
Passion for life,
She flies,

Dreaming for herself,
Wonder and delight,
A rainbow,
A storm,

Running like the wind,
So much to see,
Beauty is free,
As is she,

Life in her eyes,
Like in the sun,
A star,
Always rising.

MJ 30th August 1998

And this too, shall pass


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