Mon 08.08.11

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What I do...


For fun

  • I go to movies,
  • Recently started camping
  • Re-discovered my interest in Internet Marketing
    Launched my first mini site on Thursday 11th Aug 2011 GRIN!
    ( www.best-weight-loss-products.org )
  • Want to teach myself knife-making

...and back in Brisbane again... Yes I'm a freakin lost soul..

this is some of it.... this'll probably always be a work in progress     : )


What I have done:

  • Gained my Commercial Pilot's Licence, NVFR and Instrument Rating.
  • I have also been to South Africa (I was born there), Germany, Ireland and England.
  • I have seen things you people wouldn't believe; attack ships on fire off the shoulders of Orion, I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Ten Hauser gates..all those moments, will be lost in time, like ... tears in the rain.. time to die.. 
                             Oh... sorry, that wasn't me, that was 'Batty' in the movie "BladeRunner"...
  • Build and run www.thinkitsellit.com

    Ok, back to me:

  • Got a Honda Shadow! (750cc) and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Tick's another of lifetime 'to-do' list) - The problem is that after several years of riding you realise it's not a matter of IF a car is going to wipe you out one day, it's a matter of WHEN a car going to wipe you out... The day I realised that (thanks to a large black ute with bull-bars that ran a red light missing me by inches doing over 60kmph) is the day I decided to sell my bike.
    Alas it was gone a week later :(
  • I have lived in Perth ( where I did all my high school) and in New South Wales (where I did most of my flying training).
  • I have climbed the Story Bridge,
  • Surfed huge waves,
  • Climbed up a tree from the inside,
  • Tamed a wild cat, .....
  • Forgotten how my ex-wife danced and rembered again
  • Eaten a snake
  • Lost my shirt and pawned my ring
  • Seen a solar eclipse, seen Lunar eclipses...
  • Vowed never to go down Jeanes Road...
  • then there was;

  • cafe scene: Something akin to managing/supervising.
  • scene magazine Production Assistant. I used to be assistant to Patrick Herlihy.
                             : CYBERSCENE. I used to write it.
  • jäger web design come "WEB MACHINE": My own SOHO web-design business.
    I design websites... If you hadn't noticed. - although this is a God-awful example of my work
  • Going out in Fortitude Valley!!!



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