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Neverwinter Nights

A fantasy role-playing game based on "Dungeons & Dragons"
     (Think adventures like "Lord of The Rings" or "Conan The Barbarian")
Haven't played in donkey's ears because I've moved on to 'Age of Conan'

Server: "La La Land":
The server where I play is a highly modified module of a land called Nordock. This is a HUGE and fantastic world for all levels up to epic 40. There is PvP (Player vs. Player) after level 10 for players within range of each other (plus or minues 5). Crafting, Guilds, Epic areas and unique creatures are just some of the things that make this an awesome server!
I'm not sure if this server still exists. If you know, please e-mail me.

My Characters:

Paxus II:
Paxus the Second is a shadow wizard and dragon hunter.

In his younger years he lost an eye to an ancient red dragon...
( Paxus the First, was my first well built and successful character who was up to level 38 before the great server wipe many moons ago. This new incarnation is up to level 29 now ).
Paxus II can 'Shadow Dance' and has many Rogue abilities as well as being a powerful wizard. Paxus was always a servant and saviour of Nordock, then one day he went missing... He returned after about eight months and hasn't been quite himself... Paxus was always a self-righteous mage... as are many wizards and sorcerers with a great deal of power at their finger tips... but now he doesn't care for the land as he used to... Paxus will still help the people of Nordock, if he is asked... He sees the people of Nordock as hapless souls who are not worth his energy. Sometimes he talks about what happened to him when he was ripped away from Nordock... Sometimes he rambles on about the horrors he endured while struggling to get back...

Paxus is rarely seen adventuring in groups these days... He simply wanders the lands aimlessly stopping from time to time to kill dragons and trying to fight the demons inside himself.

Slade is an ender of lives.... at cost...

A true rogue and master assassin. He can kill incredibly quickly, is as stealthy as a living shadow, can unlock the sturdiest locks and not only disarm traps, but set them as well.
Slade is especially nasty, not just because of his ability to hide in plain sight, but his incredibly adaptive and resourceful.
It's not uncommon for him to be disguised as a weak mage or to cast spells via magic rods or from scrolls to his advantage and other's detriment. Usually wearing monk's equipment, the ability to use any shield, successfully dual wielding an amazing arsenal of blades as well as being highly specialised with a short bow make him a walking disaster are for the victims he stalks.

Slade is oddly peacful. He's never been seen to start a fight, although is swift to end one, usually with little regard for the consequences... It seems he's only interested in killing when there's a profit to be made or when his flow of gold is being hampered with by someone or some thing.

Balos: ("The One" aka "Balos ex Letum")
Balos, is an enigma....

.. after being ruined by unnatural magics of bioware demons, he has been named "The one" but prefers "Balus ex Letum" (meaning Balos out of death, ruin, annihilation).
He's an enigma because no one knows his agenda. He's a necromancer, yet does not side with any known undead Lords or evil in general... He's a wizard who for unkown reasons has chosen to study the arts of the Pale Master and that of fighting like a warrior...

His credo, you can translate yourself!:

"Ortus ex mortus denuo,

Ego voro letum,
Ego quiesco per mortuus,
Ergo vita ex mortuus.

Ego nunquam abeo."

Pollux and twin brother of Castor, is an Arcane Archer of epic prowess.

You will rarely see him without his brother Castor... The two seem to be honourable half-elves although several have heard them discussing a Lich Lord they had encountered in hushed tones.... Both are fairly new to Nordock, having seemingly fallen from the heavens...

A red dragon, banished by his kind for once helping a dwarf . He now roams the lands with humans, elves, dwarves and even drow or duergar learning whatever he can to become a dragon once more. When he achieves this, he vows revenge on his old 'brothers'.

Dracko in a foul mood, irritable and frustrated most of the time. In his humanoid form he feels trapped in mediocrity and half resents humaoids at the same time appreciating their compassion for him. He's a master druid but also learning the arts of clerics and monks.

It's best to treat Dracko as a dragon. He gets very angry when reminded of the human form for he's impeded by...

No one knows if Binky is his real name or if it's what he calls himself in his maddness.
He's obviously mad. But why?... How can you know when all you have to go on is the madman's word...
He'll tell you that he was in the woods.... Maybe he was a druid...
He'll explain that he encountered a beautiful wood elf... A nympf... She seduced him and tried to kill him with poison. She was actually a drow.
Binky, if we will call him that, claims he used herbal lores to stop the poison from killing him, but wasn't able to stop it from ruining his mind...
He doesn't seem unhappy but he's definately out of his mind.
Binky will follow most people who are kind to him but has a terrible fear of certain wood-lands and women who may be drow.... if not in disguise...



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