Fri 22.10.10

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2010 October



Yay, thanks to Anthony, I recovered most of it! (see below)

Friday 22.10.10 1210 hours

• Apart from this Friday 22nd entry and a slight addition to attention-aliens.html - nothing major new here.

• Where is the year going?! Well wherever it's going I'm making the most of it and Raz and I havce started writing a book which we will probably entitle "Is God Crying?".
• Watched many movies since my last entry, here are the ones of note:
"Mr Nobody" **1/2- I may not have understood it, but Oi loiked ee!
"Piranha"**1/2 - Which was a lot better than you might expect!!.
"Harry Brown"*** - Was as good as you'd expect a movie starring Michael Caine.
"Grown Ups"**1/2 - Was very funny!.
"Saint John of Las Vegas"**1/2 - Was weird (in the way I like weird) and funny.
"The Chosen One"** - I got this and the previous one because they have Steve Buscemi in them but Chosen wasn't as good as Saint but, as a positive, it also has Rob Schneider and is a nice story, so see it!
"The Messenger"**1/2 is NOT my kind of movie, having said that, I have to mention it because it's good. It's about life and death and people.
Re-watched "Equilibrium"***1/2 - This is one of my favourite movies and if you haven't seen it, go see it! Especially if you call yourself a sci-fi fan! I'm pretty sure before this movie not many people knew about Christian Bale.
Also re-watched "Training Day"***1/2.
"Minority Report"***- Push being almost more fantasy than sci-fi, Minority Report being a Phillip K Dick story - Great stuff! and "Paper Man"** - If you'd asked me 2 mins after watching it, I would have given it 21/2 stars, but now since a couple of hours have passed, I realise it's a bit forgettable, so only 2 stars for it. It's a nice story about a guy that doesn't fit in and finds it hard to be normal. Hilarious in parts and thought-provoking and life-learnin' in others.
• Started playing "Counterstrike" again! What an awesome game! Also started playing the new "Starcraft II" which is every bit as awesome as everybody is saying it is!


Wednesday 29.09.10 1720 hours

• Updated movies.html

• Watched a bunch of movies like "Killers" ***, which was a blast, "22 Bullets" **, which was cool but I was annoyed that I didn't realise it was in french till I started watching it, "Get Him to the Greek" ***, which was hilarious, "The New Guy" ***, which was also HILARIOUS.
  I Also re-watched a load of movies I haven't seen for a while like "Hardware" - If you like apocolyptic movies, especially Sci-Fi ones, watch Hardware, because it's good. I really liked the music in it.
• Not much else to report - (You don't do much when you're low on cash).
Interest-wise, I've been enjoying spending time at www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum in the Extraterrestrial Life & The UFO Phenomenon section.

Monday 20.09.10 2100 hours

Keira was born on the 13th!!!!
   This is the beautiful 'lil angel! Look her tiny 'lil hands!!!!
   She's SOOOO beautiful!
   I congratulate Deb and Anthony from the bottom of my heart!

• The other day I was having an argument with an old friend (online) and I thought it was worth posting:

Will: personally i dont see aliens keeping a low profile for long 8:34 PM

Me: think of how naturalists study animals - often they hide and observe going to great efforts not to disturb them in their environment, hiding all traces of themselves 8:34 PM

Will: sure check the place out to see if we raging maniacs but after scouting there no logical reason not to come openly 8:34 PM

Me: well obviously once we got ahead in the whole space propulsion hurdle, then yes 8:34 PM
there IS if they don't want to spoon feed us - they want us to 'grow up' as it were on our own 8:35 PM

Will: it would be easier to engage in peaceful contact when we werent space able 8:35 PM
waiting till u are is inviting conflict 8:35 PM
then why effect our evolution? 8:35 PM

Me: there's no point in helping us with high technology if we are too barbaric to even stop fighting our own kind and destroying our beautiful planet 8:35 PM

Will: haha destruction of natural rescources is a natural step for a exapnsionist animal 8:36 PM
the key is to get tech to the point we not dependant on one planet 8:36 PM

Me: it's lilke being a parent in a way. You don't molly coddle your kids or give them 1000 dollars a week pocket money because both those things would 'spoil' them and in the end, it would effect their development to adulthood adversly 8:37 PM
*adversely 8:37 PM
well mankind is very immature 8:38 PM

Will: haah i disagree 8:38 PM

Me: we don't need to be messing up the planet the way we do and yet, we do it! 8:38 PM
and all this religion vs religion crap, is immature in the highest degree! 8:38 PM

Will: only way you will stop free thinking sentinent beings from conflict is if one has absolute control 8:38 PM

Me: you're assuming that sentient beings can't evolve to become enlightened and peaceful 8:39 PM
learning the simple fact that peaceful coexistence is better for everyone 8:39 PM
hahaha you'd make a great dictator 8:40 PM

Will: peaceful coexistance is fine as long as the people are happy to give up freedom 8:40 PM

Me: bollocks! 8:40 PM
The WHOLE WORLD could be free if people would just grow up 8:41 PM

Will: how? 8:41 PM

Me: a child can see that under the skin, we are all the same and we would all be rich if we all worked together for the common good 8:41 PM

Will: i work hard, i earn 100k a year so i buy lot of luxury items and a nice house and car 8:42 PM

Me: there is enough resources on this planet for every man woman and child to live like the current 5% of richest in the world can only live like 8:42 PM

Will: people who are lazy earn 20k a year and rent a shit hole 8:42 PM
they then resent me when i cruise past with my shitload of luxury items 8:43 PM
why should i subsisdise them though? 8:43 PM

Me: i never said that 8:43 PM
the whole system doesn't even need to operate like that 8:43 PM

Will: communisim was a great way of removing the capitalist problem of have and have nots 8:44 PM
however then u got resentment from the low end of the society anyway 8:44 PM
so int he end the people who dont have as much as the people who do will always bitch about it 8:44 PM

Me: if free energy were made available, if govermnents spent money on technology and food creation instead of military spending, no one would even have to work, unless they wanted to - everyone could do the kind of thing they are into, be it sport, art or running a business 8:44 PM
all these advanced races don't even have a monetary system 8:45 PM
they don't need it 8:45 PM
they don't NEED anything 8:45 PM

Will:: now i dont believe it at all 8:45 PM

Me: because they have the technology to create ANYTHING they need, for free 8:45 PM
VALUE is redundant 8:46 PM

Will: that or its a total dictatorship 8:46 PM

Me:: so everyone has everything they could possibly want 8:46 PM

Will: like i said give up freedom because the only way that works is if people start to do work for free 8:46 PM
how can government spend money on free food if the money to pay the people to make it has no meaning 8:47 PM

Me: it's not hard to comprehend a world like that if you think a couple of thousand years ahead, if people learn to get along and look after the planet. Technology would provide EVERYTHING 8:47 PM

Will: whileever death is around people will value their hours of life 8:47 PM

Me: you're not getting your head around the technology makes everything EASY part 8:47 PM

Will: technology needs maintenance 8:47 PM

Me: governemnt or whatever you want to call it doesn't NEED money! 8:48 PM

Will: i agree the governent needs to spend more on technology for advancing the race but i think value will never leave society whileever people have free choice on what they do 8:49 PM

Me: you're right, for NOW 8:50 PM
but in a future where you can create anything you want, when you can shape atoms into anything you want, when you have easy free energy, unlimited healthetc etc all the control, greed, money issues become redundant 8:51 PM

Will: that would be the point where technology takes control of man 8:52 PM
to be truely nowork for people involved the technology woul dneed to be selfsufficient and aware of iteself 8:52 PM

Me: you been watching too many movies like terminator and matrix *LOL* 8:53 PM
i'm pretty sure it would be! 8:53 PM
you'd have nanobots for everything! 8:53 PM
life would become very simple and people could focuse on study, on art on sport... basically on LIVING rather than slaving away in a capitalistic system where you have to work 5 days a week for the priveledge of having a roof over your head <-- this is an ABSURD state of affairs 8:55 PM
one alien race was alledgedly STUNNED at the concept that, in effect, we have to pay to live on our own planet... They just couldn't understand things like rent or buying land/house, when it's the planet you were born to - your planet... they were like 'why do you have to pay to live on your own planet?' 8:56 PM

Me: ~~ wow ~~ did you fall asleep? 10:10 PM


Friday 27.08.10 1200 hours

• Update to index.html

• Saw "The Expendables"**1/2 and "Salt"***.
   Both were great fun but "Salt" was better.

Sunday 15.08.10 0115 hours

• Slight update to ufo.html and created a whole new page which is the most up to date Q & A of forum friend 'Gilfaer's Q & A about his life long abductions. VERY interesting read.

• Nothing particularily new, just spending a lot of my free time researching the UFO and ET phenomenon, espcially from the viewpoint that the evidence is what I would consider overwhelmingly in favour of belief that ET have and do visit Earth. My current mission then is to gather as much of this evidence in one place as I can.

Sunday 08.08.10 1600 hours

• Some additions and plans for new content for the UFO page.

• Quit sugar and discovering the joy of juicing!
• Saw "Inception"**** which was amazing - finally a great movie for 2010! It's been so long!


Friday 09.07.10 1200 hours

• Not that it has anything to do with this site but I sold webamchine.com

• Boo-hoo I have the flu. Been stuck in bed for the last 4 days. Just watching a bunch of movies and playing Neverwinter Nights. The characters (Paxus II, Slade, Binky, Pollux etc) that I thought I had lost for being idle for 3 years have been restored!!!


Tuesday 15.06.10 1300 hours

• RE: Lotto number generating system mentioned below - My first attempt using 36 games was successful in that I won division 5 which is 4 numbers (3 + supp) for $29. I think that's a pretty good result considering I've never ever won any money before and the first time I played with the special numbers I generated through this system, I did : )
• I sold the domain name 'webmachine.com.au' for $600.

Monday 07.06.10 1520 hours

• Finished webpage for aliens - attention-aliens.html - This page is for aliens on the off chance that they are in fact monitoring us and on the even offer chance, that they monitor the world wide web. Basically it is an invitation to contact me and to take me off this planet. So ALIENS: CLICK HERE PLEASE!
• Updated the site for the first time in over 2 months!

• Not much news here - I'm over a certain unfaithful person and have even come so far as to realise that I am far better off without someone who could be such a disloyal, back-stabbing, cheap and nasty little tramp. Yuck! It's a bit embarrassing how long it took me to figure this out...
• Discovered a MUCH better way of playing lotto - If you want to know it, check out Ken Silver's 'Honest Lotto System'. I'll post any winnings info as they happen!
[Note: the link my be a slightely different system from the one I found and am now using, as mine is called 'Honest Lotto System', not Silver Lotto. It's all the same guy though, so I doubt it matters]

• Been reading an interesting Unexplained Mysteries forum thread entitled 'What would you ask an abductee'. Posts by 'Paxus' are mine.
• Haven't really seen any fantastic movies in a while, although I discovered, quite by accident, a slick film called 'Unthinkable' with Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie-Anne Moss in it. It seems to have gone straight to DVD or something... Anyway, it's very good. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I watched it.
I want to see 'Prince of Persia' and 'Robin Hood'. Anyone want to see it with me?


Thursday 18.03.10 1100 hours

• Added link to my Twitter page.

• Life sucks.


Tuesday 26.01.10 1100 hours

• Added holiday info on this page (on 'MY ROSTER').

• My annual leave was approved so from begining to end my days off are; St 6th Feb through to Wed 17th Feb.

Thursday 21.01.10 1100 hours

• Added detailed roster (see bottom of page).

• This is the worst year of my life but I'm starting to repair it and myself.

Thursday 14.01.10 2300 hours

• Finally continued after 3 monoths of no updates.

• This is starting out to be the worst year of my life.


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