Wed 14.12.11


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2011 December

Wednesday 14.12.11 1800 hours

• Minor fixes and setting up for 2012 - the year I'm looking forward to teasing all the 2012 Doom-sayers!

• Keep having many wonderful ideas but losing interest in them practically moments after coming up with them.
   Some recent ideas: Kids books (various ideas), art (painting and photography, even skulpting) and teaching self defense.
• After wishing for a skate board for several months I found one abandoned under a bridge!
I even painted a design onto it.
   My new board painted with my own design


Monday 1110.11 0400hours

• I feel so terrible about not writing down all the movies I've ben seeing forr the last couple... or more, months... Sooo, there below they are.
I am considering switching the purpose of this website from personal to business. All this would mean, really, is having everything that is here now accessed only when a link/button entitled 'Personal Website' or 'Marc's Corner' or something...Eesh - can't think.

Hmm... Really not much going on in my life other than work and getting excited about Internet Marketing. Incidentally, it's the 'Lazy Marketer's approach I'm taking. (He's got this e-booklet I can thoroughly recommend - and yes, I know enough about IM to know what I'm talking about when I say it's well worth the few dollars it costs... can't remember now, how much, rpobably $27 or some such....)
"Super" ***** - Totally brilliant! Funny!
Bullets Over Broadway (Woody Allen 1994) **** - Very funny!

Friday 07.10.11 1250 hours

for Oct 5th, Fly On Steve!

Steve Jobs - RIP

• I added a NEW ARTCLE on my Weight Loss site! : "Mum was right, Government Health Authorities wrong!"

Check it out because everyone should know this - Everyone should know that for 30-40 years we've been told to lose weight we have to stop eating fat - It's BULLSHIT! Read to find out that and several other things that are actually doing the opposite to what we've been told, i.e. KEEPING US FAT!

And since I don't want to end on a morbid note (sorry Steve Jobs) -> How's this for happiness?:



Monday 12.09.11 1120 hours

• Changed the home page of my best-weight-loss-products.org site, added 2 free hints and tips pages and generally spruced it up and made it more user friendly!
• Started working on the content for a NEW site (www.tips4survival.com), but no content has been uploaded yet. It will be the ultimate survival site on the www. Currently you have to go through about 30 websites on the internet to find all the best survival info.
(I mean mostly wilderness survival btw)

• Hmm... Really not much going on in my life other than work and getting excited about Internet Marketing. Incidentally, it's the 'Lazy Marketer's approach I'm taking. (He's got this e-booklet I can thoroughly recommend - and yes, I know enough about IM to know what I'm talking about when I say it's well worth the few dollars it costs... can't remember now, how much, rpobably $27 or some such....)



Saturday 20.08.11 2010 hours

• Just the news bellow

• This is MASSIVE and AWESOME news to me (and any Blade Runner fans! (Blade Runner is the best movie ever made)

Ridley Scott is set to direct a new version of sci-fi classic Blade Runner

Monday 15.08.11 1800 hours

• Added some links (E.g my sites anchor link for bottom of the page where I've added some new sites)

• Getting back into Internet Marketing - Starting with affiliate marketing -One place where you can very the top selling weight loss products can be reviewed and bought
Started first mini site ->


Sat 30.07.11 0600 hours

• Updated Roster - Added my August holidays to it.
• Addeed the latest camping misadventure (see below).

• Niko and Larra are visiting QLD next month (12-22nd of January, 2012)!!!
• Had another go at camping (by myself this time) on Wednesday the 27th.
   It was better in that I was actually warm this time but not better so much, in that I wanted an area where there was miles and miles of just forest land.
   Learning that people like the guy that does the wilderness survival tips etc at www.m4040.com has got it spot on! *

On my way... broom broom!   on my way :) deeper into the forest...

While parking my car, LUNCH
! walked right up to me!

Heavy Load * For instance; PACK LIGHT! You can't really see it here, but I was straining with 2 back packs (one front and one behind + a bag full of tent + another bag with 8 litres (∴8 kg) of water and my heavy leather jacket.

Beautiful Rainforest Ahhh beautiful Rainforest :)

Strangler Fig This is the 200-400 year old 'Strangler Fig'
that the 'normal' walking-folk get to see on the trail :)

Off the track This is where I leave the track and head into the forest.

Camp Site Alpha Camp site Alpha (See the Friday 08.07.11 entry [previous] where we set up camp last time)
The idea was to proceed deeper and deeper into the forest from this point.....
OH NOs!!!
Nooooooo! Nooooooooooo!
This is NOT what I wanted to see on thinking I was trekking farther and farther into the forest!!!!!meh
(It's lawn and houses and a fence!)

After much exploring, site 'Beta' found!:
Yay! Some whacko in the middle of the woods setting up camp

Camp Site Beta   Camp site Beta - So what I did was compromise - I picked a spot halfway between the trail and the developed land.
It was a tight squeeze between the trees but the tent just fitted.

 Night camp
Site by night - Does it look like the fire is giving me 'the finger'?

Camping Tea    MMmmmm luxury of tea in the moring :)
It was a very beautiful morning; Clear, crisp and GREEN!
... and wow! The sheer amount of exotic birds twirting, chirping and whistling was amazing!!!

So, rather than 4 days and 3 nights, I did end up going home the next afternoon simply because where I was there just wasn't anywhere to really hike etc.
Lessons learned
- Pack light,
- Check area (with map) in much more detail before heading out,
- Tea was a BRILLIANT choice of something to bring camping,
- You can make do without a mat/mattress as long as you put down PLENTY of foliage (put 4 times as much as you think you'll need - basically put down about a foot [thickness] of folliage) to lie on.

Friday 08.07.11 0455 hours

• Pretty much nothing!

• Went camping!
   Camping - Raz and myself
   The very first thing I did when we got into the woods was slip, slide, cut my hand in two places and fall into a puddle of mud!
   Awesome start!
   Around midnight we almost succumbed to hypothermia.
   Other than that it was GREAT!
   The camping tip, 'When looking for firewood, look ABOVE GROUND', turned out to be a very good one!


Tue 28.06.11 1400 hours

• Updated Roster - Added the 2nd half of the year to it. Watch the first half drop off quicker than you expect! Can you believe it's already half way through 2011?!
• Removed MySpace link from above... Who still uses My Space???
• Added marcjager.tumblr.com (above 'MY NEWS') which is one of my 'Found Object' photography sites (the other being molo.me/marcjager).

• Last month I was walking because of being caught driving without a driver's licence (I had no idea it was suspended) - This month I am driving after the whole thing was dismissed by the police prosecution! YAY! really?
• I enjoyed my time off during the end of May - I rested a lot and watched plenty of movies and saw Anthony, Deb and Keira!
• It seems to have been a month of exhaustion as I've found myself doing very little. (Got nothing done and slept a lot)
   I already feel I need another holiday.
• Attempted camping (FINALLY!!!), with ye old bud Raz, only to have a hilarious trek through the forrest, in the dark and deciding we wouldn't find a campsite in an appropriate ammount of time (to be trekking through the forrest at night). Ended in enjoying a camp-fire and going home to watch a mpvie or five. *LOL*
• Took several photos and uploaded them to My Molome Page - and my http://marcjager.tumblr.com/ page. ENJOY!
• You'd think there would be more to write since over a month has passed since my last entry but I can't think of a thing. Still feeling detached. ADIOUS OMEBAS! (No one else reads my site!)


Thursday 26.05.11 1240 hours

• Updated Gilfaer's Q & A Page (The Q & A of an alien abductee)

• Have been enjoying my days off.

Friday 06.05.11 1330 hours

• Updated Roster - One damn wrong day and the whole year gets thrown out!
• Added a link for my page on Molome which is a photo-sharing app on my phone and website on the www. I'm basically doing a found object theme series of photos. It all started when I started walking to the train station to go to work. I started taking pictures of all the things I noticed on my many walks s
• Made my Twitter link an icon instead of the URL that was previously above. Exciting stuff eh? (BTW, all my photos, through Molome, get sent to Twitter and Facebook as well).
• Updated Dislikes, Rocking The Boat & Thinking to include the link http://vhemt.org/ (The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement)

• I'm actually enjoying walking to train it to work. Getting fitter by the day! s
• Taking some leave 20-23rd which makes all the days from 16th to 27th days off s [See Roster]


Wednesday 16.02.11 1400 hours

• Minor updates + Roster edited to include my next holiday dates.
• Edited friends.html
• Edited attention-aliens.html

• Met Mandy (06.02.11) who is the coolest chick I've never met ; )


Tuesday 18.01.11 1720 hours

• Updated this page.

• Below are pictures of the flooding around West End (where I live) AFTER the pictures I posted o Tue the 11th January.
  The flooding is now over and 4 days after losing my power it was restored. Clean up operations have been going furiously since   the 13th and Brisbane is now picking up the pieces and rebuilding.

This is the same street I was on for the picture on Tue 11th makin candles    TO TOP
This is the same street(Kurilpa St) I was on for the picture on Tue 11th             This picture?
- The flooding is now half-way up Kurilpa St (the the 12t of January). Me making candles because they turned the power off!

victoria street west end
The flooding is now half-way up Victoria St (the the 12t of January).

Kurilpa St GONE!
And by the 13th, Kurilpa Street was GONE! (Right up to Montague St)

Harriet St GONE
Part of Harriet St - floodeo the other side of Montague (close to my place).
Other parts of Montague and beyond(farther south) were flooded too.
Harriet St near my place
Trying to get to work I turned left to get to Montague and found Harriet St,
near my place
, flooded near the bottom (Montague St).

main street west end   TO TOP
All these 4 (above and next 3 below) are of the West End 'main drag' where Boundary, Melbourne, Browning and Mollison meet up. I'm sure you know it.
main street west end
West End 'main drag' where Boundary, Melbourne, Browning and Mollison meet up.
main street west end
West End 'main drag' where Boundary, Melbourne, Browning and Mollison meet up.
west end
West End 'main drag' where Boundary, Melbourne, Browning and Mollison meet up.

Orleigh Park public toilets Orleigh Park public toilets

Brisbane City during the flood
This is Brisbane City during the flood of 2011.
The picture will probably only be appreciated when compared with one showing the river's normal width.

Tuesday 11.01.11 1200 hours

Photos -


Riverside Dr


s                         TO TOP
This is the intersection of Kurilpa St and Riverside Drive (you can see on the map)

1225 update: Just making another entry as we may lose power soon. Anyone wondering, I will be just fine, thank you.

• Just came back from a drive around - the roads going to Brisbane River have been blocked off by police.
I'm pretty sure I'll be fine because my house is up on a hill. The worst thing that could happen to me is that I might get cut off.
I'm off to put petrol in my car now. (Which is a 4WD s)

From The Brisbane Times website:

UPDATE: Floodwaters are moving into West End in the heart of Brisbane, with a number of buildings in the city's CBD also being evacuated.

Several Queensland government departments have ordered workers to go home, and there have also been reports of buildings being evacuated in Fortitude Valley.

The Riverwalk in the city has been shut off and the Powerhouse in New Farm has been closed.
Police have urged all residents who live, or are currently, near the Brisbane River at West End to move to safer areas.

"The Brisbane River has risen and we are starting to see the water enter streets in the low lying areas of West End," police said.

Two riverside restaurants in Brisbane’s CBD are evacuating and stripping their businesses in preparation for inundation.

Saturday 08.01.11 1720 hours

• Recovered most of the 2010 news that I had deleted over the top of! Thanks to Anthony (Marriott) who reminded me of Google's cache feature!

• Just enjoying the start of my 4 days off. If anyone has any movie suggestions, I'd appreciate them :)

Thursday 06.01.11 1600 hours

• Archived 2010 and made up a new home page for 2011.

• Can't believe it's 2011. No news to speak of just yet, but I have a feeling it will be an interesting year >:) 


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