Tue 01.09.09

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Tuesday 01.09.09 1750 hours

• Added some more UFO, exotic propulsion and anti-gravity info to thew interesting page.
• Started making a seperate page or pages for UFO, exotic propulsion and anti-gravity systems.

• No news is good news?


Saturday 22.08.09 1500 hours

• Have been absent from the world wide web for several weeks now. I don't really know what has come over me. Perhaps I've been over doing it with the internet marketing study, or perhaps I'm avoiding something to do with it. I'm behind in e-mails and haven't added anything here in weeks either.
• Just added a couple of UFO links on the interesting page. I'm getting curious again after realising that sightings are a lot more frequent than I thought. It seems just in QLD there are about 20-30 sightings a month!!!! There has to be something to this when there are so many!

• Well, apart from work there's not much to tell. Been watching DVDs, working - just applied for a new opening in Airside Operations again...


Saturday 11.07.09 1500 hours

• Nothing new here *grins*

• Just added the introduction page to my new site www.SaveMoneyStupid.com.
This will be a free way to learn how to save thousands of dollars per year. I've always wanted to publish something like this and now I've started! Basically, it will be in the form of a Blog to introduce it as an eZine. People will subscribe for free and be e-mailed, weekly, with specific, no BS money-saving techniques. I worked out I waste over $6000 a year and I bet almost everyone does the same things I used to to. If you could use an extra $6k in your pocket join up!
In a few months I'll actually be paying for a service similar to what I want to provide, so that I can then give away that info for free.
• Just tonight and tomorrow night at work and then 2 weeks off!
I'll be using this time to build www.SaveMoneyStupid.com but if any of you want to catch up with me, now will be the time to make the plans!!
I think we should do an outing to Springbrook!!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out what I was doing in May!

Thursday 02.07.09 2059 hours

• Nothing new here *grins*

• Just added the option to buy my "Secret To Innovation" eBooklet at www.getwealthystupid.com/innovation.html

Wednesday 01.07.09 2059 hours

• Nothing much new here but I've slowly been working on getting new sites and blogs for Internet marketing. My sites and domains are at the bottom of this page. Just registered www.qldlawyer.com to re-sall.
• Updated my roster (bottom of this page) to include my up-coming holidays.

• My leave has been approved, so I will have time off from 13th July up to and including 1st August!


Thursday 26.06.09 1610 hours

• Just corrected a couple of typos and adding my own unique referral link to the warrior forum.


Wednesday 25.06.09: This is the day that Michael Jackson died.

It's a shame his life was tainted by the controversy of more recent years. I refuse to make judgement about something I couldn't possibly know for sure.
What I do know is that a legend has passed away.

He was due to do a sell out tour in the UK.

Michael Jackson was 50.

Michael Jackson with with South African President Nelson Mandela

Thursday 25.06.09 1610 hours

• The new Warrior Forum icon inserted recently is a link to warrior forum which is where I've been doing most of my Internet Marketing study.

• Still studying Internet Marketing but having a break at the moment because my brain is getting overloaded. It's a steep learning curve - very easy to get overwhelmed, especially since I'm using such and information-rich source as the Warrior Forum.
• Saw 'Traitor' ★★★ , 'The Spirit' ★★★1/2 and 'How To Rob A Bank' ★★1/2 recently.
   'The Spirit' was awsome! It's written & directed by Frank Miller ( '300' and 'Sin City') - Very cool comic book + rogue detective noir style movie with Samuel L. Jackson innit as The Octopus!
'Traitor' with Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce and Saïd Taghmaoui (I like all those guys) was really good because it wasn't like your typical hollywood BS. Very engaging.
• I haven't marked it on my roster (bottom of this page) yet, but I've applied for some annual leave which would have me off work from 13th July to the 1st of August.

Friday 19.06.09 1900 hours

• Updated the Southbank Cinema link (they seem to have changed their website a little bit) - Southbank is the cinema closest to us and it's always less than $10 movies make me smile

• Been working very hard at studying Internet Marketing. Have registered 2 new domain names and doing a 3rd soon.
   Now to start working at building the sites, inserting the content, promoting them and monetising zem!
   I have been trying to come up with as many different ways to earn money online as possible and I'm up to about 13.
   Once I find any measure of success, I will document my experience so that I can sell it as an e-book and pass on how i did it.
• Added an icon link (above) to the Warrior Forum (the place I've been doing most of my study).

Monday 08.06.09 1940 hours

• Added the My Host (Host a website for just $12US/year) & .com for just $13US link above for quick access to my website host aswell as a banner on my links page.
  (I've always registered my domain names with them and host 5 sites there for just $12US per year)
• Fixed some colour issues on film.html
• Fixed a link on my Age of Conan home page.

• Studying Internet marketing again.

Sunday 07.06.09 2140 hours

• Added a new page to my Age of Conan pages.

Back at work.


Saturday 30.05.09 2140 hours

• To see what's new here check out our Springbrook trip!!!

OTHER: Day 26 - Started Mon 11th
Somar and I went for 2 days in Springbrook! It was absoultely fantastic!
We did the 41/2 km circuit walk from Canyon Lookout. There's an beautiful little cafe there too, called Rosella's.
   We camped at a place called 'The Settlement' which whilst cheap wasn't that good. I mean, a campsite where you're not    allowed to make fire??? That's just wrong.
   Check out the pictures of Springbrook!!!

I'm still on holidays.  I have till June 6th off work!

Thursday 28.05.09 0940 hours

• Edited my Age of Conan pages 1 & 6. New pictures of Sommar who's up to level 61 now!

OTHER: Day 18 - Started Mon 11th
I'm on holidays now!  I have till June 6th off work!
• Today after Somar finishes work we are off for a couple of days in the wilderness. Where are we going? I have no idea yet.    As soon as I've uploaded this I will be googling QLD+National Parks+camping and see what comes up!
Saw the new 'Star Trek'★★★ - What do you mean Dad?! It weas great! I found I did care about the main characters!
  (Private joke)
  If I had to make a critisism it would be that they went a bit over-the-top in what a maverick they made Kirk out to be.... Oh   and that whole Vulcan being destroyed thing... *LOL*

Thursday 21.05.09 2010 hours

• Edited my movies page - Removed all the constantly half-done reviews with pictures entirely and added a few new additions to my collection.

OTHER: Day 11 - Started Mon 11th
Been watching a few movies; "Full Metal Jacket"★★, which I thought was weird for a Vietnam movie, "Naked Lunch"★★★1/2, which I thoroughly enjoyed (love my weird movies), "The Last Drop"★★ was unexpectidly good/fun, "The Matrix Revolutions"★★, "Mission To Mars"★★★, I've always really liked this one and an oldie, but a goodie; "Good Morning Vietnam"★★★.
Playing Age of Conan and enjoying playing my necromancer. Up to level 53 now.
• Enjoying days off so much I'm saddened to be work tomorrow morning... This is my last rotation before 12 days off!
  (May 26th - June 6th off work)

Saturday 16.05.09 1410 hours     TO TOP

• Updated the sitemap.

OTHER: Day 6 - Started Mon 11th
• Yesterday, watched "Spartan"★★★ (can't believe I never saw this before! Pretty good movie starring Val Kilmer.) and "Pumpkinhead"★★, which I always thought would be a really bad horror but was actually pretty good - has Lance Henriksen in it.
• Not much else been going on lately, just plodding along - about to watch "Kalifornia"★★★1/2.
• Started gathering info for my ASIC renewal - what a pain in the arse! Will definately be photo-copying it this time (before submitting it)!

Sunday 10.05.09 2230 hours

• Updated my Age of Conan pages (within gaming). Pages 2-6 were all the old format and are now with the new colour scheme. Also changed details to reflect that the necromancer, 'Sommar' is now my main character (not the ranger, 'Paxus' anymore)

• Snoozed, watching 'The Dog Problem'★★★ and updating the site.
• Talked to Somar about starting a fashion/accesories range. We gunna go for it!

Thursday 07.05.09 2245 hours

• Updated my movies page (specifically, added more movies I have on my pc now) and fixed a few links.

• Looking forward to my short holiday 26 May to 6th June HOLIDAY GRIN!


Thursday 30.04.09 2145 hours

• If you're as sick as I am of people e-mailing you outrageous stories before actually checking them out, help me educate them to use sites like snopes so they can validate stories before spamming everyone some bullshit story.
I've now added a link icon for snopes (SNOPES is a myth debunking site. Use it to check if stories are true before spamming BS to all your mates!).
• Removed the food direct icon Food Direct deliver your groceries!, and moved it to my links page instead. (I rarely use them now I have a van)

• Finally saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" ★★1/2. I really don't see what all the fuss is about. It is a good movie, but for me, just too long and depressing.

Sunday 26.04.09 2145 hours

New link in top menu (gaming)for games I'm into or was into at some stage. Games include little online ones, like 'Fantastic Contraption' and 'Bloxorz' which have taken my interest lately. I love Fantastic Contraption and since I ran out of levels to try I found this fun little puzzle game called 'Bloxorz'. Along with that new link are the other game pages.

Seen all the Hellraisers now. Hellraiser 8 wasn't bad but wasn't good either.
• Looking forward to the new "X-Men Wolverine"!
• Got a phone call, the other night, from Highschool buddy Haroon Popal! Must call him tomorrow!
• Somar found this moth in our home:
   Beautiful moth

Thursday 23.04.09 1610 hours

• Joined Twitter to see what all the fuss is about. Link/icon placed up top. My Twitter: http://twitter.com/Marc_Jager

• We're up to number 7 of "Hellraiser" . 6 was the worst so far, 7 was not bad.
• Received my Kevin Rudd stimulus tax bonus a couple of days ago. Some people think they are awarded in order of post-codes. If it helps, my post code is 4101. I've used it to pay off credit cards.

Saturday 18.04.09 all day

• Updated friends.

• Watched all three EXTENDED "Lord of The Rings" ★★★★1/2 movies back to to back!!!
   By the way, they are not as long as the DVD specs indicate! If you get a chance to watch these, check out the easter eggs! (Just keep navigating down through chapters, when you click down after the last chapter a ring will appear which goes to the hidden section) They are hilarious!
The fellowship doing this marathon was Anthony, Lou, Jenny, Trent and of course Somar and I

Friday 17.04.09 2020 hours

• Update my roster yet again - Seems I'll be allowed to take leave so I'll have Tue 26th May to Sat 6th June off.

• Watched "Timeline" (2003)★★1/2 and realised I'd seen it before. It's not bad.
• Watched "Destiny turns on the Radio" (1995)★★★. Would have been a whole lot cooler, a movie, if not for the typical Las Vegas corniness. Still, I love a movie that has WEIRD in it!
• If all goes according to plan, tomorrow we'll be watching all 3 "Lord of The Rings" (From Noon till midnight).

Thursday 16.04.09 1545 hours

• Added new details to roster.

• Didn't get the annual leave I've been applying for, which is why I've made changes to my roster here.
   I'm currently trying to negotiate more leave either the next 4 days I'd be rostered on, or the four after that...
• Watched 'Waking Life' (2009) ★★★1/2, written and directed by Richard Linklater, who did "Scanner Darkly"★★★★.
• Watched "Hellraiser"★★ I and II recently.
   Dunno why, but I still love those movies.
   Have III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII to watch! Yes, there are really 8 of them!
• Watched "The Obama Deception"(2009)★★ - Worth watching and keeping an eye on this kind of stuff.
• Watched "Tyson"(2009)★★ which is a doco about mad Mike Tyson... I was pretty surprised to find this actually interesting. He's nuttier than a fruit cake but after watching the whole thing (it is tedious listening to someone who comes across like a total meglomaniac go on and on about themselves), I feel sorry for him, more than anything else.

Saturday 10.04.09 1550 hours

• Rearranged top of home page - Moved links from here to links page.

Friday 10.04.09 1335 hours      TO TOP

• Added new site to humour page. Really funny! (Watch your fav movies in 30 seconds of animated bunny madness!)

• Watched an mini-series called "Angels in America"★★1/2. Rent it for something different. The day is still young.

 Thursday 09.04.09 1600 hours       

• Added new info on My Delica Page and created My Delica Mods page.

• Installed the new heavy duty bash plates and air conditioner shield on the Delica! See pics!

 Saturday 04.04.09 1955 hours

• Added link to NASA's site on the 'interesting' page!

• Read a lot about the International Space Station. I've always been amazed and interested but never actually checked it out. It's amazing and NASA's site shows you so much!

Takes you on visual tour of station, has details about how the crew live, how the station operates.

Amazing photos - Anything you could want to find out!


NASA's ISS - Click to open window to NASA's site


<Friday> 1955 hours 03.04.09

• Three new additions (at top) on the 'interesting' page!
• Added petrol price guide icon Petrol Price Guide at top of this page.
• Added phone to contact page.
• Changed Nokia link Nokia site, 6220 Classic page in icons above to target the Nokia 6220 Classic rather than my old phone.

• Yesterday, I watched "Smoke"(1995)★★★★ - Very cool film and the follow up movie "Blue in the Face"(1996) ★★★1/2
   - I can't believe I've never seen these movies (before)! Starring Harvey Keitel, William Hurt and Forest Whitaker to name a few!
• Yesterday, I watched "The Water Horse" (2007) ★★★ - Really a kids's movie but nice to watch. It's about the Nessy monster!
• Yesterday, I watched "The Final Cut" (2004) ★★ - 2nd time watching and it really leaves much to be desired. I mean a concept like that, they really could have had an amazing story with amazing twists... Instead, you never really understand what was the big deal about this one character's 'zoe memory'... It's a real shame because it's such a great concept and I'm a big Robin Williams fan...
• Yesterday, I watched "The Jacket" (2005) ★★★ - Good stuff! Here is how it should be done (compared to 'The Final Cut')! I'm sure this was a lower budget film with less hype - maybe straight to DVD but it's GOOD!


<Tue> 2359 hours 31.03.09

• Changed my contact page to new format.

• My leave, for April, was not approved.
• Watched "First Snow"(2006)★★★ - Cool film.
• Watched "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" (2008) ★★1/2 - Really really funny until, like almost every other comedy these days, it turns into serious story.
I'm SOOOO sick of getting a movie for FUN (comedy) and having it ruined, for me, by the story going off on some deep and meaningful moral tangent! Grrr Grrr
• Watched "Doubt" (2008) ★★★1/2 - Very well done. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman & Meryl Streep.
• Yesterday, I watched "Where the Truth Lies"(2005) ★★ - Not my cup of tea but I'm lots of people would enjoy this.
• Yesterday, I watched "Where Sleeping Dogs Lie" (1991) ★★★ - I was surprised I had never seen this before - Not bad at all - Starring Dylan McDermott, Tom Sizemore and Sharon Stone.

<Sat> 2115 hours 28.03.09

• Changed the who am i page to the new format.... by the time i've update them all i'll be sick of it and want to start over again....

Applied for 4 days off to get 8-19th April off. See Roster. [edit] Knocked back. No leave for Marc.
• Just finished my 31st Discworld novel - 'The Monsterous Regiment' ★★★1/2! If you're not familiar with this Terry Pratchett series - get familiar with it!!!
• Watched "Rise of the Foot Soldier"(2007) ★★★. If you like movies about the UK's scum-bag drug dealers and thugs, this one is better than most of them, especially if you like 'em real and gritty.
• Watched "Avatar" ★★ - shame it's badly made because it has some good ideas.
• Watched "Android Apocalypse" - I like the cop chained to convict stories but this one is sadly lame.
• Watched "AI"(2001) ★★★★ again. Such a beautiful movie.

<Thurs> 0230 hours 26.03.09

• Fixed some links here (home page), updated timeline & added July-Dec roster below.

Sold my motorbike Wed 25th March 09
• Saw "The Watchmen" ★★★★ the other day - It was WONDERFULLY original and dark! LOVED it!                 BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Wed> 1735 hours 18.03.09

• Updated thinking page to the new site format.

• Watched "Man From Earth" ★★★★ on DVD. It's about a man who confides in his friends/colleagues that he is, in fact, about 14, 000 years old. The resulting conversations and reactions are very entertaining!!!

<Mon> 2000 hours 16.03.09

• Created a page for Delica stuff : )
• Updated sitemap.
• Added latest solution to 'Back and Forth' on my 'Fantastic Contraption' page.

• Took 'the Deli' out to Forrestdale and practiced a bit of 4WD'ng!
   See pics on My Delica page. Nothing spectacular as we had to leave early due to a sever thunderstorm warning. (We left the windows open at home).

<Mon> 1640 hours 09.03.09

• Updated the Fantastic Contraption page, as well as adding a link (above) to the Delica club site : )

• The more I learn about the Delica, the more I love it!
• Mike Lu is in Brisbane, so I'll see him today!
• Some new pics of the Delica!:
Marc's Delica

Somy with all back seats down! Instant sleeper!       BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

Somar standing up inside through sun roof

<Sun> 01.03.09

• Updated home, who am i, likes, dislikes, movies & contact as temporary fixes.

• Finally saw "There Will Be Blood" ★★★★ - Very good. Daniel Day-Lewis is triple-plus-good, as usual.
• The end of my holidays approaches fast - back on Tuesday morning. For shame! Going to see "The International" at the movies tonight.      BACK TO TOP OF PAGE


<Wed> 25.02.09

• Recently got into this online physics/engineering game called "Fantastic Contraption" (see link above).
   On that page are some of my solutions and such. I loved it so much I just had to make up this page and tell people to give    it a go! I challenge you!.

<Mon> 23.02.09

• Explored Manly. Muddy beaches. Nice area. Cool Mangroves. - CHECK MY ROSTER! I'm on 12-day holiday!

                                                                                                                                                          BACK TO TOP OF PAGE 


<Wed> 18.02.09

• Got Nokia 6220                                                                                                                                                                                             BACK TO TOP OF PAGE 

<Tue> 17.02.09

• Updated home page & my timeline.

• GOT THE VAN!!!! No more motorcycling for me!

<Fri> 06.02.09 (1730 hours)

• We recently watched the whole 'Firefly' TV series on DVD. It's really cool! Like a Sci-fi western. It's such a shame they cancelled it after the first season! They made a movie (to round off the story) which is called 'Serenity'.... also worth watching.
• After some absolute moron ran the lights on the intersection of Boundary and Vulture Streets (West End) I decided I've had enough of riding a motorcycle. We are currently looking for a van.
• I've applied for leave for the 23rd to the 26th(inclusive) which means I'd have 19th Feb-2nd March off. Anyone want to do something, get me then!
• Movies we've recently seen:
"The Wrestler"★★★1/2- Was a good movie but I didn't really like it. I'm a Rourke fan, so I had to see it just to see how he's doing these days.
"Seven Pounds"★★★1/2 - Which was also a great movie but which I enjoyed a lot more, to watch, than "The Wrestler".
"Igor"★★★, which like almost all animated movies are these days, was fantastically done and a riot to watch. My only complaint is that I accuse them of stealing the whole 'Igors' concept (That all hunchbacks who are hired as help, are called Igor) from Terry Pratchett.
Saving the best for last, is "Gran Torino"★★★★which, as you'd expect coming from Clint Eastwood, was just SPOT ON! A great watch!
We missed "Yes Man"... Actually there's a few movies (including "Milk") I want to see but will probably end up waiting till they come out on DVD.
• It's been horrible hot here lately... The heat makes you do strange things...
                   The heat made me do it                     BACK TO TOP OF PAGE 


<Mon> 19.01.09 (0425 hours)

• Update
d the site map : )

• Watched the new Zeitgeist film. I've had the link up there under
Are we living in a web of lies? for many months.
  Recently I checked the site and noticed they have a new one called "Zeitgeist: Addendum
  All I can say is WATCH IT! If you watch only one movie this year, watch that....
• Watching Dexter on DVD. Very cool.

<Wed> 14.01.09

• Apart from today's entry I just added a link on the links page to
Brisbane's Vineyard so we'll always be able to find it from my website ; ) Tell your friends about it! It's a wonderful little spot! (the vineyard, not my site!)

• Celebrated Somy's birthday by going out an' about.
1st stop; Black Star where we had the best coffee in Brisbane (that is not a joke or exaggeration)
. Incidentally, they are looking for 2 baristas and one apprentice roaster - call 0422 601 439 and mention you heard about the position through me.
2nd stop; Avid Reader - a West End book shop we like to go for, believe it or not, for the food! This time, I did get a book! An awesome book about amazing animal facts, called "The Book of Animal Ignorance".
3nd stop; Jolly's Lookout at Mt Nebo, then some other lookout and last but not least, we finally stopped to check out 'Brisbane's Vineyard'!
Brisbane's Vineyard is a beautiful look-out spot which is a vineyard that specializes in health drinks (punches and concentrates) and high anti-oxidant wines.
Their famous wine is called 'Dr Red'.
I loved their Ginger, Rosella and Blueberry punches!!!                                                                                                                                       BACK TO TOP OF PAGE 

<Tue> 13.01.09 (1700 hours)

• Archived 2008 news, edited the holiday page and created a new page for the Coolum Beach getaway photos!

• Just spent today and yesterday catching up with chores and downloading, saving and editing all the photos from the weekend!
COOLUM BEACH PHOTOS!                                                                           BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

<Mon> 12.01.09 (1745 hours)

• Just got back from Coolum Beach where Somar and I spent 2 days. It was beautiful! Photos soon!

MY ROSTER FOR 2009:                                                                                                                                                                        BACK TO TOP OF PAGE       
My Work Roster D=Day, N=NIght
My Work Roster D=Day, N=Night


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