Fri 09.05.14

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Friday 09.05.14 - 1930 hours...ish....

   Why? For an UPDATED Roster !!!! - Ok folks (or rare and possibly endangered species that are friends of mine who actually check my website!), if you want to know when I'm working - the roster at the bottom of this web page (it will always be the HOME page - or where marcjager.com takes you) will give you a rough idea.... I say rough idea because after the 'Marc Jager' row on the roster sheet, it's not certain... The NEXT LINE below my named line SHOULD be what I will be doing that next fortnight, but it WON'T always be so....

• Because of the shitty quality of the RUSHED image (gimme a break - i've done NO website design for over 2 years), if you can't make out the times (start & finish) just hold 'Ctrl' key and then press '+' key on your browser as many times as you need to ZOOM the site of the page. ('Ctrl' + '0' will reset it to your default browser page size)

• OBVIOUSLY a LOT has happened since I haven't update my site in OVER 2 YEARS but right now I'm tired and ready for bed... I'm only up to upload the roster - in fact - doing that NOW and logging off, even if this page isn't working properly.


ROSTER FOR FORTNIGHT from Monday 12th May 12th 2014:                         

Holidays   RDO = Rostered Day Off   A / L = Annual Leave   TO TOP

 Holidays   RDO = Rostered Day Off   A / L = Annual Leave

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"Sometimes I reflect on my life past and think to myself;
'Have I really been here that long?' And if so, what the hell have I been doing?'

                                                 ~ M.M.Smith-"One of Us"