" Single-mindedness is all very well in cows or baboons; in an animal claiming to belong to the same species as Shakespeare, it is simply disgraceful"
::: Aldous Huxley :::
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The root of all evil is not money...

For the record: I don't believe in evil within men and women, but what abounds and is our true un-doing, is IGNORNACE! Unbelievable, incredibly short-sighted, blatant ignorance.*

Let's be clear now that ignorance leads to stupid emotions like fear or greed which play host to numerous other problematic behaviors. My belief is clear, that all human flaws stem from ignorance. The next most base emotions which all others stem from are fear and greed.*

If we understood even the slightest of fundamental truths about nature, the world, our origins and our future we wouldn't suffer nearly as much from fear or the other contributing factors to 'the problem'.*

How to overcome ignorance?... LEARN things damn it!
Pick up a book! Talk to people who you consider wise. Talk to old folks. Learn history! If you don't like reading, try reading firstly just the things that interest you!
If you learn about nature, religions, psychology, history, art and anything you can find about the human condition you will begin to realize we are all here for the same reasons, with the same hopes and dreams. You may even realize that emotions like fear and greed are absolutely unnecessary and cause nothing but grief. Perhaps you will notice that you have been conditioned from childhood by some very flawed concepts, like 'guilt' or that we shouldn't love ourselves.
Hopefully you will realize that our human suffering is largely avoidable!*

It's all too easy to point the finger but unless each person takes their fair share of responsibility we will continue to go around in circles (and sadly the circles may even be downward spiraling).

"But what can I do, I am just one person?"
At the very least you can talk to people. You can decide to do one thing each day that improves the world. The very smallest things are far better than shaking your head at the state of the world and doing nothing.

Keep in mind that ignorance goes both ways. If you focus only on the news (or websites like this one!), you will get a distorted view of the world, since all you are presented with is the bad news.

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