The Questions and Answers Relating to The Alleged Abductions Throughout Gilfaer's Life


Gilfaer is a male person living in The United Kingdom.
Gilfaer is not the abductee's name. 'Gilfaer' is simply his chosen nickname on for the forum where these questions were asked.


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The Q & A

Q (AquaMerina) 1) Who abducted you? I realize it's E.T related, but what E.T's abducted you?

Q 2) How did you know your experience wasn't a dream or a hallucination?

A 1) I remember contact with two different types (is "types” the right word to use?) of being.
The first is, I'm sure no-one will be surprised to hear this, a group of rather short beings with grey skin and large, black eyes. (Yeah, I know. I can hear the gasps of "no way" from here.) The others, who I felt rather less negative toward, were a bunch of rather striking beings of typically Scandinavian appearance: tall, sculpted, blonde hair and dazzlingly blue eyes. When I was a child I used to refer to the one of this latter group with which I was most familiar as the "Abba-man", because I knew they were Swedish and I knew he looked like an archetypical Nordic blonde.
The first lot, the greys, I hated for years, because I associated them with being pricked, poked, hurt and generally freaked out. The blonde chap on the other hand, I virtually loved, because I instinctively knew that once I saw him things weren't going to hurt.

A 2) Short answer: I can't empirically prove that they weren't either of those things. I can say that I have seen things that lead me to believe they can't be though.
Example 1: One of them happened when I was a child, in the middle of the day at a rather deserted beach site. I wasn't asleep, so can't have been dreaming. During this incident a triangular lump of flesh was removed from the base of my thumb, leaving a scar that is there to this day. An hallucination cannot induce a physical scar, so I can't have been hallucinating. I suppose I could have had an advanced psychotic episode where I'd mutilated my own thumb, but I think a condition that severe would have produced more symptoms as time went by, and nothing has occurred. Also, I was only five years old or thereabouts, and I think that sort of delusion would be rather unusual at that age, to say the least.
Example 2: One of them happened in the presence of my father as we were out walking at night. He partly remembers this incident, up to and until the part when my normal memory cut off. In fact, he remembered something that happened that he hadn't before that came just after that cut-off point, so that either corroborates my story, or suggests that he could be suggestableised (George W. Bush eat your heart out!) by a nine year old boy. Possible yes, but how likely?

Q (bigdaddyinge) 3) did the grey ones make you think of white owls?

A: 3) No, but that particular bit of that truly crap film was based on something true. I can think of two occasions when a screen memory (whether by my own sub-conscious or by "them" I don't know) was in place that showed me rather strange, anthropomorphic dogs instead of greys.

Q (DONTEATUS) 4)"Is it uncomfortable to sit ?

A 4) It has been. If you're referring to a certain orifice, then I've twice bled rather a lot from my rectum as a result of an abduction. Scared witless following the first one (no memory had yet surfaced and I was automatically thinking, 'Oh my God, cancer!'), I went to a doctor who said I had what looked like an incision on the inside of my "tubing".

Q ( Slorri) 5) So can you tell us something about your abduction?

Q 6)
Where you physically removed from one place to another?

Q 7)
Were where you taken?

A 5) Well the first thing I would tell you is that it's abductionS. Plural. There have been many. Far too many to count. They started when I was in the cradle and they continue to this day.

If a tiny child experiences something, they may well greet it with fear and horror, but I know from experience that they don't automatically judge it in a global context. The odd doesn't seem odd, because they have no experience to judge it with. My childhood was full of strange "visits" and "dreams" and notions. I can remember very clearly at the age of what was probably about three, thinking through, in mental language that my young self could understand, what would noow be called the "paralell universe theory".
The Eureka Momennt came, as I said above, at the age of twelve. I was watching a TV program and people were talking about UFO's and so on, things that they had seen. Then a woman with an incredibly thick Italian New-Yorker accent came on and started talking about being taken up a beam of light from the roof of her flat. I now know this owman to be called Rosemary Osnatto.
She started talking about seeing a group of beings on board the object that had drawn her up and I could feel my pulse begin to accelerate. Then an image flashed up on the screen of an artists impression: classical Grey face. Bang! Like a physical kick in the stomach. This would have been around 1990, and in England, so I hadn't been exposed to the same level of coverage of Greys and the abduction books that perhaps more Americans might have been. This is the first time I ever remember seeing someone else depict such a face and recognising my own old nightmares in it, in the context of ET's and UFO's... well, by the time you're twelve years old you understand that sort of thing more. I now knew what had been happening to me, even if I didn't remember too many details, annd I knew that it was VERY unusual.

A 6) So far as I can tell, yes. Usuallly my bedroom, but once out in the country on the way back to our car with my father, and once during broad daylight, when I wandered off into some distant bushes and encountered a single Grey before my memory cuts out. Both times involved being away for a long time without it seeming like it. The first time at the beach, about 45 minutes. The second time out with my father, was over an hour.
The place I'm taken to... I suppose you could refer to it as "a ship". There have been several rooms I'm acquainted with, the most memorable of which is what I call "the operating theatre". I'm sure most abductees think of it the same way.
Not always the same one though, I have to say. I remember one that was very small and dim and I don't think there were ever more than two beings in there with me at a time. Usually there is a small gang of them.
The big table or bench that is more or less in the middle of the room looks like it has been vacuum formed out of the same sheet of material that makes up the floor. A single leg rises smoothly out of the surface and then just as smoothly into the slab of the table. It feels more like stone to lie on than metal though. Most odd. And cold. Bloody freezing in fact.
There's another room that looks like a rather typical console/control room from any one of a dozen sci-fi TV shows. I recovered a memory in one of these a couple or three years ago of me sitting at some sort of screen (it reminds me now of an over-sized Battleships game) moving objects around in grooves and some that seemed stuck to it like a magnet. I have no idea what I was doing.

A 7) If you mean where was the "ship" during the time I was in it, I have no idea. In orbit? Underground? Under the sea? In my back garden? Parked on the White House lawn? Blocking the road outside 10 Downing Street? Your guess is as good as mine.

Q ( DoubtingJessi) 8) Aren't you scared of it happening again?

A 8) Yes and no.
I would defy anyone to not be a bit scared when things kick off. The memories I have of the inception of an abduction are quite dramatic. A flare of light in my room, an inability to move unless ordered to, the sudden appearance of the little grey ones waddling about, plus their slightly taller supervisor. I don't think there is anyone in the world who cannot truthfully say that this woudn't scare them, if not just the tinest bit.
From the age of nineteen onward, I managed to get in contact with some people who helped me greatly. Having a sympathetic ear to talk to is the single biggest boon any abductee could have. You've no idea just how psychologically helpful it is to have talked to someone about the extraordinary and the unlikely in a way most people would discuss the football or cricket scores.
As the year crawled by my fear gradually diminished and became replaced with frustration and curiosity. Then came self-discovery, which has made me even more frustrated. Essentially I found a lot out about myself and the involvemment of these beings in my life and the constant amnesia that hangs over much of it is a source of constant annoyance. I know it happened and I don't think amnesia protects me any more, not now that I've remembered so much. It just gets in the way and gets on my nerves. I want to know, I want to discover and if it's going to happen anyway, I want to participate. I've already discovered a few situations when it's appeared that they were worried about handling me and I know I'm not a powerless lab specimen

Q (GlassButterfly) 9) OK - which kind of abductee are you:
A. Thinks aliens are actually here to help us transcend spiritually and improve our psychic abilities just in time for the 2012 Great Enlightenment Event, etc. etc.
B. Thinks aliens are here only to track us, test us & release us, and otherwise not caring about us whether we like it or not?

A 9) You're forgetting... C. I haven't got a bloody clue.
D. They're maleavolent.
E. They're a mixture of many things, not necessarily aligned to any one cause by their race. Much like humans, really.
Personally, I'm a mixture of C and E. There is a certain degree of development of myself involved, but I have no conscious memory of any instructions being given to me, or anything else along those lines.
2012 isn't going to be the great and wonderful/traumatic thing people seem to think it is. It's going to be just another year in line with its times.

Q (Ranyhyn) 10) I'd probably ask if the aliens are keeping up their traditions of zen minimalism decor, because everyone else is busy asking the serious questions, I can award myself some goofs.

[ Was a joke question but was included as Gilfaer's answer is serious]

A: 10) Dull colours, no warmth and functionality. Crap air too. Tastes like there's a leak in the machinery somewhere.

Q (Universal Sight) 11) I am not one to doubt you as i dont know you personally. But I am also not to believe you for the same reason. You can see why these abduction cases are so hard to believe do you? It seems to me that most of the abductions happen from a bedroom. Granted you say you were abducted at the beach once but for the most part bedrooms seem to be the place. Any guesses as to why bedrooms?

Q 12) Are these the correct descriptions of what you saw?
Small neo-saurian hominoids, very prolific and intelligent. (JW There is good chance that we have about 30 types of Greys.) May be the 'brains' or 'intellect' of the serpent race, whereas the larger 'Reptoids' allegedly act as the PHYSICAL overlords and thus are of a higher 'ranking' than the Greys. The Greys are logic-based and reportedly operate on base animal survival or predatory instincts and in most cases are emotionally insensitive to humans, and like other reptilian entities they 'feed' off of human and animal vital fluids by rubbing a 'liquid protein' formula on their bodies, which is then absorbed through the skin. Like typical reptiles which shed their skins the 'waste' is excreted back through the skin. The Greys range from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 ft. tall on the average, with skin colors ranging from gray-white to grey-brown to gray-green to grey-blue. Aside from feeding off of human and animal proteins and fluids, they also allegedly feed off the 'life energy', the 'vital essence' or 'soul energy' of humans as do other reptilian species. This is why those humans seen working with the Greys (implanted and programmed 'drones', whether willingly or unwillingly) have appeared 'lifeless' and 'emotionless' to the witnesses who observed them. The Greys are reportedly EXTREMELY deceitful and although they act on 'logic', to them it is 'logical' to use extremely complex forms of deception to bring about their goals. They are the most commonly observed 'alien' entities encountered during UFO events.

Q 13) Are these the correct descriptions of what you saw?
Blond, red head, or in some cases brunette 'Nordic' type humans based in the Pleiadean 'Taygeta' and other systems, which were allegedly colonized by refugees from their former planetary abodes in the Lyra constellation which were invaded by reptiloid entities from Alpha Draconis. The main Pleiadean planet of 'Erra', was reportedly 'Terra-formed' by the Lyran refugees [Lyra being much nearer to earth--around 30 light years]. The Pleiadeans were apparently the first 'humanoid' society to develop hyper-space travel (the U.S. government has reportedly known how to tap-in to hyperspace ever since the 'Philadelphia Experiments' of the 1940's. The Pleiadeans claim that their technology surpasses our 'International' technology by about 3000 years. This may explain why the humans in Lyra were able to travel the vast distances from this part of the galaxy to colonize the Pleiades, some 430 light-years from Terra-Earth. The Pleiadeans consider themselves to be part of the "ANDROMEDAN COUNCIL" based within some of the planetary systems within the Andromeda constellation.

Q 14) Pleiadians:Are you able to confirm any info in either of these descriptions? Were you allowed to "learn" anything about them?

Q 15) Are you skeptical of certain other abduction cases? In essence, do those of you who are abducted have an easier time spotting a "fake claim" or hoax than those of us who have never been abducted?

A 11) Yeah, I entirely sympathise. I can't think of any more outrageous a tale.
Why bedrooms? Well... assume you're a species with a mighty intellect and a technology to match, which also happens to be X-amount of years in front of the target species you want to study/work with/enlighten/abuse/insert adjective of choice here. Imagine also that you want said adjective to be secret, even mostly secret from its subject. Where else and where else would you commence am incident than from the bedroom in the absolute dead of night?

A 12) Physically that seems to resemble what I saw, yes. Their colouring does vary, although not usually in the same group, I don't think.
On just about every occasion however, there is one Grey who is significantly taller than the others. I would say about 5'4”-5'5”. This one is “in charge” so to speak, and to all appearances is directing the shorter ones in their actions. I get the sense of a lot more mental activity from the taller one and it is invariably this one who does all the talking.
Apart from height, the most obvious difference between the short and taller Greys is their eyes. The shorter ones have rather horizontal, lemon-shaped black eyes. The taller ones' are slanted upwards and tear-drop shaped instead of lemon. For some reason, whenever I see a picture of a taller one's face (my word for this taller one was the “Bossman” btw), the eyes have been drawn back to front, with the narrow end next to where the nose would normally be and the wide rounded end out near the temples. From my observations it is always the other way around.
I have never known what you call deceit from them. My communications with such beings are usually restricted to simple instructions and platitudinous reassurances.
'Get on the table. Undress. Stop panicking you pink idiot.' That sort of thing. Not really anything in there where I could gauge how deceitful or honest they are, to be honest.
What they feed on, or even if they feed, I have no idea. I have never observed anything like eating or drinking, even artificial injection or the like.
I don't think they're particularly emotional, but I do know that on occasion they have been afraid of me.
I do remember, very briefly (like a snapshot photograph) seeing one that appeared very different to normal. It actually had hair, very thing and whispy and mostly round the back of its head. It's lower face was also rather scaly, resembling a lizard.

A 13) Other than that they were blonde, I can confirm nothing. I don't know where they came from, I don't know what they call themselves, I don't know what their agenda is. I do know that I don't ever remember these beings doing anything unpleasant to me and that I recognise one in particular as having seen me the most.

A 14) Only the physical aspect. Apart from the colour of the hair the “Pleiadian” description contained nothing physical, but was mostly about their culture and so on. I know nothing about that. Or at least, I remember nothing about that.

A 15) I have only ever personally spoken to one other person who claimed to be an abductee and I didn't doubt him.
Would I know a faker if they tried to persuade me of their telling the truth? Probably. Well, possibly.
But from what people say there seems to be a lot of variation in the experience of abduction. That paragraph above of yours said there were thirty-odd types of Grey alone. How would I know if they were telling the truth or if their experience was just different to mine?

Q (DoubtingJessi) 16) Do you have any idea why they might be doing this?

A: 16) Not really. Any theory I could come up with is total conjecture.

Q (-Reborn) 17) Simple question, do you live in a rural or urban area?
I have always thought it was strange to hear about these cases from urban settings. Pretty easy to spot a UFO hovering over someones house.

A 17) During my first twenty or twenty one years of life I lived in predominantly rural areas. I currently live in a sub-urban one.
As for your point about urban abductions, is there a real life equivalent of a cloaking device? Is it possible that the beam of light I see has a range sufficient that the object wouldn't need to hover directly over my house?

Q (suvituuli) 18) Do you remember a room which was sort of like a big open hall with a bridge structure across it?

Q 19) Did you see the hybrid babies? Did you play with them?

A 18) No. I have seen larger rooms and I've seen gantry-like or balcony structures in other places, but not like you describe. Not that I remember anyway.

A 19) Ummmm... not babies. I have encountered a group of young children who I strongly suspect of being not... entirely normal. I have also been "used" in some sort of supervisory capacity with normal children who were upset. (As they naturally would be. As I was myself.). I'm particularly keen to explore that, if I knew how to, as it raises some disquieting questions.

Q (GlassButterfly) 20) As in psychic development? This could be possible, especially considering the current developing mythos of the human-alien hybrids. Have you noticed an increase in empathic ability?

A 20) I was born with rather a lot of things actually. I've had experiences of mediumship and foresight. For example, I predicted the death of Ayrton Senna the day before it happened and in the manner in which it happened. I also predicted the death of a colleague of my father's about a year in advance of it happening and by precisely the illness which caused it. (Leukaemia.)
Most of all I've always had a natural ability for healing. Please don't run away with the idea of some Hollywood tripe, like The Green Mile. Things are never as spectacular as they are in films. But I can relieve pain and to a certain extent mitigate the symptoms of illness.
Of them all, mediumship is the most infrequent and utterly outside of my conscious control. When it has happened (three occasions of note) it tends to be quite jaw-dropping however.

Q (Bud Rasputin) 21) I almost hate to ask this question, but do you plan on writing a book about your experiences?

A 21) To rip off a line from Frankie Howard, nae, nae and thrice nae!
Oddly enough I do consider myself an aspiring writer and one piece I'm working on is abduction-themed (will never be published, I think I'm doing it mainly for my own reasons), but an autobiographical account? No chance. I don't mind writing about some parts of it in places like this, but not a book.

Q (Universal Sight) 22) How did they get to you? By ship or do you think they got here via "Astral plane"?

A 22) I am inclined to think that the experiences are physical, because they've left marks on me. Well, one can't exclude the possibility of non-physical encounters, but I'm pretty sure most of them at least are pysical.

Q (suvituuli) 23) Yes you played with the younger children? And looked after them?

A 23) Uh, no, not quite.
I have a rather patchy (even by these standards) series of memories from early childhood (about five years old) of being in a rather brighter room than usual, that was full of children. Normal, human children to all appearances. My main memory of this bunch is of being given a rather large book and told to read from it with another boy, whose name I remember as being Gavin. I expressed my helplessness at reading the material because it was full of lines and columns of squiggly characters I couldn't understand, and this ... extremely ancient... female Grey in a hooded cloak stood next to me and with one finger donked me right on the forehead above my right eye. I remember feeling her mood as being of wry amusement, and I got the communication,
'You WILL learn!' from her.
I don't recall anything from childhood about interacting with any non-human children. Not clearly enough to be sure of in my own mind, anyway.
Looking after humans... this is after growing up, mostly. One thing you've got to admit is logical, is that young children will often become incredibly distressed in such a situation. If they're old enough to understand that what is happening is freakier than finding out Elvis really IS alive, then they will freak out quite badly. Quite understandable, I'm sure you'll agree.

*Edit* This next bit is quite long, because it grew a bit beyond simply answering a question. Re-reading it now it seems rather bizarre and unbelievable, but what the hell, it happened. Tough noogies.
Well I have no memory of assisting in anything being done to kids (Thank God! If that sort of memory ever does start to surface then I'm straight off down the pub for a few bottles of brandy!), but I have sometimes found myself acting as a sort of "responsible adult" to them. I have a weird sense of humour, always have had. And one feature of it is that it comes out of me in the sort of situation you'd least expect it to. I've very often behaved very bizarrely during abductions, purely because I know me being unpredictable freaks "them" out. ( Ha, see how they like it for a change, eh? ) Well, I've used this propensity of mine to try and help people on the occasions when there's been other people present with me.
And yes, that includes children. I just act like a bit of a divvy and tell really awful jokes. On one occasion I starting very tunelessly singing Alice Cooper's Poison to a taller Grey who was trying to be in charge. On another I was in a large room with a big screen that was showing a picture of the earth from space and there was a woman next to me who was continually crying. I was about fifteen and she was in her early forties, I'd guess.
I started making comments about the earth like you would someone's house when you went round to visit:
'God these humans, they never clear up after themselves, do they? Look at the mess they've left in France!', and so on.
Worked as well, because she hiccuped, grimly chuckled and said,

'God, some grown up I am!'

Q (jtheat,) 24) Why did they pick you?

Q 25) If the grays referred to you as a "pink idiot" then is it reasonable to say they feel the same about the rest of the human race?

Q 26) You were returned after your abduction. Do you feel that some were not? If not, how would you explan the "children"?

Q 27) Why do you think they were "afraid" at times?

Q 28) Do you have a "gut" feeling on why they are here?

A 24) If there is one question “they” get more than any other, it's probably “Why are you doing this to me?” I don't think anyone's ever gotten an answer.

A 25) No, they didn't. That was me trying to be funny. Our reaction to them is often along the lines of “you ugly grey b******”, or “you little grey ****” etc, so I tacked that on to the end of that line in the fond hope that people would get it as being a joke.
They have said words to the effect of “calm down” or “don't be afraid” in an effort to de-freak me, but they haven't ever referred to my colour or called me an idiot.

A 26) AbductionS. Plural. Umm, I have no idea if anyone has ever been taken permanently or not. I've certainly never heard of such a thing happening, but then how would we hear about it?
Certainly I think films like The Fourth Kind have no source material whatsoever for their plots. Total ****e that film, by the way. I did recently come into possession of a DVD of a mini-series cum TV movie from the early 90's called Intruders however. Aside from the fact that the FX were cheapo TV ones that are nearly twenty years out of date, it got a lot of things right and is the most accurate TV depiction of an abduction scenario I've ever seen.
What children? Explain what? Do you mean non-human children? Human ones? And what do you want me to explain about them?

A 27) Because if they slipped up for a second, they'd have a very pissed off six foot four, two hundred and thirty pound human male on their hands. To be fair though, physicality is not the only thing they've been wary of about me. But sadly, I don't recall enough of that particular incident to describe it accurately enough.

A 28) No.

Q (Corp) 29) Anyway given that the grey aliens seem to like poking and cutting you have you ever refused to lay on the table? Or, you know, punch Bossman in the face? They should know everything about humans after all.

Q 30) Also I see you've talked about your time with the grey aliens (it's time to play doctor!) but what happened with the Norse aliens? They poke you too or did they just want to hang out?

A 29) There have been occasions when I have been less than cooperative, you might say. A lot of time, possibly even most of the time, I find myself not entirely in control of my own body.
For example: when things first kick off in my bedroom, I am nearly always rendered unable to move. On a few occasions I have been aware of sitting up in alarm as things begin to start, and then everything goes limp and all I can do is look round with my eyes.
Bear in mind that someone suffering from a lucid semi-awake dream while suffering from sleep paralysis would not wake up able to move and come up onto one elbow, or sit up, or whatever. Such a condition is in place from the very start of the hallucination. That's how sleep paralysis works.
Anyway, to continue... I would say that their mental abilities are rather more developed than your average human being's. Apart from being able to communicate mentally, they are also able to compel people (certainly me) to do what they want. Sometimes this feels like remote control, more often it feels like just very powerful persuasion.
Bearing in mind the size difference (and presumably therefore also the strength difference), the possibility of physical violence is something they're naturally wary of. Particularly in someone my size. (Roughly the same size as Triple H. Sadly, not as well defined. lol)

A 30) Hmmm, good question. My particular “buddy” among this lot is called Jorgin. I only recall seeing him in the “operating theatre”once, and that was to tell me to leave it and follow him. Neither this guy or any of his cohorts have ever done anything clinical to me. We have talked a lot and he seems rather interested in my mind, more than my body.
On one occasion I'm pretty sure one of these ones (not Jorgin I don't think) was called in by a Bossman who was worried the situation was getting out of control and I was about to smack him in the face. That occasion is the most blatant time I've ever felt fear from the grey ones. To be fair to me, it was their fault that it was. This was the time I mentioned earlier that they were inducing pain in me. My memories are pretty hazy though and I don't remember all of it, so I have no idea why they would.

Q (Slorri) 31) So you have talked to this extra terrestrial, what on earth did you talk about? *Re: A # 30

A 31) Funnily enough, the first clear memories I ever recovered were me talking to this guy. I was asking him out space and planets etc (I was about nine at the time, I think, but had been interested in astronomy since I was about six years old) and was bending his ear about everything out there. The very last question I asked him was what happens when you die, although I asked him in the First Person. ('What happens to me when I die?') His response to that was somewhat ambiguous and I got the feeling even then that there was a kind of a double meaning to it.
'You go up.'
Other times, more recent, I have been talking to him about my mind. Or soul. Or something. I don't have the term. For some reason the word "Inellindo" (which isn't a word at all, according to Google) came to mind. Probably a word I made up myself.
I should say that I have, not exactly grown, but realised how big I already was, as a result of my experiences. Not just in this, but also in life. Without wishing to sound dramatic, it's been a bit like Neo gradually realising he's the One in The Matrix. The One perhaps, but not the only. lol I've talked to him quite a bit about that.

Q (Sweetpumper) 32) Does this happen to other family members?

A 32) I have had my suspicions about a couple of them, but nothing more than that. One certainly I have quite strong suspicions about.

Q (AquaMerina) 33) How do you feel about being abducted, overall? Has it changed you as a person in any way?

A 33) My feelings about have changed over the years.
Until my eureka moment, when my understanding of it was formless and nameless, it sometimes felt special, often horrible. When it wasn't too bad, I'd feel grateful that my "dreams" had unexpectedly been good.
At the age of twelve, when I realised precisely what was happening, my feelings were entirely of horror. This continued until I was nineteen, when I had a second eureka experience which got me the support and belief of my parents. Since then I've done a lot of serious thinking about what's happened to me and my negative feelings gradually got less and less and feelings of curiosity and strength got more prevalent.
The very beginning of an abduction remains the most frightening, but even now I've found myself delighted that the continual skin-crawling terror of my early teens has now diminished to the sort of adrenaline burst I used to associate with being told to go to the headmaster's study: briefly intense, painful consequences, but over relatively quickly and not drawn out.

Q (suvituuli) 34) I would also like to ask if you felt any sort of euphoria during or after these experiences?

A 34) Euphoria as in wildly happy? I don't think so, although there's been quite a few occasions when I've felt pretty weird (or wired - lol) mentally in one way or another.
The closest I've come to euphoria would have been a time when I was between six and ten years old (I get my age from the house I know we were living in at the time) when I was in bed and knew something was going to happen that night. (Sometimes that does happen. One time I "knew" a few days in advance that they would be coming for me.) I sat there sweating for a few hours, terrified, then fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Sure enough, about three AM or therabouts they come in and swipe me. But that night the only time the Greys had anything to do with me was during the lifting out of my bedroom. I spent the entire incident with Jorgin that night and the next day I felt like someone sitting in the condemned cell who has just been told they've caught the real killer and he's being set free. I was virtually bouncing, so I s'pose that was pretty euphoric.

Q (Sweetpumper) 35) You don't discuss it with them? * [Re: Q & A # 32]

A:35) No. Most of my immediate family know about me, but I haven't asked any of them if they think they are abductees themselves.

Q (Sweetpumper) 36) That seems very strange to me, especially if they know about you. Most of all, your parents. Re: Q & A # 35

A 36) The ones I have suspicions about are my brother and one of my uncles. If I thought either of my parents were abductees I wouldn't have had a problem asking them. My brother I'm just waiting on. I don't want to pry or question too strongly because I don't want to be suggestive.

Q (Sweetpumper) 37) And your parents just ignore what you're telling them? No concern on their part, like sending you to a doctor or psychiatrist? Re: Q & A # 36

A 37) Nobody sends me anywhere, I'm a grown adult.
However, if you are wondering what my parents and their relationship to my experiences are, then this might explain it.
: I realise what has been happening to me, I tell my parents, they tell me I dreamt it.
: I try again to tell my parents. This time my dad appears to believe and says we'll talk more. We never do.
: Eureka#2. I find a book about abduction in which a great many things about the abductees life precisely mirror mine. So many in fact that it becomes my "magic bullet". (And things I discover about the abductee a number of years later also mirror my own experiences.)
: Present day: My parents now believe, and have believed for a number of years, in the reality of what I tell them I've experienced.

Q (suvituuli) 38) Well have you? Felt spiritually uplifted?

A 38) No, not at the time. I am probably moreso in everyday life than a lot of people, but I've never exactly found the experience to have that effect on me while it's happening.

Q (Universal Sight) 39) Do you believe the "beings" are in a DNA suit or is that actually their bodies. (The Grey types)

A 39) Umm... I always assumed that it was their bodies, but if this experience is possible, then anything else is too. What exactly is a "DNA suit"?

Q (AquaMerina) 40) my question about if you ever touched a Gray's skin, or if you didn't answer because you didn't have an answer, but could you address this when you have a moment to do so?

A 40) Sorry, I must have missed the question about skin, because I don't remember seeing it before.
A Grey's skin is ... different. Lame explanation that, isn't it? I shall attempt to elucidate. Yes I have touched it, most often as it's been touching me. The hands of a grey (I'm talking about the taller grey ones here, which seem to be less drone-like) are darker in colour than the skin of the face. In fact, I might not even describe it as grey at all. More like a cross between a dark blue, slushy green and grey. There is no word I can think of to describe that colour, nor can I think of anything to compare it to.
It feels rough, dry and cool. No heat like you'd expect from a human hand. The idea of seeing a Grey sweating is... I can't believe I'm going to say this... “alien” to me. They seem to like cold actually, because the “craft/ship/area/room/shed/place” they take me to is always chilly as hell. When you're either in the bollicko or just wearing your pants (for the Americans reading, that would be shorts – pants are underwear only to a Brit) you'd like a bit of central heating, know what I mean?
The hands have four digits, one of which I've always regarded as being a thumb, although it's further round to the angle of the fingers than a human thumb is, I would say. I seem to be in a minority on this one, because most people seem to be saying “no thumb”. Another thing that seems to be different for me is that these things have knuckles. Big, large, swollen looking knuckles. A lot of people I tell that to express surprise. The norm seems to be prehensile fingers with no joints. Oh well, que sera sera.
The nails are bigger when in comparison to a human hand, rather claw-like actually, and darker in colour than the hands are too. The fingers are also longer in comparison to the size of the rest of the hand than a human's would be, as are the arms.
The little ones feel a bit different. They feel more plasticy to the touch, less organic, but I don't mean to imply they're in some sort of suit or something. Their hands are not as full of feature as the taller Grey's and I would say that their digits are all fingers. Doesn't seem to make them less nimble though.

Q (Sweetpumper) 41) If you suspect your brother and uncle are encountering the same thing, why wouldn't you bring it up to them?

A 41) Brother and uncle both have issues. Complicated situation.

Q (AquaMerina) 42) Maybe the smaller Gray's feel different when you touch them because they are "artificial" in some kind of way?

Q 43) What do the Gray's do to the really curious people they abduct?

Q 44) Are you allowed to ask questions and do they ever give answers?

A 16) It's possible. I just don't know for certain. I have no idea how they reproduce or anything.

A 43) Well, I consider myself to be "really curious", especially these days, but I doubt they treat me different to anyone else they swoop on.

A 44) I used to ask, or scream, questions all the time. Rarely, if ever, do they get answered. The blonde guys are more communicative. The Greys seem to be very clinical and focused on physical things.

Q (Dr. Kappa) 45) Did they communicate?Did they seem hostile?Did they "experiment"?

A 45) Yes, telepathically. Usually very tersely and to the point. Well, not hostile. Unpleasant. Cold. Emotionless. Uncaring as to my hysteria. Frequently, yes. Probably 90% and upwards of the times I'm taken. I really must get around to posting some of that sometime soon.

Q (DoubtingJesso) 46) Did they hurt you? like with needles or anything?(even if it didn't hurt, did they do something that would usually hurt?)

Q 47) Any idea how long it lasts? ( the experimenting )

Q 48) Any idea why they may be too shy to make contact with earth?

Q 49) Is there anyway to distinguish male from female? (besides the... reproductives)

Q 50) Would you wish abduction on your worst enemy?

A 46) Yes, quite a few times. On one occasion pain seemed to be the point of the "experiment", although for what, I have no idea. My "eureka moment" at the age of twelve was the point at which conscious recall of many things started to come back to me. Some time later when I started reading magazine articles and talking to people my jaw dropped when I heard how many of these things matched things other people had reported. At the age of 12 and in lil ol' Eng-a-land in 1990 the image of the Grey had yet to saturate the media and the intimate details of what they did to humans was also not widely known.
The first thing that ever came back to me about the Greys (with any solid clarity) was if lying on the cold, hard table, surrounded by a gaggle of the littler ones, with the taller Bossman standing at my head. One approached me on the right holding this long, thin thing in its hands. Most of the time I find myself totally paralysed on this table, but on this occasion I had limited head movement and I was trying to roll my head from side to side.
The tall one placed the palms of his hands on my cheeks and held my head still while the short one on the right inserted the instrument into my right nostril and pushed hard. There was a nasty crunch, like biting into a crisp apple in the middle of my head and awful bloody pain hit me across the eyes.
I was crying and moaning and I remember saying “I hope that was your thing and not me.” By that I meant I hoped the noise had been made by the instrument, not something in my skull cracking. The tall one covered my eyes with one hand and like a blast of morphine the pain just faded away.

A 47) Ummm, I would guess an abduction can't last longer than 60-90 minutes. Maybe two hours tops. Of that I don't know how much of the time is spent in the “operating theatre”. My memories are usually too patchy to have enough continuity to answer that.

A 48) Nope, none. I also don't know if it is shyness or deliberate choice for tactical reasons. Maybe they just think we smell and only want to confront one of us at a time if possible.

A 49) Ummm... I've never seen any reproductive organs of any type. Yes, they are distinct from one another. In fact, I'm fairly certain I made references to both male and female ones in my accounts. They don't look any different though, I just “know” the gender instinctively. Don't ask me why, it's not something I questioned for years and then I thought, “Oh God, that's odd!”
The tall blonde ones could pass as rather striking humans if they were in normal clothes and the difference between their genders seems to be as obvious as it is in us.

A 50) Yes. I'd love to see Tony Blair or Gordon Brown being vivisected. *smiley inserted*

Q (Dr. Kappa) 51) Have you ever seen an animal (earth or alien) on board?

A 51) No, I have no memory of this.

Q (Slorri) 52) One question that could be interesting for us: do you know if they have any animals? Not necessarily on board but at home. What would these look like?

A 52) No idea whatsoever, sorry. I suppose I would be surprised if they were the only lifeform on whatever planet they're from though. Assuming the "aliens from another world" hypothesis is the correct one.

Q (Universal Sight,) 53) So. any recent abductions since the start of your thread?

A 53) That's a good question! Could easilly have been, considering the time, but no, I don't think so. I have been wondering what I'd write if and when it does happen though. "Hey guys, guess what happened last night?" Can't think of anything that doesn't sound cheesy.

Q (DoubtingJesso) 54) Have you read any theories by Michael Persinger(Wikipedia link)? He explains sightings and claimed abduction experiences rather well. I saw him in National Geographic's Naked Science - Alien Contact recently - Trailer. Not sure how scientific it is, of course *smiley inserted*

A 54) No, I don't think so, although I have seen the theories given by people who favour the idea of mental disturbance caused by magnetic fields or electrical disturbance. Which leads me on to a prime whinge I've been meaning to get off my chest for a couple of years actually...
I rarely watch TV, unless it's one of the documentary channels. Now and again there's something about UFO's or abduction and I watch it. Invariably, much to my annoyance, they blatantly take the piss out of people like me, giving way more air-time to debunkers, no matter how crap they are. Prime example...
They interviewed three abductees for about ten seconds of screen time each, covering nothing of any importance. Then they interviewed the science guy with the theory about magnetic fields and electrical disturbance causing hallucinations and false sensations. This guy was allowed to waffle about his THEORY for over five minutes, then they spend another few minutes detailing his experiments.
Then in comes a volunteer who goes into a dark room, simulating a bedroom at 2 AM, he puts on the head gear, scientist retires and starts sending pulses and generating magnetic fields etc.
Within three or four minutes the person is getting a loud noise in his head like a motor engine and a massive headache and the experiment is abandoned. Science man then gets another two or three minutes of waffle time expounding on his theory in another interview.

So let's recap...

He comes up with a theory. Nothing wrong with that, he is a scientist after all. He is then given ten or fifteen times more screen time than the three abductees combined to show that his theory works. This experiment completely fails to prove anything other than that magnetic fields and electrical pulses can you one humdinger of a headache. He is then given another few minutes of waffle time, blowing sunshine up his own smug, superior ********, before his segment finished and the program makers then spend the remaining fifteen minutes saying they endorse his version of events. Despite the fact that he failed to show any single part of his theory is true and they didn't give anyone from the pro-side any time to speak at all, and gave three abductees enough time to say “I'm an abductee” and nothing else.

Just in case no-one is picking this up from me, I am REALLY pissed off about the bias on allegedly “serious” science shows, when their conduct and broadcast habits are ANYTHING but scientific, being interested only in endorsing their pre-conceived idea about what is right and wrong, and not once commenting that a laboratory condition experiment that THEY commissioned from a scientist who agreed with their pre-conceived view completely and utterly failed to prove that he/they were right, and despite this they continue to talk about nothing but that view.

*breaths deeply*


Okay, feeling better. Carry on chaps.

Q (DoubtingJesso) 55) Any evidence of telepathy, especially among the blondes? Consensus seems to be pretty generally for it with regards to the greys, but Nordics are another matter. I've always wanted to ask an abductee this question.

56) In your opinion, why did the aliens tend not to communicate? Because they were shy, focused on something else, didn't think you would understand, already had a million of the same conversation, etcetera?

57) Did the greys seem capable of communicating vocally, even if they didn't speak? Did they have nostrils/a mouth?

Q 58) What did the aliens wear? Was it uniform, or did it vary with the individual?

Q 59) What was the approximate gender ratio of the beings you came in contact with? If it was different by species, please signify.

Q 60) What was the ratio of greys to blondes?

A 55) Yes, both blondes and Greys have communicated with me mentally. I don't ever recall them doing otherwise.

A 56) Probably a little of all, I imagine. Don't really give a toss what I think or feel, just let's get it over and done with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A 57) I have never seen a grey do anything with its mouth, I can't even tell if they're breathing through it. They do have a mouth, yes, but I've never seen one move on either the taller or shorter ones. They also have nostrils, but not a nose as such.

A 58) Uniform. The closest I ever came to describing it was that that it looked a bit like the jumpsuits the contestants in The Crystal Maze used to wear. There are definable collars and cuffs, bunching in at the neck and wrists and the colour is very dark. The blonde guys seem to wear something that is much tighter and a similar colour to their eyes. So tight that you can see they have an extremely well defined physique.

A 59) Mostly male. I've seen one or two Greys I would think of as being female, one of whom was the "school teacher" I mentioned earlier. I have also seen a (only one I think) female blonde. Essentially she was just a female version of the male version. Not discernably alien at all, but striking. She wasn't doing anything with or to me, but was just "around".

A 60) Far more greys than blondes. A typical experience with the grey ones usually involves one or two of the taller ones and a gaggle of four to seven short guys. One time there was only two of the shorter ones, but that is rare, I think. The room was unusually small, too. Quite often I've only met one blonde, sometimes been in a room with three or four. Only one of those seemed to be focusing on me however, the others were doing their own thing.

Q (DoubtingJesso): 61) What was your very first encounter like? Was it different than the later ones? Have the encounters remained steady/same or have they progressed/changed/evolved over the years?

Q 62) Are you dealing with the same aliens/being each visit, or are they different ones each time? Say for example, is Alien #1 and #2 there every time, but alien #3 and #4 are different each time, etc.?

Q 63) Do you have a "companion"? I hear some cases, the abducttee says that there is one being that is always at their side with every encounter, regardless of the other aliens coming and going. They describe it as being a "companion" or "comforter".

Q 64) Do any of them have names?

Q 65) Have you ever seen any star charts or heard any star/planet names mentioned?

Q 66) Have you ever had hypnotherapy to help you to remember your abductions or these your memories without any outside guidance (such as a hypnotists)?

Q 67) Have you ever seen/encountered reptilians or amphibious aliens? If so, what did they look like? (I'm looking for abducttess/contacttees who have encountered the rare albino amphibian/frog/salamander aliens. It's hard to find mention of these types, so I thought I'd ask, just in case you ever encountered one.)

Q 68) Do they ever speak verbally, with their mouths? If so, was it in English or another Earth language? Was there an accent? Did they have any difficulty speaking words that they had no trouble with telepathically?

Q 69) Do you have any lasting side effects from your encounters? Such as scars, stomach pains, bruises on arms/legs, bleeding (nose, ears, teeth, etc), sudden vision problems, etc.

Q 70) Have you lost your ability to wear watches, use automobiles for transportation, or have clocks in your bedroom, as a result of electrical disturbances when you come in contact with these objects?

Q 71) Have you lost your ability to use cameras? (Film comes out "heat damaged" in film loaded or digital cameras develop a black "oily" look to their screens and "freeze".

Q 72) Do batteries (AA, C, D, etc) heat up and explode when you touch them, during the days following your abductions?

I'm sorry if that's a lot of questions and if they seem weird, but, yeah, been there, done that, trying to figure out what's going on with myself, therefore looking for others having the same problems I'm having. Sorry if that's weird. Any ways, thanks!

A 61) Difficult to say what my first one was like as I was in my cot at the time. Beyond looking up through the bars at a Grey standing over me (in what is a frozen snapshot rather than a continuous memory), there isn't anything else. Presumably because proper, continuous memory for me doesn't really start until about the age of of four.
Yes, encounters have changed. Early on in life it was a weird mixture of horrible stuff in the “operating theatre” and the occasional more fun (read: less horrible) stuff in other rooms, like the encounter I mentioned in the brightly lit cone-shaped room with the book and the other children.
In my teens things got VERY weird, even by the standards of the most weird experience any human has undergone, and this gradually tailed off as I got into my twenties as my self-control got better with a mixture of personal maturity and greater understanding, thanks mainly to finding other people who knew about it.
In the past decade (early thirties now) they've evolved still more. Sometimes that's meant surreality on steroids, as I've actually been “in charge” of groups of abductees. Not in charge in the sense that I'm doing things to them like “they” do, but I have been something of a passifying and calming influence. More than anything else, I find it very hard it understand the nature of these experiences.

A 62) I'm very familiar with one of the blonde ones, the one I know as Jorgin. Among the greys there is a sense of familiarity, yes, but less so. At a guess I think I maybe am familiar with two or three of the tall ones on a series of occasions. The shorter ones I probably wouldn't know if I met them again, as they don't seem to have any personality I could identify with.

A 63) If you mean among the Greys, then probably the two or three I mention above. I wouldn't necessarily think of them as “comforters” though. I don't have a sense of benign feeling toward them, if that's what you meant.

A 64) { Wasn't answered - probably due to already covered earlier }

A 65) No. I have been shown, or “received” might be more accurate, images of very foreign looking landscapes that might be such. One definitely was, because there were two suns in the sky.

A 66) Nearly all of it came back to me naturally, some time after the actual experience. I did have one session of hypnotic regression, but that wasn't therapy as I was long past the need for therapy by that time. I only wanted to see if I could discover more about things.
The memories that came back during that (which were new to me) felt very different to the ones that came back to me on their own. For one thing there seemed to be a misty miasma around the whole thing. Probably not something I shall bother to repeat.

A 67) Ummmmm..... I don't think so, no. I don't ever remember seeing a being who looked reptilian. Will talk to you more in PM about that one.

A 68) { Wasn't answered - probably due to already covered earlier }

A 69) Many bruises, far too many to mention. A few scars and the occasional bloody nose. One scar was permanent and is on my left thumb, which is the triangular one I think I mentioned earlier.

A 70) Ooooooo, good ones! Watches I haven't been abvle to wear for years. They'll stop within two days of me wearing them from new. One actually started going backwards. My search for a mechanical, wind-up watch continues. The only ones I can find are antique ones on eBay that cost a gajillion pounds.
I have caused weird malfunctions in electrical equipment when standing near or touching them. In the old days of analogue radios and TV's this would go as far as totally changing channel/station or just inducing static. One time I was walking near Avebury with a group of friends and one had a detector for electromagnetism. He was getting quite excited as it sometimes went loops around one part of the site, but then we discovered what it was actually going nuts over was me. When I wasn't nearby it was normal and it didn't go nuts when pointed at anyone else.
I have periods where I am very personally electrical. I receive huge electrical shocks off of objects and have shocked people senseless in return during these periods. One one occasion I shocked a girlfriend when kissing her on the lips. That one took some explaining.

A 71) Only twice. Both times with 35mm film cameras. Dunno if it was at all related.

A 72) No.

Q (Murrangurk) 73) You mentioned you had a scar on your thumb. This could be evidence. Ever taken it or had it examined by a doctor?

Q 74) Any more physical, on-record scars? You mentioned your nose once, and your...er...how can I put it delicately? Your other areas?

Q 75) You mentioned that the memory stops or is disrupted at a certain point, then the abduction experience happens and the memory recall is patchy and you seemed out of your control. For eg, when you were young you wandered off into the bushes and saw a grey, and then "woke up" later"
Have you ever been back to and examined any of the areas this happened? If you found anything, what was it and did you record or even could you manage to record anything - tracks, burn marks on grass, walls etc etc?

Q 76) You mentioned a bright light. Was this part of your abduction experience? If so - any witnesses? At all? Any possible witnesses that could potentially remember?

Q 77) You mentioned once you were with your father. Was there any verifiable time loss or anomaly? Even potentially?

Q 78) At this stage I'm curious in the possibilty of getting evidence. I don't think I can yet afford to fly to UK to actually see the evidence for myself. But I'm hoping that by discussing any even potential evidence with respect to your situation, I'll be ready to collect it should "they" come poking around here.

Q 79) I imagine if I was in your situation, I'd be questioning if I was psychotic, so I'd be trying to rule that one out. Actual, verifiable evidence would help with this! If I didn't have the evidence, then I'd always still have the possible scenario that I'm nuts on the table with all the others.

A 73)
No. It healed in a normal time and was very small anyway, so there didn't seem any point, not for medical reasons anyway. How much use it would be for research purposes now I don't know. It happened when I was four and by the time I was into double figures natural growth had faded and distorted it slightly. It's still clearly triangular, but in the first few years after it happened it was very clear cut and obvious.
That isn't me trying to weasel out of it, by the way. If you get scarred as a child, particularly a very small one, scars do distort as you grow.

A 74) No, nothing permanent. Experiences have left marks on me, but they heal without trace. The only permanent one is the triangular one on my thumb.

A 75) The places where memory seems totally removed from episodes I've remembered (or distorted beyond any sense) seem to be the ones where I'm being moved from where I was to the actual venue of the encounter. During the encounter itself this doesn't seem to be the case, although it was on the occasion I was hypnotically regressed. That recall was markedly different from the recall I'm used to in more ways than one though.
It's happened to me outside on two occasions that I can remember, once when I was around four, the other time around eleven. The first one I can only remember as a seaside resort in a particular county, the second I could pinpoint to within a few hundred yards.
As I was a child for both occasions (and on both I was some time away from even knowing what the hell was happening to me) there was no way I had the power or resources to go to either place and check it out.
My various bedrooms, the most frequent venue for the incidents to start, have had no physical traces so far as I know.

A 76) I assume it was part of it, yes. I can't think of any other reason why the light and beings in my room would always coincide over a period of more than three decades.
I doubt very much if there are any witnesses. If the light was shining out of my window then maybe various neighbours might have seen something, but my experience of people in the same house is that they are so deeply asleep that an express train's whistle wouldn't wake them. I believe I mentioned above that many times it happened in the same room as I shared with my uncle and that I once tried to wake my father up as he lay in bed.

A 77) I'm guessing you're referring to the second time I was abducted out of doors? Yes, there was, although we didn't actually realise that it was possibly significant until years later. We both noticed we were later home than we expected and it was remarked on by either my brother or my mother (or possibly both – forgive my bad memory, this was 1989) said they had begun to worry about us. I don't know if you'd consider that “verifiable” or not, given the somewhat long time since it happened.

A 78) Well the only evidence you could actually see with your own eyes is my scar and that would be kinda difficult to collect, as I'm rather attached to my thumb.
You talk more and more as if you're either a professional shrink or an investigator of things that go wibble in the night. Are you?

A 79) Believe me, it's the explanation I find least palatable and therefore the one that intruded on my paranoia most often. I don't think I am/was however as I had plenty of therapy during my teenage years for my emotional upset and was spoken to by health professionals of varying types. None thought I was psychotic or delusional, although most agreed I seemed to have post traumatic stress disorder. Considering my weird life up till now, I think I'm comfortingly conventional in most ways.

Q (rapid7) 80) Did they ever explain or give you the opportunity to ask them, what they are, or where they are from,?

Q 81)
Did they ever explain to you the purpose of the abductions?

Q 82)
Where in England do you live..(roughly)do live a highly populated area?

Q 83)
Have the military or anyone claiming association with the military contacted you?

Q 84)
Did you notice any sounds or smells while abducted?

Q 85)
Do you still suffer from abductions?

Q 86)
Did they show you any technology other than the needle-like device?

A 80) There's been plenty of communications downtime during which I've asked all sorts of questions. Rarely do they get an answer and I have no clue where they come from or what they are. I've heard a number of theories, each as unlikely/likely as the next.

A 81)
No. Again, they don't really respond to anything like that. I've yet to ask them why they're so ****-ugly however. lol Maybe that would be racist.

A 82)
For most of my childhood, rural Wiltshire was my home. For a certain amount of my adulthood, rural Hampshire (both counties in the farming belt of southern England). I'm kind of sub-urban Hampshire now.

A 83)

A 84) Plenty of sounds, clunking, c;inking, general bustle etc. The sort of sounds you'd associate with people working in a confined space. The smell of the "craft" is usually a sterile one. Kind of like a hospital. The grey beings have an extremely pungent odour, I can only liken to a compost heap in the garden. Thick and organic.

85) Yes, although much reduced. Two or three a year would be my estimate. During my early-mid teens it was two or three times a week during some period. I did have a strangely busy period late last year though, when I was taken three times in five nights. That is, to the best of my highly imperfect knowledge, very unusual these days.

86) Well, they didn't exactly "show" me that, they just used it on me. They didn't explain what it was for or how to use it without invalidating the warranty or anything. But yes, I've seen plenty of technology, most of which is a total mystery to me. Various chairs, strange screens and consoles. Quite a few medical implements and so on. One thing that attached to my forehead looked like a metallic spider with too few legs. That did a leave a scar that is kind of permanent, but it only shows itself under certain temperature conditions, which I think is extremely weird. Most of the time it's invisible.
This one's got me thinking seriously now. If anyone reading this is any sort of researcher, they probably know more about it than I do.
I've also been shut in a small ... well, not room. Closet? Cabinet? It had a transparent panel at roughly eye level through which several tall grey ones (three I think, but my view wasn't that good) and there was something mounted in the ceiling of the compartment with three red lights shining down on me. This is not the only time I've felt I was being "shone" on for some reason either.
I have a memory from the age of about four when I was sitting in a very large chair that's a cross between a dentists chair and something of the bridge of the space shuttle. Above me, in the very dark room I'm in is a bright light shining down on me in a cone shape. I have the impression this is like a shower and is doing something to me.
Far from being afraid, I'm fascinated by the chair and am looking all over it, delighted to find it so full of gadgets and things, though I had no idea what they did.
Standing not far away in the shadows, which are probably more due to the light blinding me than actual darkness (the light seems almost solid, in that it doesn't diffuse like it should do - it comes down in an almost flat cone), is a tall Grey. He is watching me closely and has a kind of world-weary exasperation about him that I'm not sitting still. I actually feel that this exasperation borders on amusement.
Precisely why I'm not paralysed if my movement is spoiling whatever they're doing is unknown.

Q (Martin23) 87) ok im not going to lie,i really dont bielieve you,not that im calling you a liar but you know i cant assume your telling the truth.But i still have a question,did the aliens appear to be hostile?

A 87) There are many reasons why someone you've never met, nor are likely to, wouldn't be telling the truth over an anonymous internet forum, so you have every right not to believe me.
Meh... define "hostile". They've never expressed a desire to take over the world, nor have they tried to replace my brain with a mechanical one and control my body remotely. On the other hand, nor did they ever have anything even slightly resembling manners. I was never asked, never given an option to accept what they're doing to me, nor was I ever made to feel especially comfortable.
So rude definitely, uncaring certainly. Hostile? Not outwardly, but then no-one knows if they're friendly and just crap at making themselves understood, do they?

Q (DoubtingJesso) 88) I have a new question: The next time you see them, can you send them my way, to Marlborough Massachusetts?I wanna see what it's like. Tell them I'll be the guy waving frantically to the sky. ** { Maybe a silly joke question/comment but is included due to seriousness of Gilfaer's response }

A 88) Ironically enough, there's a place called Marlborough near where I grew up. I went to school there for a while. Wiltshire, south of England.
And I can tell you what it's like. You'll be cold, physically violated, both externally and internally, you'll think they smell horrible and that their atmosphere tastes funny. Finally you'll be dumped back in bed or wherever they took you from and if you don't have amnesia you'll spend years walking around feeling like an alien yourself, because no-one will or could know how you feel or what's going through your mind and trying to tell them will just make them make fun of you and treat you generally like a total nutter.
Any use to you?

Q (Murrangurk): 89) Have you ever heard of Charles Bonnet Syndrome? It's a hallucinatory disorder, distinguished by the complete lucidity of the sufferer. Not like schizophrenia or sleep paralysis. If the human mind can do that, how can we even know anything is real?

Q 90) I'm curious to know if you've spoken to any one else about this, in particular an actual UFO (or is it UAP - Unexplained Aerial Phenomena!) investigator? You mentioned health professionals, but that nothing conclusive came from these. Is this the first time you've 'disclosed?'

Q 91) You also mentioned it is still ongoing?

Q 92) Is it possible you could prepare yourself to gather some kind of evidence or different strategies to communicate or get more info? It seems by now you've become quite used to the phenomena.

A 89) The problem with that idea, is that it only affects people with serious problems with their eyesight, usually affects them later in life, lasts from a year to a year and a half and they know that it isn't real things they're seeing because their critical faculties of what they know is “proper” can override what their faulty eyes are telling their brain is there.
I have and have always had 20/20 vision; I've experienced abductions since I was a very young child; I've never felt that what I was seeing was anything other than physically real (sidepoint – this condition produces hallucinations within the framework of what is around them in a normal setting, I have experienced being in another place entirely which is inconsistent with CBS) and the “condition” has now been affecting me for around thirty years. None of these things fit with the definition of this particular condition.
As for your last question... red pill or blue pill? *smiley inserted*

A 90) Yes, I have actually. At the age of nineteen, when I managed to show my parents that I was telling the truth and still believed in what I had been telling them, I got in touch with a man called Graham Birdsall who … not exactly “interrogated” me, but questioned me pretty thoroughly about what I was telling him. He believed I was a genuine abductee, for what it's worth.
Graham Birdsall is the man who worked with Tony Dodd at Quest International, publishers of the UK's UFO Magazine.

A 91) Yes, it is.

A 92) I think gathering evidence is a virtual impossibility. I assume you mean bringing back something from the “craft”? Believe me, there isn't much room to hide anything, no matter how small that “they” don't look into very deeply. Quite literally
Communicating... we'll see.

Q (toastedmarshmellow) 93) At the end of the abduction, do the ETs lower you back into your flat? And are you conscious for that period of time? Or is there a point when you are on the ship/planet/etc. that you black out and awake in your room? or something completely different?

A 93) Ummm.... this one is kind of difficult to answer. Moving between home and the "craft" - in both directions -is not exactly an unconscious thing, but I am very disrupted during it. My memories of it that I've recovered seem to be moving too quickly or more hazy than usual when compared to others. I have maybe only two or three clear-ish memories of this journey, one of which was recovered during my regression.

Q (Robbo) 94) Are you able to communicate with them, through speech and if so, what have you asked them?

Q 95) How regular are these abductions? And can you predict (to a certain degree) when they will happen again?

Q 96) You mentioned scars...do they leave new marks on you every abduction and can we see some photos?

Q 97) What do they look like?

Q 98) Are you able to move when they take you....ever tried fighting back?

Q 99) If electronic equipment malfunctions, could you take a picture of them with a cheap disposable Tesco camera that doesn't need batteries?

A 94) They appear to hear speech and I can also make myself understood to them telepathically. This is probably more to do with their ability to read minds than my ability to project.

A 95) These days four to six a year seems to be the average. I would say three or four, but last year three happened in four or five days, which kind of unbalanced the averages.

A 96) Not every time, not even often. I have no photos. Only two left lasting impressions, both done during my early childhood.

A 97) Haven't we discussed that one to death yet?

A 98) I only had full motion on one occasion that I can remember. Soemtimes I have very limited movemtn, most often I'm totally immobile.

A 99) I seriously doubt that would phase them much. They'd either take it or fog the film or something.

Q (TALM) 100) I would ask the abducted if they got to look out the window if they went into space.

A 100) Not that I remember, no.

Q (Murrangurk) 101) It might be worth examining your own motives for posting here. Is it to share? For advice? For support? I don't know.

Q 102) You said it was ongoing. And probably will happen again. Can you or even have you prepared yourself to resist or just gather evidence?

A 101) To share mainly. I guessed that a lot of people who were members here would be curious about abduction and want to actually talk to someone who it's happened to and ask questions. I gather a lot of UFO “talk” is like a gaggle of sightseers who sit in an old house or disused prison through the night on Halloween in the hope of seeing a ghost. Every time one of them kicks a stone they all shriek and scream with terror and mutually reinforce each other's subconscious belief without even knowing it. Nearly every such “ghost tour” is an exercise in intellectual futility.
If anyone had advice and/or support that would be an unexpected bonus. I found the forum as a result of a Google search and thought I may as well post it. You never know, there may have been people who knew a great deal more than me reading it.

A 102) Seriously, I wouldn't know how to begin. I read a few excerpts from a book called “How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction” and it was about as useful as one called “How to Learn French - Translated Into French”, or “How to Defend Yourself From Cannibals While Smeared in Potted Meat”. Also, by now, the experience has become much less horrifying to me and more consciously experienced. I wouldn't think of it as a pleasant trip out, but my desire to understand the whole thing is now the foremost part of my desires.
Gathering evidence I would consider a step on the road to understanding, so consider me very willing indeed. I just don't know how this would be achieved without “their” active consent.

Q (Murrangurk) 103) You keep saying that your impressions of these things is there technological and psychic omnipotence. However, they are scared of you sometimes.
Why would they fear you if they have total control?

Q 104) Have you had any experiences since posting here?

A 103) I've said before that I don't see these people as being inherently superior to humans in the way we are to dogs, cats or hominids. Just more advanced, probably because they're older.
That being the case, there is potential in us (I theorise) to be unpredictable and uncontrollable in the event that they let their guards down for a fraction of a second. We are a lot bigger than them and I'm assuming that means we're a lot physically stronger too. If someone my size (six foot four inches tall and around two hundred and seventy pounds in weight – between nineteen and twenty stone for my fellow brits) got free of their paralysing whatever-it-is and in a blind rage got his hands around the neck of their boss, nasty could and would happen. (And don't think I haven't fantasised about THAT a few times in my life!)
They may have technical and mental edges over us, but we are an unpredictable bunch and if they don't watch themselves, the potential for a nasty accident is quite high. I imagine this is why I am under direct physical or mental control near all of the time I am with the grey ones.
As I was writing that last paragraph I realised that I'm far more freer when around the blondes. Naturally, I imagine this to be because they are far closer (in fact slightly bigger on average) to my own physical stature. Also, the experiences I've had with them, although a lot more confusing and raising a lot more questions, are nowhere near as horrifying as your typical Grey one.

A 104) Not yet, I don't think. I don't imagine it'll be that long though. It won't be a colossal happening though, because the next morning my recollections are very patchy.

Q (PaoloWillente) 105) What do you do for employment? Also, what do you make of this story? http://www.telegraph...ian-accent.html Does it relate to anything you've witnessed? (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/5031587/Dog-walker-met-UFO-alien-with-)

Q 106) You've touched a lot on the Grey's, but I would like to hear more about the other group. What specifically do you talk about? (If you can remember obviously) And, do you think both 'races' are aware of each other?

A 105) Thanks for the vote of confidence. I dunno about my request for anonymity being something that makes me more credible, it's mainly because of my job, which would be complicated if it became public who I am. There is at least one person in England (that I'm aware of) who was, according to him, forced out of the job we have in common because of his being a publicly known abductee.
My employment is something I would rather not disclose, for reasons that would be obvious if you knew what my job was. That isn't meant to be all mysterious and enigmatic, it's just a practical step for me. For now, anyway.
Interesting newspaper story, although there is no physical description of the being. I am disinclined to believe anything about crop circles (although I know very little or nothing about them) because I've seen demonstrations of how incredibly artistic and complicated patterns can be constructed.

A 106) Yes, I'm certain they're aware of each other, because I've encountered them both on the same craft during the same abduction. What their relationship is to each other, I don't know.

Q (chromefox) 107) Where bouts is there level of technology at an estimated guess

Q 108) is there a possibility they could be more than/something other than ET

Q 109) has any objects/possession of yours gone missing as a result of an abduction eg they taken interest in a games system (funny question but ya never know)

| A: 107)
Hundred's of years? Thousands? Your guess is as good as mine.

A 108) Yeah, sure there is. I heard one hypothesis that they're humans from the future who have evolved to look that way, another that they're from a different dimension.

A 109) No, not really. I came back without my underpants once though, that's about the only thing of mine they ever kept. (Probably just an oversight - one hopes so anyway.)

Q (PaoloWillente) 110) That's interesting! Do you get a feeling about who might be kind of 'in charge'? Re: Q & A # 106

Q 111) Also, you may have mentioned (this thread is so long I don't remember what I have read), but has Jorgin told you where he is from?

Q 112) Are they generally 2 way conversations with him, or does he ask and you tell?

Q 113) I have this theory that the reason for the telepathic communication is because they don't know our language but maybe pick up other signals that read thoughts in a generic 'language' as opposed to English. Anything is possible right...

A 110) I don't think it's so much a inferior/superior relationship, as one where they have different roles. I certainly get the impression that the tall greys are in charge of the short ones, but as to the Greys in general and the Nordics, I don't know.

A 111) No, he hasn't. Well, if he has, I haven't recovered the memory of it yet.

A 112) Two way conversations. Less formal than teacher and student, but that sort of thing. I feel that they are instructors or teachers.

A 113) Interesting question, because I can answer it in some detail. It isn't like a radio broadcaster and a radio receiver, it's more complicated than that most times.

Okay peeps, this is the “way out there” stuff...

As I have been given to understand it, the nature of existence is that it is not as solid as it first appears. I've mentioned The Matrix before and that is the most appropriate way I can explain this here too.

The universe itself, as well as every being and inanimate object within it, is “thought” into existence. Essentially we are like the imagination of a single gigantic consciousness, of which we are all a part (as Bruce Almighty might say, “Bingo! Yahtzee! Our survey says..... GOD!!! Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing!”), similar to the way that everyone inside the Matrix was a computer program designed by the Machines, or a human being who was plugged into their mainframe.

That being the case, there is a universal “language” of sorts, which if we are to continue with the computer/Matrix parallel is the base core code with which the master program is written. Every conscious being in existence has access to knowledge of this language on a sub-conscious level.

Imagine for instance that I am an alien and I wish to convey to two different human beings that the way they are acting is destructive and will bring ruination on the earth. One of those humans is a bank clerk who lives in London, the other one is an African Bushman from Namibia who lives in the desert and depends for his existence on a very fine balance of natural phenomena.

When I project “you will bring tragedy and destruction on yourself and your environment” to him, the thought doesn't go directly to him. It leaves me, goes into the “ether” (for want of a better word) and as it does is translated into the base code of the Universe. It travels through that code (the “ether”) as basic code, then arrives inside him, whereupon his own mind will recognise the language sub-consciously and will translate it, probably into imagery in whatever way is suitable to his cultural and educational setting.
As the alien giving him a warning my imagery might be of an exploding planet or a supernova. The London bank clerk will receive this as a great war with planes, tanks and atomic mushroom clouds or whatever. The African Bushman from Namibia will see it as a grass plain that hasn't seen the monsoon for decades, all the vegetation dead and bleached skulls of dead antelope, his best source of meat and comfort, lying all over the place.

Naturally, if one can practice and learn the way of broadcasting a signal in what from now on we could call “Universal Code”, they will learn to affect the world around them in mostly subtle, sometimes dramatic ways. If you can broadcast this Code, then you can re-write it around you. This is the slightly re-visualised but still appropriate picture drawn by the proponents of Noetic Science. Conventional science itself actually admits that the human mind can affect both the body and matter outside the body, but denies it can ever be on anything more than the sub-atomic level. They say this like they're dumbing it down, but it makes me want to shout, “What do you mean, ONLY on the sub-atomic level?!?!? The Universe is made from sub-atomic particles! Affect them and you affect the universe!” Really, it doesn't matter that you can't do cheap parlour tricks like levitating chairs.

Essentially this means that everyone is the Son of God! If they were only aware of this fact, instead of thinking they were isolated, powerless individual human beings, they would be astounded at what this race can potentially achieve.

Q (Paxus) 114) Do you sleep with someone these days? I ask because I'm curious if you do, do they ever notice anything relating to your abductions?
I also ask this because I'm curious if one could set up an experiment of sorts. For example, when you are close to 'due' for another abduction, perhaps someone could arrange to monitor you each night, until 'it' happens... Your thoughts?

Q 115) I like a lot of Murrangurk's suggestions and wonder if you're open to the idea of gathering evidence or in ANY way manipulating the outcome of these encounters?
(For example, could you perhaps start to try to gain 'their' confidence by telling them to trust you over and over every time you encounter them and then ask them to release you from whatever is holding you imobile - I suppose this depends on if you really would intend to be peacful should they 'let you go' while you are with them...)

Q 116) Relating to Murrangurk's suggestion of evidence gathering, would you please ask them to give you something? What I'm getting at here is, if you are able to communicate both verbally and mentally, perhaps you could 'put it' to them, that you want a 'token', a little insignificant item/artifact that you can take home with you. If it is something insigificant to 'them', perhaps they wouldn't mind... If you do get something, let's say a small metal object, that would be a great start. The metal could be tested and if it's not found on earth, you have your first piece of decent evidence. Please share your ideas on this.

Q 117) Maybe not a question, but I too want to hear more about the blonde-types that you mention.
Is there anything you haven't already said about them that you care to elaborate on?
Particularily I'm interested in any communications you had.

Q 118) I understand that these experiences are not pleasant, still, I am SO curious that I would volunteer to have them. Is there ANYTHING at all, you can think of throughout your experiences, that one could do to increase their chances of having an encounter?

Q 119) You have told us that you have seen other humans 'on board' during your experiences. Is this still the case? If so, how often are you not alone?

Q 120) Have you ever taken anything with you on purpose? By accident? If you wear jewellry, does it stay on you during your abduction? If so, I suppose it would be possible to take something with you like that... Yes? No?

A 114) I do sleep with someone quite often, my girlfriend. It's happened somewhere between three and five times while she's been there, I think. She remembers nothing. Like my father who was deeply “asleep” when I shouted to wake him when I was about twelve, nothing would rouse her. I suspect that if they're able to induce paralysis in me, they can induce unconsciousness in people too.

A 115) These days I am mobile a lot more. When I think of memories of this, early ones are the ones that come to mind most. They were the most horrifying, the ones where I was most likely to fly off the handle, and thus the ones where the kept the closest watch on me.
For some time now paralysis has been confined to the initial start of an encounter and when I am lying on the table having things done to me. At a lot of others times I am upright and moving.

A 116) If I were them, the first thought I would have when faced with such a request is, “Oh yeah, want proof to show someone do you?”
I've always assumed they would think this and as such have never thought for moment that it would be worth asking such a thing. Given that they come in the dead of night and go to seemingly great pains to have the rest of my family unobservant about it, I think discretion and secrecy is high on their agenda.
I am open to the idea of getting evidence, but I think I (and all abductees, one assumes) am watched pretty closely for any attempted sequestering of artefacts.

A 117) They look for the most part in their thirties, but I get the impression they might be tens of millennia old. Weird that, it's like talking to a Tolkein Elf, like Frodo experienced when talking with Elrond in Rivendell.
During my regression I opened up a memory of sitting at a “console” with Jorgin, and I was operating it. I was moving objects around it, like magnets on a white board, except they were red and the console “screen” was partially transparent. It reminded me a little bit of those war room maps where you move magnets around on to indicate different types of military resource. That isn't to say I think it's such a thing, just what it abstractly reminded me of.
Bizarrely, I knew exactly what I was doing and had a purpose. What it was I now have no idea. The memory is clear, but my actions and my reasons for doing them are not. I was also wearing a very dark jumpsuit type thing. Jorgin's was bright blue an mine was dark, almost black. Definitely not any clothes of mine.

A 118) Weirdly enough, you are not the first person to say this to me. Someone else during a PM conversation said almost exactly the same thing. I shall repeat to you more or less what I said to them.
If I went on holiday to Barbados, Nepal, Japan or Australia, “they” could find me very quickly and with no trouble. The reason for this is that during abductions the electrical energy of the brain is studied and recorded. Every person's is unique to them and forms more or less an electrical “fingerprint”. This is what “they” use to find their abductees any time and any place they choose. You can quite literally run but not hide!
I would imagine that they have a limited time and resources, fantastical though they might seem to us, and go specifically after subjects they want and need, for whatever reasons.
So, how would someone go about inducing an abduction? Well bear in mind first that those of us who had them forced on us would have thought you crackers for most of our lives. Lol But seriously, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that such a thing might be totally impossible and even if it were, your desire might attract the wrong “side”. (I am in the way of knowing that there are nice and nasty beings out there, just as there are down here.)
If you really want to try and induce such a thing, then there is only one thing I can think of, and that is to try and establish telepathic contact through whatever means and visualisations you can conjure. I would advise MOST strongly about not attracting the wrong sort of attention though, even in the gazillion to one chance that it does work. As I said to the other person who asked me the same question, such an endeavour, even if successful might entail about five years of solid trying. And then you might discover that you've succeeded, only to actually be suffering from an emotion induced psychosis. In other words, someone who spends enough time wanting to see something so badly will manifest it as an hallucination.

A 119) Yes, it is the case and has been all the time, although not on every single occasion. I have no idea at all what the ratio of solo/company abductions is.

A 120) I don't wear jewellery and I sleep in my underpants. There really isn't much room for anything else.

Q (validus) 121) Have you ever tried to video tape the nights that you felt that you would be abducted? I have thought about this a bit, since you have been taken so many times they may have let there guard down a bit when taking you (it may have be come mundane to them) and may not expect any thing out of the ordinary so may not notice a camera. I know it is said that often electronic devices do not act right when they are there, so how about putting a video camera in a chicken wire box to help shield it form EM interference.

Q 122) Do they react to thoughts negative or positive that you may have. You say they have some ability to read you, do they get scarred (or harsher ect.) if you say lay there and just visualize tarring them apart.

Q 123) How exactly did the memories come back to you about the events, did you know for sure this happened to you or did it feel like a strange forgotten dream? (I may ask you more about this later in a PM if you don't mind)

A 121) No, I've never tried to video it. They can detect anything electrical from outside the building I believe, down to battery powered devices and I'm sure they're also familiar with non-electrical recording equipment such as wind-on cameras.
P.S. Try not paying your TV license and keeping your television in a chicken wire box. The TV Detector van will find you just as easily. It's an old wife's tale. Besides which, a camera in a wire mesh cage would be extremely noticeable and even in the event that a technology millennia ahead of us that can manage inter-dimensional or interstellar flight is foiled at fusing it electrically, they'll just find the off switch.

A 122) Now here's an interesting question, because it relates to a very unusual occurrence I should have remembered earlier.
I was always terrified, utterly shitted-up by the eyes of the tall Greys. I hated being looked at by them, because what mental control they exert, always seemed to come form the eyes.
One day (or night, more likely) I was on a table, sat upright. I was in a pretty bad condition mentally for lots of reasons and I knew that spending the next day exhausted at school (I was about fifteen I think) would not help matters.
Well picture me sat upright on the “table” with my legs in from of me. The tall Grey in charge of this abduction was stood by my right shin, near the knee. Quite suddenly, and quite unexpectedly or deliberately, this figure became the focal point for all my bad feelings with the world. Everything was going wrong in my life and my freaked-outedness resulting from these events was the chief cause. (Even with the amnesia, I was falling to bits at that time in my life.)
I swivelled my head to the right and stared at him, naturally staring at his eyes. (Itself quite an unusual thing for me to do voluntarily.)
This little git actually did a double take of sorts, almost jumping with surprise. We locked eyes for a second and I got a very strong order to look away. I'd never known anything I did have such an effect on one of them before and I got something one very rarely feels in such a situation: a feeling of strength.
I not only ignored him I increased the feeling behind my glare and this time the volume of the telepathic command of “STOP!” went through the roof.
Looking back on that now, I think he was actually slightly panicked. I know he did something in response, because when I still ignored him, I got a very strange feeling, like a bird fluttering inside my head (indescribable really, but damned WEIRD!) and I blacked out, coming too some while later, lying flat on my back. I assume that he did it.
That's not the only time I've had a Grey react like that, but it's the most memorable. He was genuinely worried for a few seconds there.

A 123) I always had strange memories of weird things happening at night, even as a young child, but the real flow started after I saw the face of a Grey for the first time at the age of twelve. That both gave me a context and started an increased flow of returning memories.
In my mind, they are quite distinct from dreams about aliens, which I have had and recognised at the time as dreams. I could always tell the difference. For instance, I dreamt once about being chased through a graveyard (Hammer Horror ear yer heart out!) by a ghost that looked like a Grey. I woke up and thought, “Oh thank God, it was a dream!” I never once thought that was some vestigal memory of an abduction.
Please feel free to Pm me any time.

Q (Paxus) 124) Re: your answer about asking 'them' for an item to take back home with you: What have you got to lose? If they say no, they say no. No harm done. I hope you do ask, just in case.Since they are undoubtably an advanced being I'm sure they could figure that even if you have an artifact, most people still wouldn't believe you and hence it poses no threat to them.

Q 125) You talk about your recollection as not being immediate or complete. Can you describe this further? For example, if you were abducted again tonight, would you remember it the following morning or would it take a day or more. Is it a case of the more days past the more you remember?

Q 126) As 'they' are doing things to you (I may just call it 'experimenting' from now on), do you notice that they are doing different experiments each time you are with them or are they often the same, or is it a mixture of both (some new experiments done each time and some that you are used to)?

Q 127) Please describe as many, and in as much detail as possible, the type of experiments they have done to you over your lifetime (You have already described the 'tool inserted in your nose followed by a crunching noise/sensation).

Q 128) Have you ever been compelled to seek out the people (humans) you have encountered while on a ship (during an abduction)? [I.e. other abductees you've seen while, yourself abducted]

Q 129) Just curious, the handle 'Gilfaer', is it a name you heard during an abduction?

Q 130) You dismissed the suggestion that you run recording video while you sleep because 'they' would simply render it uneffective.
I urge you not to dismiss this in the same vein that I hope you don't dismiss asking them for an item to take back home...
(because you have nothing to lose).
If you get streaming video of yourself sleeping and then suddenly the video feed stops for some time and then starts again, even THAT tells us something and would be of interest. If not to you, maybe just us forum nerds!
What you don't see might be just as telling as what you do see.
What if we see a bright light from outside your bedroom window (and I do suggest you face it so it films you in bed with the window in the background) shortly before the film is corrupted?
What if it stops recording during the time you are 'taken' but then continues filming while you are not in your bed?
Both these scenarios would be something indeed....
I hope you at least consider changing your mind on this and the asking for something from 'them'. Your thoughts?

A 124) Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. I won't be shocked rigid if it doesn't happen though.

A 125) The following morning I would be aware it had happened. (Usually.) I would possibly have marks on my body, which have either been straight lines, shapes (triangle for instance), large areas of bruising, or punctures which may or may not be bleeding. I can quite often have a memory from the inception of the encounter, the light coming on, seeing beings in my room, feeling myself being manipulated ready for the off that sort of thing. Only very occasionally are detailed “during” memories present at this time.
More complete memories surface in the days, weeks or months afterwards, but they are disjointed and there is a sense of interrupted continuity. I don't get a complete “movie” of an encounter hardly at all. In fact, I doubt if there is one abduction from my entire lifetime that is complete in my memory from beginning to end.

A 126) Difficult to answer really, given the answer immediately above. Certainly once I reached puberty a whole raft of weird **** started, which I'd prefer not to go into in any great depth in open forum. I'm guessing that was age specific.
Even though I am now an adult, the focus on that side of things is greatly reduced from what it was during 13-18. Bizarre, very frightening and the most traumatic of any stuff I remember.

A 127) That would take a book really, and wouldn't make a great deal of sense, even then.
However, I can do some summarised bullet points.
* I remember some procedure that was carried out on my left hand on the day I got my triangular scar. My hand was encased in what looked to me like a metallic weight-lifter's glove with a lead or tube or something going into it right on top of where the scar now is. This seemed to take quite a long time and I was left alone in that position, lying on a table with my left arm out on a strut or something, for quite some time. I remember that the cable/tube/whatever was very bright, a blue/white colour, and this seemed to be quivering or moving in some way, like fluorescent lighting.
* General examination of my body, all parts, is very common. Joints in particular, especially my knees. A great deal of attention, far out of proportion to the rest of my body, is devoted to my head. Sometimes this is not even what you might call strictly “medical” in nature.
The tall Grey had a habit (don't think this has happened for quite some time) of standing by my right shoulder, and then bending his head right over me, so that he was glaring right into my eyes from a range of about half an inch.
I HATED this! I was sure they knew how frightening I found their eyes, and when he did this I experienced the absolute WORST feelings of sheer effing terror it's possible to feel without exploding. I felt he was being deliberately vindictive to me, which increased greatly the degree of animosity I felt towards them. I can't describe that feeling, even now. The closest I could get is that it's like being a frog on a dissection board with a vivisectionist looming over you.
I have a private theory that they stopped doing this once I had learned to mentally “hit back”. Possibly as a result of these experiences I've developed mental/psychic abilities that are not Stars Wars flashy, but are nonetheless remarkable in their own way. Equally possibly it's because I had these abilities lying dormant inside me that the encounters started. Who knows? Whichever it is, that mental strength and the ability to project it seems to make them wary when it's directed at them. I would like to believe the git stopped picking on me because he knew he'd get some mental shrapnel flying back at him if he tried it again.

A 128) Curious about it and I've wanted to, but not “compelled”, no. I have had a person recognise me from an abduction in civvy street though, but it wasn't under circumstances that you could consider empirical.

A 129) No, it isn't. Being a nerd and lover of the works of J.R.R. Tolkein, it's an appropriate name blended from two Quenya (High-Elven) words.

A 130) I'd have to buy a decent camera first of course.

Q (PaoloWillente) 131) So is it that when you're there you don't really know you're there and it just comes back as memories? Or are you physically and mentally there with them and make conscious decisions based on what is happening?

A 131)
I am conscious while I am there and make decisions based on what is as close to rationality as one can hope for under such circumstances. Sometimes I am in what psychologists would call an "altered state of consciousness", which I liken to being drunk without the puking, double-vision and falling over. A completely different mental feeling and absence of fear.
How the memories are blocked, I have no idea.

Q (mfrmboy) 135) Did the Nordic type speak or were they telepathic?

Q 136) Did they let you in on why you were chosen ?

Q 137) Did they tell you why they were doing this ?

Q 138) How were they clothed ?

Q 139) Were there both male and female ?

Q 140) What did the interior of the ship look like ?

Q 141) Did you see any other beings on board ?

A 135)

A 136) No.

A 137) No.

A 138) The Nordics? Tight fitting blue clothing that looked like it had been spray painted on them. Very figure-revealing.

A 139) Yes.

A 140) You want one word or twenty thousand?

A 141) Greys and other humans.

Q (mfrmboy) 142):
When having conversation with the one you deal with the most are you sitting casually in a chair at a table perhaps on a sofa or strapped to a table with a glaring light on you ?

Q 143)
While involved in your telepathic discussion are the other Nordic types also at said tables having communication with other humans or at consoles doing work?

Q 144)
Has he ever mentioned other races or talked about himself, family, pets etc.?

Q 145)
What are you conversations like?

Q 146)
Have you been check for or suspect an implant?

A 142)
These would be far more casual. One might almost say "informal". I've spoken to him standing together in a room, sat at a console together, sat together on a bench, walking around a room etc, etc.

A 143)
There are others of the type around, although I'm not usuallythat focused on what they're doing or with whom. I have seen other humans in this scenario though. Or at least, one assumes they're humans. They're certainly not Nordics anyway. They can be sat at the other end of the same console, walking round the room, whatever. No particular fixed pattern. Sometimes, only once or twice, more than one have been involved with me at once.

A 144)
If you mean Jorgin, he's not mentioned his domestic situation at all. He's talked about his people and his place among them in rather vague terms (which is to say vague enough not to be able to nail down his precise mission statement or place of origin) and his interest in my own condition. There seems to be a status quo whereby I'm allowed to feel my situation myself and judge the motivation behind his teaching and so on, rather than him moralising to me about how wonderful he/they are and how grateful I should be.

A 145)
In what way, "like"? You mean how long? Subject matter? They tend to be about history and politics. During my youth they were rather more geared toward teaching me. One of my first recovered memories was of being in his company and rather fearfully asking, "What happens when you die?" His somewhat enigmatic answer was, "You go up." That answer can be interpreted at least two different way I can think of.

I get the feeling that he is a lot older than his physical appearance would suggest (in human terms he looks mid to late thirties). Certainly he hasn't aged at all since I've known him.

Now here is an interesting subject! This is also a good example of why I preferred people asking question and me answering them because it saved me trying to get everything down like an autobiography and I remember different things as and when people ask about them.

Those of you who read about my needle-up-the-nose experience will no doubt have recognised what is thought to be the commonest procedure – done to virtually every abductee.

I recovered this memory among my first when I was twelve, the event happening not many weeks before. This was some years before I was to hear about not only how common an experience it was, but actually what it did. I would be nearly twenty before I found this out, which is significant...

During my early teens, I suffered very heavily from repeated sinus infections, which caused me massive headaches and a feeling of congestion, without any mucus discharge. This illness hit me every few weeks.

It was diagnosed that I was suffering from acute sinusitis and a scan revealed that my sinuses weren't draining. They also revealed that there was a cyst in the right hand side of my sinal cavity. A cyst … for those of y'all that don't know, is (or was in this case) a growth, where the body surrounds a foreign object with layers of hard tissue, to isolate it from sensitive tissue. In this case the cyst had formed as a result of some object plugging the duct of my sinuses.

Cysts can be other things, especially when they form on organs like their kidneys, but in this case, there was something up my nose on the right hand side and it and the encysted cocoon surrounding it it had showed up on the scans of my skull.

I then had an operation called an antroscopy at the age of fourteen, which involved stripping out the lining of my sinuses and flushing the whole cavity clear with a small but powerful surgical hose.

Now although I knew by now that I was being abducted by creatures that were “aliens” so far as I could tell, I knew nothing about implants until I was nineteen or twenty, and certainly hadn't noticed on the night in question that an implant was being put in me. I did notice that the tip of the needle was rounded, like a small ball-bearing, but after the crunch and the pain my eyes were closed and I was rolling my head about, trying to escape the pain. I didn't see the needle come out because of this and thus never noticed if the ball-bearing end was gone. If I had seen that happen, I might have twigged a lot sooner.

Conversely though, this was my strongest piece of personal proof ever. I underwent a procedure commonly thought to be about inserting an implant. Two years later a foreign object shows up in my right hand sinal cavity along with a cyst (observant readers will remember the needle went up my right nostril) and surgery is required to fix the medical problems I'd been having as a result.

Subsequently, when I start getting into the subject and contacting people in my early twenties, I discover that there are many people who have had the needle-up-the-nostril done to them and that it's about an implant. These occurrences all happened independently of each other and I recovered a detailed memory, had an object found by the hospital and only then learned about implants, some years later. If this were a delusion being perpetrated on me by a psychotic sub-conscious, they would have occurred in precisely the reverse of the order they actually did do, and the medical scans would not have picked anything up, because the memory would have been entirely in my head, not one of a real, physical occurrence.

Take that paranoia and self-doubt!

Q (Universal Sight) 147)
I totally agree here. no matter how perfect an alien race can be.....they have to make mistakes as well. Are these mistakes the reports of the things imbedded under the skin? Dunno. But i highly doubt it.

A 147)
I don't know either. We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

Q(Universal Sight) 148)
When noticing the other abductees, Im curious, what other races of humans have you seen on the ship with you? If any.

A: 148)
I don't ever remember noticing anyone who wasn't Caucasian. I'm pretty sure I've heard someone speaking in an eastern European accent though.

I do know that none Caucasian people have reported abductions, so it may just be that the country I live in has a higher proportion of white people than say, America.

Q (Universal Sight) 149) When you are lying on the table, what do you hear? Is it tone dead silence? "Elevator" music so-to-speak? (talking about the ship or room here not the thoughts projected by the aliens.)

A 149)
Shuffling feet; my own breath and heartbeat; clinking as hard things touch each other (such as instruments being moved over surfaces or touching each other); footsteps; flesh on flesh noises when they touch me or their skin rubs against mine; humming electrical type noises, sometimes emitted by the equipment in the room. Sometimes I've noticed a vibration that seems to be emanating from the craft itself.

Q (Universal Sight) 150)
Has your heart beat so bad that they actually had to help you so you wouldnt have had a heart attack or something. (Especially during your description of them being 1/2" away from your face and looking into those eyes).

A 150) I don't ever remember them doing anything about my heartbeat, although there have been plenty of times when it was going like a trip-hammer, not least during that which you mention.

Q (validus) 151) What is your take on Cattle Mutilations, do you think they are real and are related to the abduction events? Ever see a cow during an event?

A 151) I think it's possible that they are real, I've heard of other abductees talking about them (Jason Andrews), but I have no knowledge of them myself, nor have I ever seen a cow or any other animal during an abduction. (With the exception of the two times in childhood I saw aliens as anthropomorphic dogs, because of what it commonly called a “screen memory”.)

Q (validus) 152) Do you think there are people that do not return? Have you ever seen some one else in the "ship" and thought oh god, that poor sap is not going home?

A 152) No I don't, and no I haven't. I suppose it's possible, even more than likely, that the intense shock has caused a myocardial infarction in an abductee, or some other shock related condition that resulted in death, but I don't think, certainly not with the beings I am familiar with anyway, that there are cases where abductees are actually killed deliberately.

Films that are total bull **** like Fourth Kind do not help this kind of impression with the public though.

Q (validus) 153) Other then the one time you mentioned them sticking a thing in your head and hearing a cracking noise, have you ever felt they were doing something very invasive that had a medical risk to you, eg. open chest cavity etc.. :S

A 153) Well, I don't know how risky it is, despite apparent appearances, given the level of both skill and technical equipment present. But yes, something invasive as you mention did happen (thankfully only once), although I couldn't see much of it. The reason for that is because they opened the back of my skull like an orange being peeled. There was much attention going on during this and there were three tall Greys in the room at once, itself highly rare. There was also a lot of flashing light going on, like a spot welder or something. Blue flashes.

I've had other extremely invasive things happen to me, but they didn't involve any part of my body being cut open to that degree.

Q (validus) 154)
ever see any thing like a morgue on the "ship"?

A: 154) No

Q (Queenofthefairies) 155) Have you ever had an abduction exsperience where you have actually feared for your safety or the safety of others? e.g they have been aggressive towards you?

A: 155) Just about every abduction I've ever had has caused fear in me to some extent. The "medical" procedures are often very invasive and personl and mentally, they cause a lot of anguish.

I do not remember ever feeling like I'm about to be the victim of an alien right hook, or serious physical harm though. Just general horr at the mind-bending situation I've found myself in.

Q (Queenofthefairies) 156) also do they have any feelings?

A 156) If you mean the Greys, not as we do I think, although the taller ones are much more complex than the shorter ones. The taller ones feel, but I believe human emotions kick the **** off anything they have.

The Blondes on the other hand, I think may be much more developed than us, although more disciplined also.

Q (PaoloWillente) 157) Have you ever seen pictures on the net (or other means) that you have thought, 'Yep, that's exactly what I saw?'. With either the 'Greys' or the Nordics?

Q 158)
Also, you said your head was cut open, do you bare any scars from this?

A 157) Yes, on the TV program I saw when I was twelve. I saw the artist's impression of a Grey's face and it had an extremely profound impact on me.

A 158) Not that anyone who's looked can see, no. Don't tell me, I know. bizarre!

Q (mfrmboy) 159) Forgive me if this question is not one you want to answer but here goes. Has there been any sexual contact between you and your abductors ? If so what are your thoughts on this?

A 159) Just out of interest, what prompted that question? That's a difficult subject to think about, and a complicated one. The basic question I can answer no to though, I don't ever remember shagging an alien.

Q (Cybele) 160) Other than his answer to your question "What happens when we die?", do you remember any more of the specifics of your conversations with Jorgin?

A 160) To further illustrate, my learning and intercourse with him and his isn't totally by means of conversation. He's also used what I'd suppose you'd call movies, sometimes on a screen, sometimes placed directly into my head, like an internal viewscreen. The Greys have also used that for other reasons.

The overall program of conversation/learning with the Nordics has been sometimes very bizarre, the point not at all apparent, but often mind-expanding. Universe Matrix theory and all that.

Specific points of conversation will I'm sure occur to me as this thread explores that, just as other aspects of the abductions have done. It's a bit difficult to recall interesting points out of thin air unless something in the thread stimulated me to think of it. For example: some of the earlier posts were along the lines of, "tell me what it's like to be abducted?" Well there's fifty questions that can be sub-divided into, each getting more specific about particular details. My earlier response posts were nowhere near as detailed as the ones I made as the thread went along.

Q (Paxus) 161) Do you ever suspect that the visitations and abductions are not physical after all(perhaps other dimension or astral plane) because they always happen when you are asleep?
It seems odd that it never happens during a late dinner or watching a DVD when you are wide awake....

A 161) They've happened twice at least while I was wide awake, one of which was during broad daylight. I've heard the theory about night time abductions being non-physical, but I have never had the sense that they were. I may be wrong of course, but I didn't ever once feel anything but physical.

Q (Paxus) 162) When 'in talks' with Jorgin, did he have anything to say about the future of mankind, especially in relation to our messing up the environment or world war?

A 162) Pretty much. The big myth, is that although humankind is obviously capable of wrecking an awful lot of things, including the earth in general, our planet is a lot more resilient than most environmentalists think. It's been through many things a thousand times worse than anything we've ever done to it and come back fruitful.
Mankind is however, the most prominent species on the earth right now, and that has intrinsic value. That said, nobody is going to bail our **** out of perdition, unless we do ourselves.

Q (Paxus) 163) When 'in talks' with Jorgin, has he ever mentioned how long 'they' have been monitoring 'us'?

A 163) Not precisely, but it's a looooooooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. Millenia. Lots of them.

Q (Paxus) 164) When 'in talks' with Jorgin, has he ever said anything about the origin of human life on earth?

A 164) Humankind is neither entirely Darwin evolved, nor Created out of dust as the Bible says. You might say there was a bit of both in the mix.

Q (Paxus) 165) Have you ever been fed or given anything to drink while 'on board'?

A 165) Ummmmmm, no. I'm pretty sure I've never had food or drink. What the hell is alien sustenance like anyway? lol

Q (Paxus) 166) Have you ever heard the name(s) of alien planets, or races? If so, what are they?

A 166) No. I have seen a picture/film sequence of a very ****ty, dusty world with two suns in the sky, but I don't know the name of it or what its significance is.
As to names of races, non-specific terms or pictures or my personal memories are used to refer to the Greys, so far as I remember. Jorgin does say “my people”, but I don't remember him using a racial word to describe them.
I often get confused when some people describe a race as being “from Orion” or “from Andromeda. It's like me describing one of you as being from the northern hemisphere, or the inner half of the solar system. The stars in Orion are only close to each other from our perspective, but gigantic distances separate them in reality. We are closer to some of Orion's stars or ones right next to them in our sky than they actually are to each other.
Sirius for instance, is just over eight light years away from us, but in the sky is right next to Orion. Most of Orion's stars are hundreds of light years away from us though.

Q (Paxus) 167) When 'in talks' with Jorgin, have you ever discussed advanced technology and if so has it been brought up that we (humans) have been given advanced tech by aliens?

A 167) Ummm... not sure. I don't have clear enough memories of this subject to commit. I'm fairly sure humans have it, but I dunno if we were given it, as such. Obviously we have it from other means, as mentioned below...

Q (Paxus) 168) When 'in talks' with Jorgin, have you ever asked if ET craft have indeed crashed here (e.g. rosewell)? If so, what was the reply?

A 168) I haven't asked, I've been just out and out told it. More than that we have occupants too. I don't remember Roswell being mentioned, which is possibly just due to cultural framing. He probably thinks of it as "Incident: £GFVH*^%E£%TUGFD" or something. But there have been more than one.

Q (Paxus) 169) Remember when you had to go to the doctor about your sinus'? Did you say the doctor found and removed something? If so, what was it?

A 169) I did, yes. However, when the object was found on the scan, it was just assumed to be something like gravel or any number of things young kids get stuck up their hooter. When my sinuses were stripped, it was all thrown away and incinerated, as per standard procedure at a hospital. I didn't know about implants for five more mores after this, so I didn't know that it was something that should be kept.

Q (PaoloWillente) 170) You said you have seen figures of 'them' in your room? How do you think they get in? Window? Door? Projection? Or otherwise?

A 170) It has always looked like materialising to me. Sometimes it seems as if they move through solid things (and me, when they're moving me).

Q (archernyc) 171) Do you feel that your actions/activities are monitored by the beings when you are not with them?

A 771) I'm not entirely sure. I would be surprised if they wouldn't be, but I'm not overtly conscious of it.

Q (archernyc) 172) You mentioned that they are able to identify you no matter where you are by the electrical signature of your brain. That being said, why would they need to implant a device in your nostril?

A 173) As I understand it, those implants are not tracking devices.

Q (archernyc) 174) Do you want to have children of your own some day, and if so, do you worry that they will be abducted also?

A 175) I do, although for many reasons I don't think it will happen. Yes, I do worry about it.

Q (archernyc) 176) Do you know if they have "created" any "hybrids" using genetic material that they have collected from you?

A 176) I suspect so, yes. It's a very deep and complicated subject. I have not personally met any offspring and been told “they're yours”.

Q (archernyc) 177) Are there other abductees that you have seen repeatedly over the years? ("aboard ship" so to speak)

A 177) I don't think so. I honestly don't know for certain though.

Q (archernyc) 178) Have they given you any indication as to whether or not they will - at some point - stop taking you?

A 178) No, none at all.

Q (archernyc) 179) So, if the implants are not tracking devices, what is their purpose?

Q 180) When you talk about the beings' eyes, from what you've described, the greys have no discernible pupil, cornea or iris, correct? And the Nordics? You mention that their eyes are blue, but are they completely blue? Do you think (or have you been shown) that the Nordics have ever lived on Earth? Do they look human enough to fit in?

A 179) The implants are their equivalent of the patches we put on people's chests so an ECG can read their vital signs. I am also of the impression (although entirely ignorant of how) that they can subtly affect our physiology.

A 180) Correct, the eyes of the Greys are totally black. I'm not sure why (which shouldn't surprise anyone by now), but I sometimes feel the eyes of the taller ones are more intricate than the shorter.
Completely blue? You mean a pair of blue disks staring out of their heads? No, they have discernible whites, a black pupil and a blue cornea. I don't know whether they have lived on earth or not, certainly most people who saw one wearing normal clothes would think they were just a very tall, blonde person with striking eyes. Imagine Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV. Striking and worthy of remark, but not pitchforks and burning torches.

Q (The Unseen) 181) DID it HURT?

A 181) Many times, yes.

Q (archernyc) 182) Are national governments in collusion with the beings/abductions, i.e., are selected humans - like you - being enhanced in some way with our governments knowledge and tacit permission? Are our governments secretly in contact with the beings?
Q 183). You mentioned you were told that there had been numerous crashes on Earth and that governments have aliens' bodies? (at least, that was my understanding) How long have world governments been aware of alien visitations/abductions?
Q 184) You mentioned in a post above that when you're actually being taken you think you materialize and de-materialize (a la Star Trek?). The other thought I have is perhaps the beings are able to time travel (Stephen Hawking thinks this is possible) or travel from one dimension to another and if that is so, maybe they simply freeze time while they're taking you and that's why others don't notice that you're gone. Just a thought.
Q 185) I was reading a thread on another forum (not on this site) and someone claimed that ETs are actually demons (in a religious sense) disguised as aliens. I pretty much dismissed this idea, but would like to know what you think?
Q 186). Above, in one post, you said that you could be taken from anywhere in the world (when you explained about the brain's electrical signal), but then said in another post that with the exception of the two instances in childhood where you were outside, you were taken from your bedroom. If that is so, how do you know that you can be abducted from anywhere in the world? Is this something "they" have shown you?
Q 187) What you had to say about The Matrix really freaked me out. Sometimes, I have the feeling that the world is just a dream, i.e., an artificial construct. I also experience deja vu a LOT (don't know if that has any bearing on this). Maybe this is a whole new topic for discussion on another thread though. What do you think?

A 182) I don't know, although I believe it to be beyond dispute that they are aware of the existence of such things.

A 183) At least as long as our cultural progress has been able to conceive of space travel and ET life. Just after the Second World War, in other words.

A 184) Not in the same way as Star Trek, but a definite altering of matter. They come through solid walls and closed windows, and they have on occasion made me do the same thing. Although I don't have a single complete memory of transit from home to craft, I do have many fragmentary ones and I know enough to realise that physical movement is involved, not just disappearing in one place and appearing in another.

A 185) Meh. Imagine you see a humanoid, quite obviously not human, materialise before you. Is it a demon/angel or a trans-dimensional ET capable of teleportation? Even more important a question is, is there any difference between the two apart from philosophical viewpoint? Even if they are demons and ET's don't exist, some by the law of averages would have to be angels.

A 186) Yes, that is what I have been told. By Greys actually, which is quite unusual, as they aren't the greatest of expositionary beings in the cosmos. Normally when I learn something, it will be from Jorgin or one of his kind.

A 187) There's nothing to be freaked out about. Everything is “artificial” even if you're just conventionally religious. C.S. Lewis's allegory of Narnia and Aslan put it most picturesquely when he said that the “real world” was just a pale shadow imitation of the real real thing: Aslans' country. Everything is created by imagination. It is as solid as we are, which is both not at all and totally at the same time.
Unlike The Matrix, there is no real world to wake up to. This is what we have and this is what we must take care of. The only semblance of waking up to the real world is when someone has a spiritual experience in which they are taken into a White Light where the feel totally at peace and could stay for eternity. Not a green meadow with their departed relatives and pets, not a happy afterlife, which although they exist, are just part of the Matrix themselves. Someone who has a spiritual experience equivalent to taking the red pill just sees (and is) light. Pure, white light. Infinite energy in a state of no-vibration.

Q (archernyc) 188) If you're being taken three or four times a year, are the abductions spread out during the year or does that vary? You mentioned that last year you were abducted three or four times within five days.

Q 189) Do they do "procedures" every time they take you? Or are some abductions just to talk with Jorgin?

Q 190) What is the nature of the relationship between the Nordics and the Greys?

Q 191)I recommend that you keep a journal - that might help you reconstruct what's happening to you and for future reference.

A 188)
That was an exception, it's most often more spread out. At least, that's what I remember.

A 189) Some times it's just to talk, although it's never Jorgin's lot who appear in my home. That is always the grey ones. One time when I was about eight I had a very strong sense they were coming (mark up a mistake on my part - it's therefore twice I've had precognition of it, not once) and sat up for hours fretting. Of course, this was four years before I knew who "they" actually were, but I had a very strong sense of something awful impending. As it turned out there was no bad stuff on the cold table, just a very nice evening in comparison, being taught stuff annd not being probed or cut. I remember thinking in my childish way that the good night had been a reward for not disobeying my father and keeping my light on. (I'd been trying to work up the nerve to put it on as it was a comfort, when I fell asleep about eleven o'clock at night.)

A 190) I have no idea.

A 191) I'll remember that idea. Next time it happens I'll keep a note of the date and anything else I remember.

From Gilfaer:
Okay, as requested earlier, here's where I'm going to link to a few images and give my impression on them and compare them to what I remember.

http://www.crazy-new...per1/page3.html This picture shows a good semblance of the stature, in particular the length of the arms. The head has noticeable differences though: the eyes are the wrong shape (although orbital bones have been shown around them, which is true, though not very well drawn here. I have never seen one nakes though, so it's a bit weird.

http://forum.ea.com/...ist/523959.page Yow! This one has gotten the eyes of the Bossman Grey almost perfectly! Rounded in the middle, slanting up to points at the temples. Orbital ridges are absent though, which is inaccurate. Also, the eyes aren't that far apart.

Q (archernyc) 192) Do you recall ever going underwater on one of their ships? So many reports of USOs lately. Are you keeping a notebook on your night table?

A 192) No and yes. A notebook is always close by actually, as my computer table, which has several on it, is right next to my bed.

Q (StokerX) 193) It interests me that you say they seemed afraid of you from time to time. Why is that?

I've had my own experiences, and visitations. More so when I was a child. The older I got the more addicted I became with the idea of them. This addiction engraved a fear so deep that I could never sleep. I don't care about what will be said about me after this next part I am going to share. I was born to a man who holds great mind abilities. Psychic for a lack of better term. I wasn't raised like most normal kids. I was taught to use the mind in ways most people flag as crazy, or non existent. I can't read thoughts, or move anything with out my hands. That would be cool, but not the case what so ever. My parents split when I was very young, so I hardly saw my dad until my teen years when I moved in with him. My younger years is when these beings (the grays are the only ones I have been visited by) came to me. They would come to my room, they would lead me to weird places around my house where I have missing time. They would even follow me to my friends house if I were to stay over night. The only place I felt safe was when I would spend a rare weekend with my dad. I was thirteen when I moved in with him, and he taught me how to protect myself with the white light. Again, I don't care what will be said about me. Long story short he showed how to use the energy of the universe to stop anything paranormal from coming into my life with out permission.

I have not seen a gray in 17 years. I feel them all the time. They know where I am. Sometimes they lose me, and I can feel when they find me. They've found me recently, and my fiance has seen them peering through our windows. The reason why I am even writing any of this is that I sense that they fear me. Ever sense I learned to keep them out of my life to a point they have feared me. Also, curious toward me. That's why they follow me. I know I sound like a nut, but who doesn't when it comes to this stuff?

If these beings are so advanced, and can abduct us, leave screen memories, and fly through ****ing space, why would they fear us? Whats your input on this? Why do you think they fear you?

A 193) I assume you feel them being out of your life is a good thing for you?

I think they fear me because I'm a clear foot taller than their tallest guys, two to two and a half feet taller than their shorter ones, and built like three of their taller one put together. If I were released from my "bonds" and decided I wanted to go postal on their ass, I could do a serious amount of damage.

I distinctly remember the first time I was trusted by them when full grown (well, I was about seventeen anyway). I was told I was going to be freed from whatever control I was under and would be free to move, but they wanted to me to do something in particular once I was free and they'd resume normal if I did anything unexpected.

The control came off slowly, a bit at a time, like slowly surfacing out of water. There was a Bossman grey and a short one right near me, and I could virtually picture the Bossman sweating with fear, such was the concentration he was exerting on it. I could feel his mind split in two, one half on inching the control off me, bit by tiny bit, and the other watching me like a hawk, making sure I wasn't going to suddenly run amok and start throttling everyone.

I had no intention of doing anything like it (I didn't like the thought of reprisal once his mates broke out the phaser pistols - yes that is a joke, sort of), but the knowledge that this being, whose kind had exerted such control over me all my life, was afraid of me was enormously empowering and made me realise that no-one and nothing is all-powerful.

It was also the first inkling I had that I was not regarded as a piece of meat or a lab rate, but as something that had at least intrinsic value, if not personal.

Q (Paxus) 194) Have you ever asked them why they do things which upset, scare or hurt you and if so, have you ever gotten any reply?

Q 195) From your interactions with them, can you explain why they need to cut and prod you rather than use non-invasive methods of gathering data?

Q 196) Do you have ANY idea about their morals or codes of ethics?

Q 197) Do you believe they HAVE moral codes or ethics?

Q 198) Do you think the memory-wiping efforts are done for their own ends or do you think it's perhaps done to mitigate the trauma to the subject?

A 194)
Yes, I have. No, I haven't. Mostly that sort out question from me is ignored.

A 195) I don't believe that most of what they do to my body is to gather data.

A 196) None at all, when it comes to the Greys. I don't think the blonde guys are that different to us, although I can't really comment in any great depth.

A 197) Greys: no idea. Nordics: yes.

A 198) My understanding of it, is that it is mainly the latter. An abductee is (usually) a long term project (although they'd describe it as "partner"). When memory comes back it's for a reason. In my case, twelve was possibly a pre-arranged time for me to start remembering, as soon as something strong enough triggered it. In this case, a picture of a Grey.

Q (Paxus) 199) With the sighting of a craft on the ground, what did you do? Did you approach it? Did you see it depart? What else happened? How close to it where you?

A 199) I stood there, next to my father, who went to sleep standing up. They came out and got me, took me inside, did stuff to me (a "memorable" occasion because it's the only time I've ever known a Grey do something that was probably meant to be humourous) and then sent me back to my father, who was still "asleep" standing up. They left, we carried on back to our car.
I don't remember it departing, no. For some reason, there appears to be a big blank spot there. It's a possibility that we started walking before we were both fully conscious again and the craft left while we were walking away from it.
We both remembered seeing the UFO in the sky, I didn't remember the landing and abduction until some time later. My father remembers a very small amount of stuff that came after the original memory cutoff, but he doesn't remember the beings.

Q (Paxus) 200) What did the grey do that was meant to be humourous?

A 200) At the time I had put on a lot of weight in response to the emotional slide I was on. (Some people turn to drink, my response to being pissed off is to eat junk food in obscenely large quantities.)
As I was undressed, the Bossman Grey, stood in front of me (I was perched on the edge of the table) indicated my chest and stomach and "said", 'Perhaps we should give you the women's examination?'
A reference one assumes, to my burgeoning man-jugs and gut.
Oh my aching ribs. Is it to laugh.
Perhaps this is why they are so universally thought to be a humourless and unemotional bunch, if such is the limit of their comic ability

Q (Universal Sight) 201) Have you ever woken up not seeing any greys..... but notice something weird going on with your body still?.... like say for instance, you "know" your awake and yet... your looking at your chest and see a bulge like your heart or whatever is looking like its trying to be pulled out of your body by an unseen force?

Q 202) Have the Greys ever done anything to you or have you felt anything being done to you without seeing them or having them physically touch you? **(meaning you had the feeling it WAS them but couldnt see them)

A 201) No, I don't ever remember something like that. Sound frightful!

A 202) No. I do sometimes "know" they're coming before I see them, but I don't feel anything without them being there to do it. Unless my eyes are closed of course.

Q (RaZoR_ninja) 203) I have one question, when you were abducted did they take any biological samples from you other than your blood and/or sperm cells?

A 203) Skin or flesh has been taken at least once, as he been noted. I don't know whether is was taken for "sample" reasons though. I'm also guessing that if the went to the trouble of opening my head up, they'd have taken brain samples too.
BTW: I don't remember ever saying that blood was taken. I suppose it probably has been, but I don't ever remember saying it.

Q (Paxus) 204) Will you ask 'them' for a memento despite believing that won't comply? (I plead with you to try since you have nothing to lose by asking)

A 204) Yes, I will. Assuming I'm in a state of mind to remember.

Q (Paxus) 205) Will you please wear an item of jewelry (a ring or a pendant) as an experiment to see if they leave it on and if you return with it? (I'll explain why later.)

A 205) I can try, although I don't own any.

Q (Paxus) 206) My next question would be to ask 'them' if they intend on openly declaring themselves to the rest of us on Earth in the near future (within 10 years)

Q 207) Do you think your recollections are mistakes on their part? I.e. Do you think your memory was meant to be completely wiped but for whatever reason, their 'wipe' hasn't worked successfuly?

A 206) Yes I would. I can answer that last question with near certainty though: no, they won't. As moments in human evolution go, this one is pretty pivotal, and it's important we take our next steps without interference or pollution from outside.

A 207) No, they came back to me because they were meant to. That is what I believe.

Q (Paxus) 208) So, how about some more details/descriptions of tests/experiments/procedures that were done to you that you haven't already told us about Gilfaer?

A 208) A lot of memories are either shot or they're like still snapshots, so brief and isolated are they. Rooms, apparatus and so on. Mos of that which is contiguous I've written about, but I'll share a few memories from the time I was hypnotised.
The memories recalled in this way were, slightly to my surprise, completely original. They came from a time when I was twelve years old and was taken from my room one night. The most obvious thing about these recollection is that they are nowhere near as clear as those which have come back to me on their own. They seem misty and indistinct.
A totally original thing is that shortly after arriving aboard the "craft", I was waiting, hunched over in a small, dark room, the size of a small closet. I was then fetched from it by one of our usual grey chaps and led to an examination room with the usual table, but one that was much smaller than ever before. As I recall it, there were also only two beings present at this time, both of them taller "Bossman" Greys.
The most memorable thing about this episode was having a needle the length of a carving knife pushed into an extremely sensitive piece of flesh and sending jolts of agony firing right up my spine.
Slightly less memorable, but more weird, was walking into a larger, dark room with strange coloured lights in the ceiling and several other people. My recall ceased more or less as soon as I went in.

Q (psychotramp) 209) did you mention what happened to you when you were around 13-18? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I vaguely remember you saying you didn't want to talk about it, and I'm just curious why.

A 209) Some of the stuff that happened during those years is extremely disturbing, and that's only what I can remember. I highly doubt whether it would add any credibility to my account, quite the reverse. It is also very personal.

Q (archernyc) 210) This is an interesting leap in thinking, but Gilfaer does not mention what kind of dog's head he saw - maybe it was a beagle or a basset hound. Anubis has sharply pointed, upright ears. .

A 210) The dog in my first screen memory was strongly similar to the big bulldog in the Tom & Jerry cartoons (Was his name Spike?), but standing on its hind legs. That was about age five, I think.
The second one was rather more weird. It was sized and shaped like a normal dachshund, but floating at head height. I was about nine at the time of that one. The fur would have been slightly bushier though, if that's of any importance. .

Q (Dancingtiger) 211) I am wondering if Gil saw that because it is their true form, or even just testing him to see reactions. Is it possible that the Old(so called) Gods were ET and still remembered in stories? If so I bet they were pleased they were remembered. They were also blood thirsty fiends if the stories are true. Lets hope that particular history does not repeat itself.

A 211) I'm fairly sure the entire visage was illusory. It was rather cartoony to be honest and I think it drew on imagery that was already in my head.

Q (Feanor) 212) How they travel long distances?
What is the purpose of abduction?
How their space craft looks like form inside and how can they avoid all kind of radars on Earth?
If they're interested in examining humans and learning about us, why not make contact?

A 212)Elen sila lumenn omentielvo. :)

1/ Hurray! Finally a really juicy, interesting question I can answer in some detail. Hmmm, I can't really draw a schematic for this one, but gravity is at the centre of it.
A "craft" can surround itself with a bubble of gravity/anti-gravity. The craft will react to the bubble as if it were any other object of great mass, but not react to anything outside of it. It's kind of awkward to explain, but it's possible to "thicken" this bubble at certain points and the craft will then move toward that thickening because it's generating more gravitational force. But because the craft is creating the bubble, the bubble moves with it, so the craft just keeps falling toward that denser bit until the bubble is restabilised at which point the craft will slow down and stop. Because the bubble is not a physical thing, the "thickening" (a term I use in my technical ignorance - there is probably a much better one out there somewhere) of gravitational force can be cancelled out in a fraction of a second, or created in one. If the density is cancelled on one side at the precise same time that one is created on the opposite side, then the "craft" will go from mach ten to stationary in less time than it takes to blink.
Because the entire "craft" is surrounded at all times by at least some degree of this bubble (during motion anyway)the sudden stop won't suddenly make everyone standing in the craft whoosh up against the wall and break their necks. Everything within that bubble won't be affected by the gravitational force of any large body relative to it, like the earth.
I don't know if this is the same mechanism that they use to travel between star systems, because you would get massive time distortions from travelling that fast. Assuming that they do travel between stellar systems, of course.

2/ I'm not entirely sure. There is obviously something biological involved, but I don't think for a moment that they discovered us and are studying us to fnd out "what makes us tick". They've been doing it for too long and to too many people for that to be the case.

3/ I've described many rooms within the "craft" several times already.

4/ Make contact? Wouldn't you call abducting us making "contact"? Or do you mean with governments?

Q (PaoloWillente) 213) Well I guess the next batch of questions are: What happened during this abduction? Did you manage to fire off any questions suggested by other posters? How soon did the memories of it come about? Was it with the 'grays' or Jorgin?

A 213)The knowledge that it had happened is usually there the morning after. Also, they're usually both involved together, not one or the other. (Not always the case.) The memories of specific things usually take some time though.

The greys were probably involved in this one, because they're the ones involved in the physical stuff and they ****ed one of my fingers up..

Q (Paxus,) 215) Anyone want to know what I think personally?
I lean toward his experiences being real and somewhat physical.
I think he is actually being abducted.
I think he's being abducted by either
(i) Some weird human organization, the likes you hear of from conspiracy theorists, or
(ii) Aliens, or
(iii) Trans-Dimensional aliens.

A 215) Anything is possible mate. I honestly couldn't tell you. I tend not to think it's a human agency though, because if that were the case and they were trying to convince me it was aliens (to throw me off the trail of it being a secret, human thing) why would they make one of the types of "aliens" seem to be very humanlike?

Q (SonofArizona) 216) What kind of marks they left on you?

A 216) Straight lines, deep red in colour; a raw patch the shape of a triangle (that left a scar that is visible to this day); large patches of bruising (usually on my ribcage or arms) and sometimes, patches that look like burns.

Q (AI Construct) 217) Ask them if time travel is possible? If so, what's next months UK lottery numbers. I'll split the jackpot with you..

A 217) Yes, it's possible to manipulate time. But that is known in theory to human science.

Q (Paxus) 218) AI Construct's question has made me think of another. Since you are now very aware of their abductions, why do they still bother interfering with your memory? If you don't know why, (a) would you please ask them next time (B) can you speculate?.

A 218) Good question. Yes I'll ask it if I remember.
No, I have no idea and can't think of one. It's a head-scratcher. .

Q (Paxus) 219) Gil, what are your thoughts on the fact that, even though your communication is mostly telepathic, they understand your English?.

A 219) Good question.
My theory is that before anyone says something, it passes through their mind first. It has to, even if it isn't in that inner monologue that you have when you're reading a book. I would assume that that is what they "hear" and understand. .

Q (archernyc) 220) Is this bruising from some type of restraints that they use to hold you down while they do whatever they want to you?

A 220) No, they don't need restraints. They just make me unable to move. It's usually where they touch me, or cut into me, or use some other type of instrument on me. That sort of thing.

Q (Power Lust) 221) Okay here are my questions -
1. How do you know you were on a ship and not just in a room somewhere?
2. Were you in a trance just before each experience started?
3. Were you day dreaming just before each experience started?
4. Do you have any tall wild grass or mushrooms in your garden at home?
5. Did you experience any time dialation effects?
6. Do you know if your pupils were dilated at any stage before, during or after an abduction?
7. Do you now how you got into the examination room? Did you just appear there or was their a journey to it?
8. Was there any smells or sounds?
9. When you recall your experiences are your memories in colour or black and white?
10. When you recall your experiences are you looking at them like a picture on a tv screen or inside them like vitural reality?
11. Are your memories frozen as in a snapshot or free flowing as in a movie?

A 221) 1/ I was inside some large complex of rooms at least. There have been incidents where I have moved from one to another and up and down corridors. You are quite correct though, and I think I made this point myself earlier: it could be anywhere. I just assume (perhaps mistakenly) that it was on some sort of craft at the time.
2/ I don't think so. On at least two occasions I was wide awake and one was in broad daylight.
3/ No, I'm usually asleep and then wake up around thirty seconds to a minute before it starts. On one occasion I was out walking in the country with my father and on another I was playing among some sand dunes at a beach.
4/ Is that a serious question or are you taking the piss? No to either one, anyway.
5/ I don't think so. I've had missing time, but not time dilation.
6/ I have no idea whatsoever. I can't think why they would be for any length of time. Bright light would make the pupils contract obviously, but that would go back to normal fairly quickly.
7/ A short journey, yeah. The room that comes first is a rather small, cramped one (I only have one really memory of it to be honest), and I'm taken from that, down a corridor and then through a doorway into the main room.
8/ Yes. Noises would be the noises of people moving around (them walking round the table), metallic clinks, biological noises (like the time I heard a crunch when they pushed a needle up my nose), and humming noises that I would guess to be some sort of motor or a piece of machinery. A few times also the noise of gas escaping under pressure. Or being sucked in under pressure. Like that thing at the dentist that keeps your mouth dry. Smells would be their smell, which is quite a pungent, compost-like odour. Quite strong and organic sometimes. Also the air smells funny, a bit like an operating theater, but moreso. An actinic bite in the air.
9/ Eh? Odd question. Colour, like with any memory. I'm sure I've metioned different colours above.
10/ Inside them, as if I were looking out of my own eyes, which I assume I was. The same way I remember anything.
11/ A bit of both. Near the beginning, when they were first starting to come back, snapshots of memory were more common. Nowadays it tends to be more continuous, although some things are so hazy that they only appear as one moment in time.

What's the purpose behind this sort of question?

Q (PaoloWillente) 222) What did they do to your finger? Are you still recovering memories of this one then?

When they contact you telepathically, how does it sound? Is it in the form of a language, or do you just know what they're saying?

I know it's been asked before, but could you elaborate more on the journey to the "craft"? Do you just appear there, or are you awake for a kind of floating into your "bed"? Or something different?

Did you have any kind of sense the day before that you were going to be taken that night?

I have more but will give you a chance to answer these..

A 222) 1/ Not entirely sure. Yes, I am.
2/ In the form of a language. I can hear the words in my head.
3/ I move physically within a beam of bright light. As do the beings who appear in the room with me.
4/ On occasion yes, but it's not the norm. On one occasion I "knew" it was going to happen a couple of days in advance. .

Q (Xzenox) 223) Question - Have you ever used any drugs in the past besides alcohol? This isn't me trying to bash on you, this is a pure curious question that will lead to more questions.

Also it sounds like the greys mostly control you through mental control. Have you ever thought about using some type of drug or something to possibly break free from grey mind control? Drugs Can alter ones mind, Take fear away, Cause euphoria and do all kinds of things. Maybe drugs can deflect mind control as well?.

A 223) The only drugs I have taken are nicotine, alcohol, over the counter meds from the chemist (drug store) or stuff a doctor has told me to take. I have never once taken anything remotely illegal and would never do so.

Q (Scouser) 224) Sorry if this has been asked before (i only read 16 pages) but do any of the ET's seemed to of aged over time?.

A 224) No. I think that their lifespans are longer anyway. (Blonde ones. No idea for the greys.)

Q (Paxus 08 August 2010 - 10:04 PM) 225) 1), Has this been the longest period you have had no abduction experiences in your whole life?
2) I think when I asked, 'Do you know, or could you ask, if they intend to make themselves known worldwide in the near future (10 years)', you replied that they would not. Is that your opinion or have they 'told' you this?
3) Have you had an X-Ray or other scan done on your hand (the one that has the scar on the thumb)? It seems not all implants are done into the nose... Some have been found in toes or thumbs! Maybe you've still got one in you!

A 225) 1) It could be, although it doesn't seem to be on a regular schedule.
2) A mixture of both. My observations are that they interfere as little as possible with mainstream society, preferring to let nature take its natural course as much as possible. I've not been told anything outright or been given a timetable for their introduction to the Pres of the US, but I draw my conclusions. They may be wrong of course..

3) No, I haven't had anything show up, apart from the encysted object that showed up in my skull x-ray when I was about fourteen.

Q (Scouser) 226) Sorry if this has been asked before (i only read 16 pages) but do any of the ET's seemed to of aged over time?.

A 226) No. I think that their lifespans are longer anyway. (Blonde ones. No idea for the greys.)

Q (archernyc) 227) Have you ever been visited by the Men in Black?

A 227) No.

Q (goldfoot) 228) Hi Gilfaer, I too have become enthralled at this thread since I happened upon it a few days ago. I've got a few questions, if you'd be good enough to answer them:

1. Why do they need to abduct? Couldn't they get any information they need about humans, social structure etc from books, specialist magazines, medical journals, even the Internet?
When we want to learn about something, more often than not we consult an information source, for example, if we wanted to learn about ants, we don't need to sit in an anthill for 6 months, we just 'Google'.
2. Do the abductors not share information (whatever that is) they gather from abductees with their other 'ships' or different races? Sort of cross-referencing, to get a clearer picture?
3. Do you find this Q & A cathartic and does it help in some way after the traumas of your earlier experiences?
4. Could 'they' not wipe your mind entirely, ensuring you remember nothing? Or do they want you have flashbacks? If they desire to operate with abject secrecy, would it not pay them to abduct 'subjects' who were less susceptible to recall?

A 228) 1/ I've said before that I don't think abductions are about research into humanity. I think it is part of an ongoing project of some sort.
2/ Probably. It would make sense if they were to do that, I guess. Certainly I've often seen two different species working aboard the same craft.
3/ Cathartic yes, but not really therapeutic. I managed to assimilate the bizreness of this experience into a normal life a good few years ago. It does do me good to talk about it though annd I'm very appreciative of the way most people have handled the topic in a dignified and serious way.
4/ It's my understanding that the want it to happen. I think they look on me more as a participant than a victime or subject.

Q (Dying) 229) Are u still In contact with the aliens? do u talk to them telepathically? how old are u now?

A 229) Yes, yes and early thirties.

Q (Fewzz) 230) How many more experiments and the sorts do they need to do? there not that advanced if they dont know much about us allready.
Besides the day they ever do abduct someone is the day they declare war on us really , start shooting i say :P

I have a few questions for the OP.

If this happened to me i would be full of questions , surely you have asked some of these yourselfs , hope its not the usual answer with a question thing they always seem to give , like a cop out for the storymaker/dreamer/abductee. Heres my list of things i'd ask you or would expect someone to ask them.

1 Where are you from?
2 What metal is the ship and clothing made from?
3 What powers your ship?
4 Will you make a official contact with planet earth , if not why not.If yes then when.
5 Is there life of any kind including bacterial in our very own Solar system.
6 Is there anything in our Solar system we dont know about yet, anything from another planet to ruins , anything at all.
7 Do you have a God , a version of jesus etc.
8 How long have you been visiting?
9 Do they know what wiped out the Dinosuars etc?
10 Infact did Atlantis exist?
11 Infact does God exist that you know?
12 Why do you abduct and experiment on us repeateably.

Also for you:

13 Did you see any writing? what was it like etc.
14 What sort of controls did there consoles have? 3dsih? push button? a diagram would be best.
15 What was there displays like? what on the console display screens.
16 What other material was around? metals , plastics , everything.
17 How well did there outfits fit , any of it sag , could you see a bumline , was it tight , any stitching? any badges , how it smell , any details at all.
18 What was the smells in this craft?
19 Any dust anywhere?
20 Any clutter etc?
21 Silly one , but did any of them trip up , drop anything? hic cup , fart even (lol) anything that makes them more real.

Alot of questions but answers would be great ,i have lots of questions you see , god forbid the day they abduct me lol!

A 230)You're assuming that their abductions are based on a research project. I don't think it is.

Their questions (that I know the answers to)...
1-5/ Don't know.
6/ Several Pluto sized planets are already being recorded out beyond Pluto's orbit. I don't think there is life now, no, but there has been.
7 & 11/ Yes.
8/ For thousands of years.
9/ Natural evolutionary cycles and a cataclysmic meteorite strike in the region of the Gulf of Mexico.
10/ Yes and no. Not as written by Plato, but a comparatively advanced civillisation has existed on earth before the beginning of what historians think of as the official beginning of such things.
12/ It's an ongoing project of some sort, but I'm sure it isn't research into how our bodies work.
My questions...
13/ Yes, in a book. Looked a bit like Arabic actually.
14/ Can't really answer fully.
15/ Ibid.
16/ Medical instruments, knobs, dials etc.
17/ Snugly; no; on the blondes yes, on the greys, no; I don't think so, although on the greys they do have wrist and neck cuffs; I don't know how the clothing smelt, my nose isn't that good anyway and their own smell and the chemical smells are all I can usually make out; not badges, although some of the blonde ones have sometimes had white piping on their clothing; ibid.
18/ Ibid.
19/ No, I don't think so.
20/ Clothing, instruments etc.
21/ A tall grey one dropped a tray once! I laughed. *snicker*

Q (PaoloWillente) 231) OK, I will phrase it differently. [RE: Question 222]

What has happened to your finger to make you think they did something? Was it broken? Cut? Taken off..?

A while ago you mentioned you felt like your kind of subconscious 'powers' (for want of a better word) are developing. Have you felt, since you last posted a few months ago, that you can comment any more on this? Healing and such?

I also would like to hear more about what you think the '2012 enlightenting' thing you mentioned a while ago. Are you of the opinion that it is going to be a worldwide thing, or just a select few?

Also, off the subject of your own experiences, what is your general view on other UFO cases? Roswell and such? Do you think there is a big cover up?

A 231)Finger: It's been hurt as a result of something they did. I don't remember it clearly enough. It could have been me doing it by moving when I should have beens till for all I do.

Powers: No, nothing significant has developed in the meantime.

2012: The only comment I made on 2012 is that the world won't end and tyhe sky won't fall. I don't personally think that year is particularly significant.

Roswell etc: Yes, craft of theirs have crashed or been forced down here and yes, governments own the remains, including bodies.

Q (Pinx) 232) * You mentioned something about being forced to read from a book of symbols and an instructor standing over you, determined to get you to learn whatever it was in that book. Any insight on what it might have been or what the point of such an exercise might be? Was it to benefit you personally or humanity or was it just to see if our tiny brains could actually learn their complex language or something?
* Also, even though you saw much of their technology (mostly probably medical) did you ever find out how any of it works? I know you remember playing with something that reminded you of a giant battleship game, but do you remember other such incidences? Do you remember the results of such tests, or what their purpose was? Ever ask them how their ship flies?
* And what of their science and math? I'm sure the symbols for numbers are different but a^2+b^2 has got to equal c^2, even for them. Did you see or can you remember anything that might indicate that they had a different way of calculating stuff (like gravity or velocity) than we do? I mean, we take it pretty much for granted that these things are universal, but are they really, even for them?

A 232) * No, to this day I have no conscious idea what that book was about.
* I don't think they had "results" as such. I think they're more to do with development than testing what has been learned already. I've explained a bit about propulsion above btw.
* I should say that I didn't understand one piece of those maths you just did.

I think they are able to manipulate physics and fields in ways we haven't even imagined are theoretically possible. I don't know how they do them, and I don't know how they would express it "on paper", although I do have a very rudimentary understanding of one of their methods of propulsion.

Q (dendril) 233) This has been a fascinating thread so far. I've read through everything although I'm afraid I could have missed a detail or forgot something!

I always wondered about the comparison between our medical practices and aliens'. From what I gathered in Gilfaer's and other accounts, the "ship" appears fairly sterile. I also noticed Gilfaer mention coming in contact with the beings' skin during their operations.
I can only imagine from the tests performed that there would be bodily fluids involved, particularly blood.

Gilfaer, can you recall if you bled a lot and how they handled it - cleaning up with swabs, suction, etc?
How about saliva, vomit, etc? (ewwwww, I know :[) I'm just wondering if and how they manage the unsanitary things involved with operation. When I think of the medical field one of the first things that I think is how gross and dangerous it can be. Doctors wear face masks, gloves, etc to protect the patient and themselves - I wonder if aliens take some precautions too.

When you're paralyzed does experience include numbing or just being unable to move?
Do they ever numb you for procedures or "drug" you to make the operation easier for you or them?

Have you learned anything about the biology of the Nordics or Greys from observation or being told?
I would like to observe the alien's physical attributes closely to see things like hairs, veins, physical defects, and special characteristics between individuals.

Have you ever tried drawing your own rendition of your greys or nordics or even describing it to an artist to draw it for you? I'm actually more interested in your rendition of the ship and other alien objects like the tools used in operations.
Perhaps you could give it a try! :yes:

A 233) No swabs and not a great deal of mess, to be honest. I think there's something in the air that acts as a sterilising agent.

Apart from their "jumpsuits", the Greys don't wear anyhting I would think of as protective clothing.

I'm as artistic as an atom bomb, but I have done some simple sketches of both the Greys and some of the instruments. To be honest, they're not much higher than junior school standard. lol

I don't believe I've ever been given a "drug", or anything similar. No, I'm not usually numbed as well as immobile, although sometimes I have been. That might just be from being so still in one place for so long though.

Q (RazielSeth) 234) You mentioned paralell universes. What do you think about if this abductions are not done by physical abductions, but by changing body frequencies to mach their dimension. That would explain no one seing them. And is there corelation to your sleeping position, to wich one U see? I have similar expiriences as U, and it varies who I see, depending on if I use Left side of brain or right.

A 234) If they were changing the frequency at which the matter making their body up was vibrating to materialise here, that would make them physical here and the abductions would still be physical. No, I have no idea if the way I sleep affects anything.

Q (Dancingtiger) 235) I was also wondering after reading the whole thread if you ever had an older adult comfort you as a child when abducted?
Also as you say they have been watching the earth for some time, I wonder if they have followed certin genetic lines over time or if it is just each person attracting them for their own reasons.
It would be interesting to know their actual criteria for abductions, I am sure some would jump up and try to fill as many as possible, others would use it for avoidance.

A 235) I don't remember any human adult being in charge of me, no.
I think genetics have something to do with it, yes. I don't know what sort of DNA appeals to them though.
Quite a few people have privately asked me to have a word with the Greys and put them forward for voluntary abduction. Takes all sorts. lol

Q (TheApostate) 236) If I had one question I'd say Can you get me abducted? I'd like to speak to some Nordics.

A 236) It's the most common question I've been asked here, believe it or not. You would be the seventh or eighth one to ask me that.
The answer, sadly, is no. I don't think being a willing volunteer makes any difference to being selected. The only suggestion I have been able to think of, is to try and send out inviting thoughts. As they're telepathic, maybe they'll pick up on it? To be honest though, I doubt it.

Q Dancingtiger) 237) 1) With respect to the 'light shower' Did it happen before or after the 'normal' examination? Did it seem like it was givng or taking from you? or Just a scan or even to sterilize you for or after what ever they do to you? I do understand you were distracted by the equiptment, thinking back what do you think about it?
2) In your talks with the 'Nordic'(forgot name, Jorgin?) does he seem to be the curious one, or is he encouraging your curiousity? Does he ever tell you things that make no sense to you? Does he try to lead you spiritually? Has he ever demonstrated any emotion like confusion, exasperation or seem 'weirded out' by things you say?
3) Your comment about the 'Greys' possibly not knowing how to deal en mass with humans and communicate is a good one. If they are in tune with thought, imagine a gathering of thousands of people all seeing true beings from where ever they come from, for the very first time. In the panic most of the thoughts would tumble out of our mouths, but behind every thing we say, we have a second voice inside. Often contradicting what comes out of our mouth, or expanding on it, the stuff we never say out loud to any one. That would make it hard to deal with us in a way.
4) So in that line of thought, do you ever feel like they can touch or hear the part of your mind you keep to yourself? Or is it just the surface thoughts of directed communication they recive?
Have you felt that anything in your life was directed by them in their life long experimentation of you? Or more of a watch and see what this human does?
5) Do you think their lack of emotional response is why they have such an interest in ours? They seem an oposite in many ways, Cold blooded or really slow system requireing little or no heat to function in comparison of our internal heating system is enough to make me want to experiment on them myself. So I can see the draw for them, but if they have the 'Nordics' around, seemingly other humans, why on earth do they not stick a probe up one of them. Or perhaps they have indeed and then adopted them in a way. Do the two different species seem to be in coalition, or do one seem to be monitering the other in some way?
6) Do you think in your own life time we will ever have an end to all this and get information or proof that will dispell this mystery forver?

A 237) After. The medical room is always first, for some reason. I was always thinking that it was "giving" to me, although I odn't know for certain that it was. I could have been scanning, or giving or all three. My impression is that it was doing something to me though. "Adding" something or whatever.
2) Yes, Jorgin. Soft G in the middle, as in George.

I think he mainly encourages my curiosity, although I'm sure given his position he is also curious in the same way an infant school teacher is curious about their kids. He has "educated" me spiritually, rather than lead me. Like the rest of them, I think he prefers not to interfere too much in the natural way of things in the world.
Yes, I have often been confused and not just with him, but many times during these experiences. By the way, if anyone can tell me what the hell "inellindo" means, I would be obliged.
No, he's never been any of those things that I can remember.
3) Possibly, I suppose.
4) Yes, I'm sure they have seen through my mind in all sorts of ways. I'm also sure it's possible to prevent them. Think of Harry Potter really. Legillimency and occlumency sound quite similar to this sort of thing.
Yes, I do think they have had an effect on me, although I wouldn't ever have called myself "directed". I'm my own man.
5) As far as I know they are working together (although with seperate roles) and have a similar level of advancement, although physically the Nordics appear, on the face of it, to be easilly superior to the grey ones.
6) No, I don't. It's been going on for millenia without this happening, so for it to happen in my lifetime would be against vast odds. .

Q (kelunexplained) 238) 1. Is there any reason (other than the abduction experience) to believe that you may have some type of psychological issue that you are aware of? Like a disorder or something. I'm not trying to be rude or funny, its just that I was a psychology student so I have to ask.
2. If you have been experiencing this since you were little, do you ever believe there is something strange going on with your family or parents, like they know something?
3. Were you ever implanted with something? That needed to be surgically removed. I thought I saw a post about it but I don't remember.

A 238)1/ No, there isn't. I am incredibly sensitive, which means it is easy for negative people and situations to depress me, but I don't think that's the same as having an organic fault that causes you to be depressed.
2/ I've had many conversations with them about this and no, I'm sure they don't know anything that they haven't told me.
3/ I was implanted, yes, and it was surgically removed. At the time however, no-one knew it could be a piece of "alien" technology. I was fourteen.

Q (Lvl375Eng) 239) 1. Is the Nordic the only one that actually teaches you?
2. Having experienced what you've experienced, do you now feel that the monotony of everyday human life is kind of a waste?
3. Is the God we worship the same God that the aliens worship?
thank you and sorry if these questions have already been asked.

A 239) 1/ Kind of. The whole thing is a learning experience, but I certainly think of him as a teacher.
2/ No. I feel it's something to be made the most of. I think even famous rock stars and actors have normal things in their lives that are important to concentrate on. I'm not comparing myself to a singer or an actor by the way, just thinking of two very un-mundane occupations off the top of my head.
3/ I don't think it's really worship, more an acknowledgement of a spiritual ecosystem that pervades the entire Creation. To be balanced and acknowledge that they are part of something bigger is spiritual. And if you acknowledge a Supreme Being, whatever it's name, the font of all Creation and love, then whatever you call it and wherever you're from, it's "God".

Q (PaoloWillente,) 240) 1) Is this something you have been told? Or just a bit of guess work? [RE: Answer 231 (about Roswell)]
2) Do you know any more on the advanced civilisation from before our time? Do you know how advanced they were? How come they aren't around now?
3) Do you think, or have you been lead to believe that a deal had been made with an American President (I forget which one I read about now... maybe Roosevelt) for a trade of technology for 'test subjects'?

A 240) 1) A bit of both, actually.

2) Technologically they weren't our equals, but they managed incredibly well for their times and advancement. Mentally and spirituallly they were remarkable indeed and incredible ingenuity within their limits was kind of a hallmark, apparently. They aren't here now because something went badly wrong. Something inside them. A good literary comparison would be if you looked at the culture of Numenore in The Silmarillion.

3) It's possible, I don't know. Given some politicians attitude to their people, it wouldn't surprise me if they sold them out in such a way. They've done it many times in many different ways.

Q (booNyzarC) 241) 1. In post #158 (A86 in Paxus' Q/A), you mention seeing a chair with "gadgets and things" on it. Can you describe what those gadgets looked like? Was it a touchscreen type of control? Knobs? Levers? Buttons? Were there any indicators, meters, or gauges of any kind? I realize that you noted this as a memory from the age of four, and wouldn't be surprised about it being fuzzy, but I wanted to ask anyway.
2. Were you ever involved in sports growing up? How about now? Did you excel in these sports? Which sports specifically?
3. If not involved in sports, would you consider yourself athletic, or physically balanced? By this I mean, would you consider yourself to have fairly precise motor control or lean more toward a clumsiness (for lack of a better word)?
4. Have you ever had any physical injuries, like broken bones or cuts requiring stitches? (Non-related to the abductions and any experimentation.)
5. How about any physical ailments or debilities? Diseases or prolonged sicknesses? (Physical only. I'm not talking emotional/mental.)
6. If you answered yes to either 4 or 5, was any healing performed during abduction experiences for any of the above?
7. You mentioned the triangular scar on your hand and (I believe) had stated that you would post up a picture of it. Did I miss the posting of the picture? If so, can someone reference me to it with a link? If not, do you still plan to post this picture somewhere?
8. What kind of work do you do for a living? (I know that you were asked this already in post #201 and you chose not to answer in post #208 for fear of exposure. I don't need details, just looking for a generality of career type or arena. i.e. military? educational field? writing? entertainment? research? science? technology? etc...)
9. Have you ever asked "them" to stop abducting you? I've heard from various other abduction claimants that requests such as this are sometimes respected.
10. During the daytime UFO sighting and abduction when your father was present you mentioned seeing the UFO land. (Post #437, pg. 30, A199 in Paxus' Q/A) Can you describe the craft in as intimate detail as possible? Was it a traditional saucer shape or something else, maybe like a shuttle style which we might associate with Star Trek? Did you notice any distinct markings, coloration, or lights? Was there landing gear of any kind? A door, opening, or window(s)?
11. You've mentioned the word inellindo on two occasions now. First in post #66 and then later in post #709. Do you have any contextual reference for the word beyond the vague memory of the word itself? Are there any other words which you would associate as "their" language and which you understand the meaning(s) of?
12. You mentioned suspicions about your brother possibly having similar experiences. Is your brother older or younger than you? What makes you suspect that he has had similar experiences??
13. Have you had any dreams about abduction scenarios, but realized that they were just dreams?
14. If yes to the dream question - were the dreams less disturbing? More disturbing? or the same?
15. Can you describe any of these dreams, and the details related to them? If yes, please elucidate.
16. Do you, yourself, have any pets like cats or dogs? If yes, have you noticed any distress displayed by them during an impending abduction? And how about after you have returned?
17. While you were living with your parents and being abducted, did your family have pets of any kind? And did they display any recognition of the events either prior to or after?
18. Have any of the experiments involved cutting into your torso with medical instruments to the extent that you recognized the intrusion?
19. (This one is weird... so forgive me...) Are you hairy at all in areas where some others may not be? Specifically on the front or back of your torso?
20. If any medical experiments were performed in such "hairy" areas, did you notice any loss of hair or markings in such areas?
21. You mentioned having your skull opened up in one scenario. Did you notice any loss of hair after that experience?
22. Also in reference to your skull, have you had any subsequent X-Rays or MRI's done to identify whether the bones of your skull had experienced any trauma, previous surgical impact, or shown signs of natural healing?
23. You've mentioned that your girlfriend displays a distaste regarding "them"... How long into your relationship did you share these experiences with her? Did she initially appear to think that you might be joking? What convinced her that it was real, assuming that she does in fact currently believe such? Let's not assume. Does she believe you?
24. Have you ever seen Jorgin laugh? Have you ever seen him cry? Have you ever embraced together with a hug of mutual appreciation, respect, or even love (platonic of course)?

A 241) 1/ Knobs, levers and buttons, I guess. I definitely don't remember seeing a screen on the chair. I'm not exactly perfect in recall of whhat they were, but I definitely did not see a screen.
2/ Not really. I was better at cricket than most people, but that's because my dad taught me good techniques for batting and bowling, not because I was inherantly sporty.
3/ Clumsiness.
4/ Yes.
5/ No.
6/ Not that I'm aware of, no. It COULD have happened, but if it did, I don't remember being told it was.
7/ I don't actually own a camera, so I didn't try yet. To be honest, I think it would take a specialist, dermatologist's camera or something to make it show up on my scanner these days. Over the past 25+ years it's faded quite a bit. Visible to the naked eye though.
8/ Totally impossible to answer vaguely I'm afraid. Thus, I gotta take the fifth.
9/ Many times, although not for some years. During my teen years esppecially, when it was particularly horrible.
10/ I don't remember saying I saw it land. As I remember it, we saw it in the sky annd coming down, and then we rounded part of a hill and saw it down. The moment of touchdown wasn't something I witnessed because it was out of view.
It was circular-ish, I remember that much. It had red lights around the edge and they were on a long thin strip of metal that horizontallly bifurcated the thing. Below was kind of difficult to see because of the lights and because from my point of view, it looked smaller, but appeared to be featureless and metallic and it tapered slightly as it went downward. Above the lights it was easier to see and there was a ring of windows with yellow-ish light shining out of them. Nothing else visible that I could see through them. I don't remember going into it terribly clearly, but I remember coming out quite well after they had finished, because I saw my dad standing there, eyes open and totally peaceful, happily daydreaming about whatever. As we left the craft the step down onto the ground was very slight, not a great flight of steps or a ramp or anything, which makes me doubt that there was landing gear or anything.
That bit is actually quite odd, because the ground was on a slope, so possibly it was hovering with the doorway to the outside rotated to near a higher bit of ground?
11/ My sense of the word, is that it is an attribute or something that someone can posess, because someone else 'was more inellindo than me'. I don't even know if that is something I thought myself, or if it is something I was told by "them". If I were forced to chose between the two, I'd narrowly go for it being something I thought myself. No, I can't think of any other puzzling non-English words.
12/ He's older by a decade or so. He wonders himself. He's had several "dreams" with suspicious content. Not enough to convince me, but definitely enough to make me wonder.
13/ Not abduction scenarios per se, but I have with the "aliens". Two I can easilly remember: the first as that I was being chased through a graveyard by a ghost, but the ghost's appearance was that of a Grey. I recognised it as such annd feared it because of that. The other one was I was barricaded into our toilet where we lived and vampire bats with the heads of greys were trying to get into the room through the shut window annd door. Both dreams were very fearful, and immediately on waking I thought, "Oh thank God, it was just a dream".
14/ Difficult to say actually. Certainly the feelings afterward were less disturbing, but during the dream you don't realise it's not real, so you fear it the same. But once I knew it was a dream there was no fear at all, just relief.
15/ Already have done.
16/ We had a total of three dogs while I was growing up, the last of which has been dead for about seven years. I haven't owned a pet since then. No, I don't remember them being off their food or sulky or anything. To be honest though, at the time I didn't know animals reacted to that sort of thing anyway, so if I saw it, I would just have assumed the dog was pissed off abot not going for a walk or his food or something.
17/ Already answered.
18/ Well, if someone is cutting into your body it's hard NOT to recognise it, isn't it? Yes, definitely.
19/ I could have doubled for Clyde in Any Which Way But Loose.
20/ No, nothing.
21/ No.
22/ No.
23/ About a month I think. No, she didn't. I was that serious when I told her, she thought I was about to reveal a history of sexual abuse or something. Yes, she does believe it. She's seen the morning after signs of it sometimes. She believed me, I assume, because I told her the whole story from start to finishh and showed her my thumb.
24/ Hmmm, not exactly. They express emotion, certainly. Very powerfully too. But they don't do it like humans do. No hugging, high-fiving, broad smiles, laughing or anything. He has smiled without it being the whole Flatbush cemetary though, and his eyes are very expressive. The main thing is that I just "sense" what he's feeling if he wants me to.
The one physical gesture I remember him doing (and I totally naturally reciprocated without even thinking about it) was placing the palm of his left hand on the front of my left shoulder/chest. This was a gesture of ... hard to describe in one word... love, friendship, concern, understanding and empathy all in one.

Q (Universal Sight) 242) so...do you have a particular favorite of the 2? [ Favorite alien type ]
Im assuming its the Nordic-type. Since it seems they are more spiritual/enlightenement oriented when compared to the "scientific" or experimental Greys.?

A 242) Yeah, correct first time.

Q (booNyzarC) 243) I didn't look today (although I meant to) did you talk about your most recent abduction experience? I believe that you had mentioned that it was about a month ago?
What happened during that experience, from the beginning of your recollection to the end? Please be as verbose as needed to adequately convey every detail that you can recall.?

A 243) At the moment the recall is none to clear on any front. A very big blur right now.

Q (booNyzarC) 244) ?
Here are some more questions. I'm full of questions, by the way, and could probably interview for a very long time if you're up to it.
13. Have you had any dreams about abduction scenarios, but realized that they were just dreams?
14. If yes to the dream question - were the dreams less disturbing? More disturbing? or the same?
15. Can you describe any of these dreams, and the details related to them? If yes, please elucidate.
16. Do you, yourself, have any pets like cats or dogs? If yes, have you noticed any distress displayed by them during an impending abduction? And how about after you have returned?
17. While you were living with your parents and being abducted, did your family have pets of any kind? And did they display any recognition of the events either prior to or after?
18. Have any of the experiments involved cutting into your torso with medical instruments to the extent that you recognized the intrusion?
19. (This one is weird... so forgive me...) Are you hairy at all in areas where some others may not be? Specifically on the front or back of your torso?
20. If any medical experiments were performed in such "hairy" areas, did you notice any loss of hair or markings in such areas?
21. You mentioned having your skull opened up in one scenario. Did you notice any loss of hair after that experience?
22. Also in reference to your skull, have you had any subsequent X-Rays or MRI's done to identify whether the bones of your skull had experienced any trauma, previous surgical impact, or shown signs of natural healing?
23. You've mentioned that your girlfriend displays a distaste regarding "them"... How long into your relationship did you share these experiences with her? Did she initially appear to think that you might be joking? What convinced her that it was real, assuming that she does in fact currently believe such? Let's not assume. Does she believe you?

24. Have you ever seen Jorgin laugh? Have you ever seen him cry? Have you ever embraced together with a hug of mutual appreciation, respect, or even love (platonic of course)?

A 244) 13/ Not abduction scenarios per se, but I have with the "aliens". Two I can easilly remember: the first as that I was being chased through a graveyard by a ghost, but the ghost's appearance was that of a Grey. I recognised it as such annd feared it because of that. The other one was I was barricaded into our toilet where we lived and vampire bats with the heads of greys were trying to get into the room through the shut window annd door. Both dreams were very fearful, and immediately on waking I thought, "Oh thank God, it was just a dream".
Difficult to say actually. Certainly the feelings afterward were less disturbing, but during the dream you don't realise it's not real, so you fear it the same. But once I knew it was a dream there was no fear at all, just relief.
Already have done.
We had a total of three dogs while I was growing up, the last of which has been dead for about seven years. I haven't owned a pet since then. No, I don't remember them being off their food or sulky or anything. To be honest though, at the time I didn't know animals reacted to that sort of thing anyway, so if I saw it, I would just have assumed the dog was pissed off abot not going for a walk or his food or something.
Already answered.
Well, if someone is cutting into your body it's hard NOT to recognise it, isn't it? Yes, definitely.
I could have doubled for Clyde in Any Which Way But Loose.
No, nothing.
About a month I think. No, she didn't. I was that serious when I told her, she thought I was about to reveal a history of sexual abuse or something. Yes, she does believe it. She's seen the morning after signs of it sometimes. She believed me, I assume, because I told her the whole story from start to finishh and showed her my thumb.
Hmmm, not exactly. They express emotion, certainly. Very powerfully too. But they don't do it like humans do. No hugging, high-fiving, broad smiles, laughing or anything. He has smiled without it being the whole Flatbush cemetary though, and his eyes are very expressive. The main thing is that I just "sense" what he's feeling if he wants me to.
The one physical gesture I remember him doing (and I totally naturally reciprocated without even thinking about it) was placing the palm of his left hand on the front of my left shoulder/chest. This was a gesture of ... hard to describe in one word... love, friendship, concern, understanding and empathy all in one. .

Q (booNyzarC) 245) Two questions:
1. How did you know that you had been abducted recently?
2. Did you notice any bruising or other personal physical evidence after this most recent incident?

A 245) [post #740] I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but to have very small recall at first is quite common for me.
Reasons for knowing it's happened would include...
1/ Remembering the very start of it
2/ Physical markings or "damage" to my body
3/ Great fatigue the next day
4/ Partial but very fragmentary memories
5/ A feeling of physical dilapidation, as if I've been in a fight the night before or been drinking heavilly
6/ Digital clocks in my room malfunctioning
7/ Waking up not as I went to bed (under the mattress sheet, on the floor, with my underpants on inside out or off altogether)
I tend to think that I can credibly put it down to something other than a dream if at least three of these are present, especially if two of them are ones with visible evidence, like 2, 6 and 7.
For this most recent one, signs 1,2,3,4 and 5 were present. 6 might have been, but they were already flashing following a power cut we'd had and I'd not bothered to reset them yet.

Q (booNyzarC) 246) Alright, well if you believe that signs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were present, let's take them one at a time.

1. Can you describe the very start of it?
2. Exactly what physical markings or damage did you make note of?
3/5. Had you been drinking at all the night before? Did you get into a fight the night before? Did you get to sleep late?
4. What are the partial or fragmented memories that you can recall?

I seem to remember someone suggesting that you keep a journal. Have you done that?

A 246) [post #742]
1/ Ibid x1,000,000.
2/ Left index finger and base of spine both painful. No visible markings on either. Scratch marks on the back of my neck.
3/ No, no and no.
4. Mainly the beginning, also going down a corridor in a lying position, attended to by a group of "them".

Q (booNyzarC) 247) & A 247) ...


Sorry Gil, but when you stated:

Reasons for knowing it's happened would include...
1/ Remembering the very start of it

I assumed that there would be something that you would remember. Perhaps I misunderstood.

A 247) Actually, you misunderstood what it was you misunderstood. :-D I actually meant "ibid x1,000,000" to mean that I've described the beginning of things to death several times above, not that I didn't remember anything. There is rarely much in the way of variation at that point.

What kind of pain did you feel exactly? Was it a dull, throbbing pain? Stabbing pain? Did it feel like it was muscular in nature? Bone/tendons? How long did the pain last?
How deep were the scratch marks on your neck? How many scratch marks? And which direction did they appear? Vertical to the orientation of your spine? Horizontal? Diagonal?

A 247) With the finger it's joint pain, the base of the spine was a burning one on the surface of the skin. The scratches are a few degrees off of horizontal with the side nearest my spinal cord lowest. There are four.

Were you on some kind of surface when you were going down the corridor? Floating? How many of "them" were there?

A 247)
Something firm and above the floor. Probably some transport device equivalent to a hospital trolley. At least two, possibly more.

Q (PaoloWillente) 248) Who was it that explained to you how their 'craft' works? The Greys or Jorgin? What do you think the reason for teaching you about it is? Was it recently or quite early on? Do you have any idea how the 'bubble' is created?

A 243) [post #764]
1/ I actually had this "downloaded" directly into my head, during an instance in front of a big screen aboard the "craft". I have no memory of which beings were in the vicinity at the time. Could have been either or both, going on past experience.
2/ No idea.
3/ It was about thirteen years ago.
4/ No, as I'm fairly certain I mentioned above.

Q (Robbo) 249) Gil, you mention some of the signs that lead you to believe that you have been abducted. I'm not denying that something is happening to you, but how are you sure that you have been abducted (based on those 6 or 7 points in the previous pages)?
I periodically wake up feeling...well, weird. Like I've been for a run, or been moshing all night, even though I got to bed early and didn't even go out or drink. Kind of like a heavy jet lag.
Random bits of me hurt sometimes also. I'm only 25 so it can't be old age! Sometimes my fingers or elbows feel like I have arthritis. I've even discovered a scoop mark on my arm, about 5mm across - but I put that down to fingernails.
Now, I may have been abducted - in which case I'm thankful I don't remember the event. However, is it not possible you have become slightly paranoid, on a subconscious level? I guess my question is - how can you differentiate between a rough night, waking up with the remnants of a weird dream in your head, and knowing you have been taken?

A 249) [post #765]
I've answered that question, as well and imperfectly as I can, over the course of the thread. I've even admitted that the second most likely scenario to me (after me experiencing physically real events), is that it's some sort of sub-conscious hallucination. I've shot down most or all of the other scenarios one after another and these two are the only ones I can neither prove, nor disprove.
Scoop mark? What shape was it?

Q (Dancingtiger) 250) Did you feel the same as you normally do emotionally the next day? Even before you might have had a memory surfaced? Is this rare that no physical examination happened? Do you mean a mental conversation or teaching time, or a mental examination or screening that you had no interaction with?
Do you have any new trains of thoughts or feelings that might seem unrelated entirely but are new to you since this new event?
I am totally curious why they did not so the physical exam, not even a light shower type beginning?

A 250) [post # 802]
1/ No, not "normal". But not traumatised either, in the way I used to be. As I said before, I'm quite developed from that stage now.
2/ Yes, even before anything even semi-clear emerged.
3/ Not rare, but unusual, I think.
4/ A time in front of a screen, with them monitoring me. Possibly they also have some sort of active interation with me during it, but I don't think so.
5/ No, not really.
6/ I don't know, but one assumes that not every purpose has to be served every time an episode occurs.

Q (Rosie_S) 251) Hello; I read from p1-p19 then from p49 onwards, so if my question has already been asked; I'm very sorry!
I am a thirteen year old girl from London, and I believe that I have been abducted several times. I do not have many memories of it happening, but those that I do have are very clear. These memories match up near perfectly to yours; and I believe that I may have seen you on board the 'ship' at some point as your description of the ship matches mine; and I have met (and spoken to - in the strange way that they have anyway) Jorgin.
I'm sending you a PM about this; if you would like to talk at any point please do.
My question is; the children that you saw... what age range would you say that they were?
Thanks, Rosie.

A 251) [Post #807] Hello Rosie,
First of all, congratulations for speaking up. It’s never easy and always takes courage, even on a relatively anonymous internet message board.
Secondly, I feel I should say something that you may take as me being patronising or questioning your maturity. Please believe me, when I say that this is not the case. I remember being thirteen myself, and adults who constantly thought they knew better than me simply because they were bigger, older and had a louder voice were the bane of my life and left a lasting and very negative impression on me.
The thing I need to say, is that I am very happy talking to you but I would prefer doing so in public, in this thread, rather than by PM. This is simply a matter of me being 150% ethical. As I’m sure you appreciate, this is a very emotive topic and carries a lot of implications, emotionally and mentally, for the people who have lived through these experiences.
Now, because you are thirteen, you are at a stage in life when you would potentially be vulnerable and impressionable anyway, even if you weren’t going through any experiences that were outside the normal range of things. The discussion we have on this forum could potentially be very emotive and because of the sensitivity of abductions and your young age, I have to walk on eggshells with anything I say.
Now I know I’m not one of these dangerous internet loonies who abuses the trust of teenagers, but no-one else does, including you. It is especially for this reason, that although I am happy for you to send me PM’s (so if you want to mention something confidentially to me, without everyone else seeing it, you can), I would prefer to reply to you entirely in public (obviously I would totally respect anything you wanted to keep confidential), so that everyone (especially the forum Moderators and Administrators – who do an excellent job looking after people’s interests) can see what I’ve said. Obviously, everything said in private messages is logged and can be seen and read by any legitimate legal authority, but I would always want to be totally safe and responsible.
Are you happy for me to do this? If you are, then I have a reply to your post and your PM, plus a few questions which I would like to ask.
Now I also am very concerned about my own privacy – indeed, if you’ve read a lot of this thread then you’ll see that it’s something I’m very concerned about preserving. Now one of the questions I would like to ask you, is what the person you saw (who you think could be me) looked like. What height? What colour hair? What hair style? What ethnic group was he? What sort of physical frame did he have: big and muscular, skinny, about average? What was he wearing? What colour eyes? What sort of accent did he speak with? Did he have any noticeable features like a massive nose or a mole in the middle of his cheek? And so on…
When you answer a question like this, then I would prefer it for you to PM me the answer. This is to preserve my privacy. I will answer every comment in public, as fully as I can.
What I can say at the moment however, is that I think it’s quite likely I wasn’t the man you saw in the incident you mentioned in your PM. You describe him as being “thirty, or maybe more”, but this was about nine years ago. At that time I would have been in my early twenties, not my thirties.
However, if you’d like to PM the description of this man – as I asked above – then I’ll know more certainly.
Last, but most definitely not least, I would tell your parents if you feel able to. I would also tell them that you’re writing on this particular forum and definitely show them any communications you have with anyone about this, especially if those communications are PM's. You can never be too careful on the internet, believe me.
Sometimes we think parents could never be of any help at all with a huge variety of troubles we have, but more often than not, they surprise us with how loving and understanding they can be. They also usually have our best interests at heart and protection of one’s children is nearly always the strongest instinct any mum or dad will ever have.
Kind regards,

P.S. Of school age, but less than ten or eleven, to answer your original question.

Q 252) (PaoloWillente, Post #833 on 21 October 2010 - 03:35 AM, said:) ...
A 252) ...
1/ No, I never really thought of questioning it. They accepted each other's presence from the time I first saw them in the same space and sometimes, performing the same tasks together, so I always assumed they were in some way connected, if culturally separate.
2/ Do you mean is their appearance a physical reality or a psychological illusion cast into my mind? I’m pretty sure it’s real, otherwise the Greys would have done the same thing. And they don’t look exactly the same, just close.
3/ No, I haven’t. I just said I could be found in another country by them, without difficulty.
4/ That’s the latest view is it? I somehow doubt it, but anything is possible. Not likely, in my opinion.
5/ No, none.
6/ Sometime between the start of the year and mid-March. Unless he was involved in the recent spate, which is quite possible. I just have yet to remember.

Q (quillius on 22 October 2010 - 01:25 AM) 253) interesting thread......unsure if that is strictly due to the ability of the abductee?!?!

few quick questions on things that dont seem to fit for me:
1) age 5 on deserted beach alone you are abducted- 5 year old alone on deserted beach? really?
2) why did your father not believe you at all at the start after being with you during one abduction? surely even with hazy memory of events he would have some sensation of time loss??
3) many questions so far asked about where they are from etc etc you have answered i do not know.....after indicating you had hours of discussions with 'jorgin' surely you would have asked some of the common questions put forward on this thread? especially after commenting on your fascination with space etc for years.
4) leading on from above question surely your first question would have been 'why are you doing this'?
look forward to your answers G!

A 253) [Post #845]
1/ I didn't go the the beach alone. I was there wityh my family and the family of a friend of my dad's. I wandered off into the sand dunes alone and it was then that it happened.
2/ All he remembered until I was about twenty was seeing a UFO in the sky.
3/ I have covered that one. They tell me things, but they don't tell me everything I ask about. They work to their agenda, not mine.
4/ My first, second, third, fourth, fifth.... No idea how many times I've asked (or screamed) a version of that question. I suspect there is no one single reason, but many. I definitely don't think it's just random plucking of random people for research though.

Q (Paxus) 254) [Question regarding how the aliens writing looked]
So was it like "The Matrix" font/lettering?
Was it like "Futurama" alien script?

A 254) Never heard of Futurama. Matrix? Appropriately enough, yeah, quite like that.

Q (quillius,) 255) in all honesty I read to half way through and couldnt help but ask questions...(nice Q&A summary by the way Paxus..very helpful).
Anyhow he actually doesnt say either way if alone or not however the next sentence describes the time when with father so if not alone at the beach why not say who with then? also did no one notice a 5year old missing for 45 minutes?
I never said his fathers disbelief detracted from credibility they are your words. I simply ask as he said at 12 father and mother say they are all dreams....i would have thought if his father experienced this memory and time loss he would surely give even an ounce of possibility to the claims made? and why 2 years on does he then seem to believe? (ofcourse possible he believed prior to age 14 but G was unable to sense his belief as he was able to 2 years on)
I will obviously have to re-read the rest to see if 3 and 4 are answered as you say...apologies fo rthe repetition.

A 255)No, they didn't really. They thought I was off playing somewhere with the the two daughters of my father's friend and combined with that, it was also around 1982/3, so the modern-day level of hysteria about child safety had not yet reached the proportions it now has.
He didn't really seem to believe me at fourteen. He was more positive, but nothing really came of it. It wasn't until I was nearly twenty that he actually unconditionally accepted it.

Q (Universal Sight) 256) Did they let you know if they had taken you into space or if you were still on Earth and they were in a "stealth" mode in our skies or wherever.
Do you believe in USO's? Could it be possible that you may have been taken into the deep sea? Was there any mention by them of any other races that may be residing in the oceans? A stretch but i had to ask.

A 256) No, they haven't mentioned that. I have one memory where I am operating some sort of console in a uniform and I can see long rectangular windows beyond which is blackness, but I'm concentrating on the console, not the "windows" and in the memory I don't really look out of them or even acknowledge what they are. This memory is a work in progress though, as it's one of the ones that came back in my sole hynosis session and feels different to the ones that have come back on their own.
Unudentified Sea-born Objects? Like alien boats? I don't think they have craft especially for that, but I think it isn't difficult for a normal craft to switch from being in the air to being in the water. I don't think it would interfere with the drive mechanism.
I have no idea if these or any other "people" are from the sea or not.

Q (archernyc) 257) Good morning, Gil!
I thought of a few things this morning, so if any of this has been asked and answered already, please forgive me. As Universal Sight said above, my memory just isn't what it used to be and I started following your account in May :blink:
1. On those occasions where you've been abducted from your bed (most, I think), when you're returned, do you just go back to sleep or do you lay there and think about what just happened?
2. You've mentioned that your girlfriend does not wake up during these experiences - does she know immediately upon waking that you had an abduction during the night or is she unaware until you tell her? Do you come back smelling funny? from something like alcohol swabs or anesthesia or anything? Was she ever worried that she might be abducted?
3. Since you've become reconciled to the abductions over the years and they don't seem to bother you any more - why do you think they still do something that causes you to forget what happens during the abduction? (until you gradually recover the memories, that is)

A 257) [Post #850, 23 October 2010 - 05:03 AM]
1/ I'm physically returned and either placed into a state similar to sleep (I can sense all the sleep paralysis proponents salivating right now) or I am awake, but the cutoff drops across my memory. This latter is the most common, and is usually more noticeable if there is some descrepancy, like the time I was put back underneath my bottom sheet, or in a heap on the floor at the side of the bed.
2/ She is totally unaware. I think the idea concerns her, yes. The subject is totally taboo with her. I'm pretty sure she never has been though. I don't think I've ever smelt funny, but sometimes the smell from there lingers in my nose.
3/ No idea. I'm guessing the amnesia is not related to saving the abductee from psychological trauma. Or at least, not totally related to it.

Q (Moonshine) 258)
1.) Do you know if 'they' bleed?
2.) What do you think the relationship between the 'greys' and the 'blondes' are like? Do you think they are from the same 'ship' or universe, if they come from one?
3.) When they were... Ummm.. Examining you.. As in with needle and stuff. Did they seem precise and seem like they knew what they were doing?
4.) Do you think it is possible that the 'blondes' have even tried breeding with humans? (( It sounds wierd. I know. It was just a thought ))
5.) Why you?
6.) Question removed, it was answered.
7.) Why do you think that these ET's seem interested in humans? Have you found out from them?
8.) Question removed, it was answered.
9.) Do they have tones of voice when speaking? If so, what is it like?
10.) When you mentioned about the Hypno-thingymabobady thing. You said that the images that were brought forward were misty and hazy, why do you think it was like this?
11.) ( I don't know how to word this one ) General myths about ET's and UFO's. Which ones are false and which ones do you think are true? E.G. The huge light that comes from the 'crafts' which suck people up.
12.) When you are at their 'craft' has anyone ever noticed you missing? Or... Well, why doesn't anyone notice?
13.) You mentioned a planet with two suns. Do you think the reason in which why the ETs showed you it, was because that was their homeland?
14.) Question removed, it was answered.
15.) Do you think they will ever make contact with Earth as a whole? If not, why? If so, why?
16.) Could you go into more detail about the planet of two suns? If you could that is! (:
17.) Question removed, it was answered.
18.) You said you had a girlfriend who slept with you regulary, did you know whether she was taken? And what her view on this is?
19.) How do they move? Nordics and Greys. Are they elegant? Staggering? Bulky?
I understand what you did with the glare. It's hard to explain, but I understand what you did and I can imagine why he acted that way.
(D'awwwh my kitten is sitting on my shoulder, and watching! ^-^)
Gil - No. I have seen a picture/film sequence of a very ****ty, dusty world with two suns in the sky, but I don't know the name of it or what its significance is.
You said that earlier, there are two films in which I hae watched with something similar. Vin Diesel - Black Dawn, I think it is called. And Serenity.
I was thinking, you say that it is only the Greys which come to your house. Not the Nordic's. Perhaps the greys don't have emotions, well they probabyl do but they don't understand them coming from a human? Whereas a Nordic would, guessing that they have 'similar' DNA.
I think that saying we are barbaric now, doesn't really add up to me. Some are good and some are bad. Just like the ETs.
I'm sorry Got to 39 and that was it. I have been sitting here for hours just constant reading and my questions are building up and up and up.
Lastly, any recent abduction?

A 258)1/ I’ve never seen one bleed, but assuming they’re organic creatures in a similar form to us, I expect that they would.
2/ I’ve done that one to death. I think we all come from the same universe. Think.
3/ Yes, totally.
4/ Don’t know, but I’ve heard that weird stuff has gone on with other abductees. I don’t ever remember “breeding” with an alien however.
5/ Why not me? I have no idea. I’ve said that a good few times, too.
6/ Many have been.
7/ Ibid?
8/ Aye.
9/ They don’t “speak”. I guess you could say their communication has some sort of expression though, even though given the mode it comes across in, it isn’t entirely what we would find in a normal conversation. Commands “sound” different to question, even though it is in my head.
10/ No idea, although I could guess that if they are letting me recover the other ones naturally, their clarity is intended. Because these ones came back to me from a human agency, they were cloudier.
11/ You would need to make a list of ones you want me to answer and I’ll true or false them as much as I can.
12/ Yes, on the second outdoor occasion we were late getting back home by about 90 minutes. My father did notice I was gone for about 45 minutes on the first, but he wasn’t unduly worried as he thought I was with the daughters of his friend, one of whom was fifteen years old.
13/ That is possible, but it is entirely speculation.
14/ Well spotted.
15/ I don’t know, but I doubt it. For the same reason Saba Douglas-Hamilton didn’t rescue that oryx antelope that had been adopted by the lioness: they don’t interfere with the course of nature directly.
16/ Not really, as it’s rather snapshotty. What I do remember of the scenario was rather barren and desert-like though. Mind you, if you showed an alien unfamiliar with earth a picture of the Sahara, would he guess that a few thousand miles away there is a rainforest and oceans teaming with multitudinous life? No planet we know of is the same all over its surface.
17/ Cool.
18/ No, I don’t believe she has been. The subject is a taboo one for her. She loathes “them” totally and doesn’t like discussing them.
19/ Nordics are rather like large humans and the Greys are rather robot/insect-like if they’re shorter ones, but more graceful and agile if they’re the taller ones.
What glare? Sorry, remind me again?
Haven’t seen either of those films and have no interest in anything Vin Diesel does, says or stars in.
I don’t know what that would have to do with the Greys being the only ones in my home.
We are a mixture of things as a race. Some are truly awful and some are startlingly beautiful.
Yes, two nights ago. That makes three in the last two or three months, I think. Left blood all over my sheets from the back of my neck. Nothing substantial is coming back from it yet though.

Q (Universal Sight) 259) Since youve started this topic and along with your most recent accounts of abduction...
Have you tried to at least make a stronger effort to gather evidence? im speaking of at least what the others have posted about getting pictures? (the blood on sheets etc...?)
I know this in itself wouldnt PROVE anything toward the alien abductions but it may show an effort on your part as far as trying to show some validity to the claims?

A 259)No, I haven't, for a very good reason. Two reasons, actually.
1/ Blood on sheets and pinpricks etc, even if photographed by a dermatologist's camera, wouldn't prove or disprove anything, nor increase or decrease any validity. They would therefore be pointless and worthless.
2/ I've never been particularly interested in "proving" my case: because of personal privacy and my view that virtually no investigation or study could prove or disprove anything, other than prove an outright psychosis on the part of the subject. But as I said above, something hugley obvious, like a fresh triangle mark that would show up even on a cameraphone would be hard to resist.
When I started this thread, the thought of putting together any sort of case didn't enter my mind at all. Having said that, I think I would be interested in talking to any reputable researcher who was doing such work, rather than doing it myself.

Q (seeker24) 260)
When asked by someone about how to become abducted, you warned him/her that the entities you encountered may have some malignant "competitors". Could you elaborate on that a bit? What makes you think so / where does this information come from?
(2) About the Roswell incident: If I remember correctly, you said that US authorities are/may be in possession of alien bodies. Given the secretive manner in which the aliens you describe act and their technological capabilities, wouldn't it be easy for them to recover bodies, wreckage and all evidence of the event?

A 260) 1/ Not as much as you’d want and I don’t have a great deal of information.
It about boils down to the fact that, just as on earth, not every race, is beneficent. Even in races that are you have individuals and small groups that aren’t, and that goes for the opposite side too. I haven’t been made aware of a great deal of information regarding such “competitors”, except that they exist and have an agenda. That’s about it.
It’s actually such a lame statement that I wasn’t going to include it myself. I only do so now, with some reservations, because you directly asked about it. When phrased like this though, it does come across a bit Star Wars.
2/ If another craft were close enough, yeah probably. Depending on where it crashed, obviously. If Roswell were the benchmark one were to use, then keep it in mind that it came down in one of the best scanned and heaviest defended parts of the continental United States. .

Q (PaoloWillente) 261, said:
Just read about another abduction case."a small machine hovered over me like a big eye, and made a humming noise that made me feel very sick."
Ring any bells?

A (Gilfaer) 261 Posted 29 October 2010 - 10:38 AM
Having "an eye" looking at me that was a machine is something I can relate to, but it didn't hover, it was attached to a support that came down from the ceiling and it didn't make a noise that made me feel sick.

Q (seeker24) 262) How exactly do your abductors react to questions they won't answer like "Why does this all happen?" ?
Do they simply remain silent?
Do they flatly refuse to answer like "You don't need to know this, pink idiot" or do they reply with meaningless pseudo-answers like politicians do?
BTW: The behaviour of the Greys/Nordics as you describe it seems to me like classical good cop/bad cop tactics.
Let Bossman play lightning rod for your anger while Jorgin gets your confidence.

A 262) Posted 03 November 2010
lol You picked up on "pink idiot" too, did you? By and large they just act as if they haven't heard. They totally ignore anything they won't answer.
Possibly they do. My instinct is that it's just their different natures playing out.

Q (Paxus)
Hey Gil!
Hope everything is well with you.
Have you ever tried telling them anything along these lines:
'This is MY planet, you have no right coming without invitation"
'I have the same rights as any self-aware being, you have no right abducting me without my permission'
When talking to Jorgin, have you ever relayed anything about how your rights have been violated?
If so, how does he respond?
Thanks Gil

Posted 06 November 2010 - 08:16 AM - Post #893
A (Gilfaer)
I used to, kind of. Not in the legal lawyery sense that you've put it there, but in the "child being bullied/abused" sort of way you would as a kid. By the time I got seriously into adulthood I didn't really think in those terms any more.

up to page 60 post #893.....
Note: I'm not counting questions anymore at this stage as many people's posts (counted as ONE question) had several questions.
          Will add occasional dates or Post numbers.
Note: I may count ALL questions one day (and number them) in the future....

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Q) (PaoloWillente)
Any more recent visits?

A) on 10 November 2010 - 09:21 PM, Post #900
No, but then they do appear to have used up most of a year's allowance in three months.


Q (Paxus)
Hey re my earlier question, you said you sorta asked those kind of question but not in those words, but you didn't say what Jorgin's reply was.... Does that mean he didn't reply?

Sorry Pax, I'm lost. Could you remind me?


Q (Paxus)
I can't remember now - probably something along the lines of my asking if you ever asserted your right not to be violated and wondered what Jorgin would say to such protestations...

I never assumed I had a "right", I don't think. I think I've mostly been of the opinion that there are no such things as rights, unless there is force to back them up, and in this case, there isn't. Jorgin, these days at least, would probably think I was being comedic.


Q (Non sequitur),
an incision could have been caused quite easily by lots of things.....i wont say the most common way somebody will bleed from their

rectum but i will say the second most common.. poorly digested food.

Post #905
An incision. Not an avulsion, abrasion or other wound. Apart from the unmentionable first and the second, which I have never been

diagnosed with and wouldn't have caused a linear cut anyway, what other things do you mean?


Q (Universal Sight) on 19 November 2010 - 07:05 PM, said:
Was there ever a time that you were sick in anyway that:
a. They came to get you and then basically "changed their minds" to where you may have thought they were fearing infection from you?
b. You were feeling a little sick, were adbucted..... and after the abduction you were "miraculously" not sick anymore or felt

better or .... maybe Worse?
c. Do you think or felt that they would continue their abduction(s) for various reasons, as in, to study the different types of

illness among abductees so that they may be better to defend themselves against "alien"(to them), viruses and/or bacteria? Any

mention of this by either group of "visitors" (Greys or Nordics), to you?

A) Post #907
a) No, I don't ever remember that.
c) I've often felt physically crap after an abduction, but not ill I don't think. And I don't ever remember being "cured" of

c) Considering the level of technology they apparently have, I would assume that they could find a new planet and learn everything

they needed to know about its microbiology in a month or two. Abductions have been going on for a long time. No, it's never been


FORUM ABSENCE note (~ 5 months) :

Statement to Forum (Paxus), on 26 April 2011 - 07:57 AM, said:
I heard back from him (Gilfaer) last night but he didn't say much, just sorry for the late reply and that he rarely checks e-mail.

Posted 26 April 2011 - 06:44 PM by Gilfaer --------------------- Post #964 --------------
He isn't joking. I had emails that were five months old waiting to be read.


Not a question & answer but noteworthy;
Comment (PaoloWillente), on 21 March 2011 - 07:13 PM, said:
This thread was also the reason I joined this site, along with the film The Fourth Kind, it left me worrying about being taken
myself, haha! I have just bought the film Fire in the Sky as well so will be watching that and have more questions no doubt.

#969 Gilfaer
Ah, glad I caught this post.

The first thing I should tell you PW, is that neither of those films bears any comparison, whatsoever, to the actual real experience

as I've had it. Fire in the Sky's abduction sequence is total b******s and doesn't remotely resemble what was actually reported by

Travis Walton and Fourth Kind is worthless pap, designed to terrify and sensationalise.

If you want something that is as close to the real thing as anything I have ever seen on TV, then you should see if you can get hold

of a copy of Intruders, starring Richard Crenna, on DVD. It was a mini-series in the early 90's, so the FX are pretty ropey, but the

story is faithful and there is no exageration. This is the only product I've ever seen thta is not total crap.

Peace out brother. :)


Q (quillius), on 26 April 2011 - 06:56 PM, said:
Did anything happen since you were last on the forum G?

(welcome back by the way :) )

edit: oh and what do you think of the Travis Walton case?

A (Gilfaer)
1/ Last week was my most recent incident. Only a small amount of medical stuff, mostly spent with my "friend" being taught about

what is, from our perspective, "deep space".

2/ Thanks. :)

3/ Of all the cases in the world it's the one with the most supporting circumstantial evidence that I've ever heard of. No other

case has so many other witnesses and supporting circumstances, such as the polygraph tests. Also, very few cases have been so

vociferously and vituperously attacked by Phillip Klass, which is usually the first thing that ma,kes me think it might be real.

Q (Rlyeh), on 26 April 2011 - 08:53 PM, said:
If an abductee got sent to a maximum security prison, would they still get abducted and returned without anyone else knowing?

A (Gilfaer)
I doubt it.

Q (Universal Sight), on 26 April 2011 - 10:37 PM, said:

Did your aliens look like this or make any voice like this? (this goes with the understanding that this particular incident is most

likely a hoax IMHO)

[RE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwHI7wNXzWw]

Ummmmm...... that is scarilly accurate. If that is animatronic, it's the best one I've ever seen.

Points against: No, I've never heard one make that sound; I've never seen one move its mouth (that looks very animatronic, but to be

honest they do move in a way reminiscent of that); I've never seen one blink.

By the way, that soldier uses the word "puta", which means whore, not mother****er.

Further thoughts...

The grey ones do move and deport themselves in a birdlike, or insectlike way. Watch the way Peter Weller moves his head when he's

playing Robocop to see what I mean. That thing does move like that, but the way the head moves it looks too much like it's being

driven by a motor.

------------- pg 66 ------------------------------------------------------------

Q {Universal Sight)
LOL. Glad i could find something. Tough to think of anything new without getting too crazy. im almost afraid to ask as i dont want to try and repeat any though. I apologize...if so.(These are asked with the understanding that you may not know, but, maybe you could ask during any future apprehensions if possible. Or if you have any speculation even i would like to hear your thoughts.)

1/ Have you ever asked to go or possibly been to their planet(s)?
2/ Have they explained to you what it may be like there as far as some things being similar?
3/ How fast can they make the trip from their home planet to here?
4/ What do they eat while they are here?
5/ Have they ever fed you anything? Drink?
6/ Did they mention how long it took to learn our language?
7/ What does the Grey aliens/Nordic voices sound like?
8/ High pitched?
9/ Do they speak in words or tones?
10/ Is it always telepathically?
11/ If so, they would have still had to learn it right?
12/ Does their "telepathic voice" change tone or pitch with any possible emotion they may be feeling at that time?
i guess thats all for now.

A (Gilfaer) - 03 December 2010
Don’t worry about repeating. Sometimes answers change, so a question is always worth asking again later. I’m always happy to go back to something asked before.
1/ Yes and no.
2/ Not that way, no. I think it's mainly thought of as being different, not similar. Obviously a planet would be something like earth in construction, but I imagine you mean similar in other ways?
3/ As far as I know, it's very short in terms of time. Crossing the entire Milky Way wouldn't take more than crossing the Atlantic on a cruise liner. They don't do it by linear travel. I was given a moving image in my mind once of the mechanism of it working (not dissimilar to a National Geographic documentary actually, lol) and it seems to involve around making the cosmos move around the ship, not the ship through the cosmos. Short distances, such as moving around in our atmosphere or even within the space of the solar system use an entirely different mechanism. A totally different "engine".
4/ I have no idea. They've never told me and I've never seen them eating.
5/ No, neither.
6/ They haven't had to learn it, although I imagine that there's a profession equivalent to linguist among their people somewhere.
7/ Definitely never heard a grey alien's voice, am almost sure I haven't heard a Nordic one either.
8/ Ibid.
9/ I was about to write "ibid" again, but something about that question is jangling something deep in my memory. I don't know what, or why, or if it has any proper foundation for even being wondered about, but it's made me think. Ask me again in a year. lol
10/ Yes.
11/ No. Telepathic communication, such as I've experienced it with "them", doesn't need Star Trek's universal translator. As I understand it all beings, and all mater, are “one” on the quantum level. Quite how an atom on Mars can be right next to an atom on earth is above my ability to understand, but this is apparently the case.
Now, when you adapt this to sentient consciousnesses it means that all minds, all souls, are also connected.
The way I think about it is like two computers connected to the same network, by talking in different programming languages. Between the two is the network, just as between the two conscious minds is the oneness of everything. Call it the ether, the Force, the Holy Spirit… call it whatever. Different cultures, different names, similar concepts.
Both minds/computers speak different languages, but the network they’re plugged into speaks everything the two minds do and more. It
automatically “translates” for them in a way their conscious mind will understand through the subconscious levels.
Imagine two people have been abducted simultaneously. One is a Zulu from southern Africa in the eighteen hundreds, the other is a New York banker from the present day.
An alien send out a message to them both at the same time, saying,“If your society doesn’t change the way it’s behaving, it will be destroyed by a catastrophe.”
The banker will see first a scene of excess associated with the way he works on Wall Street and the typical debauches expected of modern Western society. Drugs, obese out of control eaters, alcoholics etc.
The image in the Zulu’s mind will be of his people stealing cattle from another tribe, disrespecting the spirits of their ancestors etc.
That is the first part of the message. The bit about “stop what you’re doing now”.
The second part would arrive in the banker’s mind as a picture of riots in New York City, air force jets bombing civilians or a mushroom cloud of a major urban population centre.
The Zulu would see this as a parched desert with the skulls of their beloved cattle (the only true form of wealth the Zulus of the nineteenth century could appreciate) poking up through the sand of a dehydrated wasteland.
Now when the “alien” sent out this message, the two images in HIS mind would have been firstly the sight of his own people misusing cosmic power sources, blowing up planets just to get at the metals in their cores and stealing ore-rich asteroids, coupled with fleets of starships strafing entire continents and whole oceans drying up.
One message about cause and effect seen through the lens of a trifurcated paradigm. All done automatically and without effort on the parts of all three beings. Like breathing. We never think about it, it’s just done for us but our automatic processes.
12/ It's not really a matter of pitch and tone, because it isn't an audible sound. But you can tell emphasis or urgency, yes.


Q (Paxus), on 04 December 2010 - 06:31 AM, said:
If you are open to suggested dialogues with them, I would ask that you ask if they will take me with them.
I'd be quite happy to never return to Earth and I would work if need be.

A (Gilfaer)
Pax, this makes your at least the seventh or eighth person to make this request of me. lol
To be honest, I don't think choice or volunteering has anything to do with it. I've actually had people offer to supply me with their addresses so I can pass them on to the "aliens", but I think they work to their agenda with people chosen for their particular reasons. I keep reminding myself to bring this up in conversation with them though. You never know if it'll have any effect. Don't bet your paycheque on it though.


Q (JGirl), , said:
i would ask an abductee the following: (assuming it's a repeated experience) have you considered finding a way to steal something

from the ship to bring back with you? if not, why?? and if so, what happened?
how much back and forth communication goes on between you and the abductors? are you allowed to ask questions, do they ask YOU questions etc?
assuming aliens also have dna, have you ever taken a swab from some place you were touched by these beings and had it analysed upon your return?
and the one i'm most interested in knowing:
have you ever had conversations with other abductees while on the ship, and if so, did you exchange earth addresses or other contact information so that you could contact one another once the abduction was over?

A (Gilfaer) 05 December 2010 - 04:01 AM
There is less hope than Bob Hope of anyone stealing anything. Considering they can see into your mind and I'm usually just wearing my underppants anyway (no, I don't want suggestions about where to hide things in such attire - so don't even think it. lol) I have no way to conceal it either mentally or physically. Don't think that hasn't been asked or thought about before though.


Q (JGirl),

as for the conversations with them...did you feel that you could discuss things with them or was it strictly geared to what they wanted to talk to you about? also, my last question about meeting a fellow abductee after the fact. there are reports where abductees saw other humans and or were grouped with other humans and i am really curious as to whether they compared notes

A (Gilfaer) on 05 December 2010 - 05:02 AM
I have met other humans during abductions, but I don't think I've met one in the "real world" from during an abduction yet.

Q (TheSpookyLlama), on 05 December 2010 - 11:44 PM, said:
Sorry if I'm repeating anything already asked in the 62+ pages.
I'm curious if the grey folks and the other folks that look like Nords know each other. If so, I wonder if they're at peace? War?

Maybe they disagree with how to handle the human race? (Greys are cold and clinical while the nordic-looking species seem more warm and welcoming)
If I were abducted (and please understand I'm not trying to make fun) and had the good fortune of being taken by the nordic ones,

I'd ask for Jorgin and ask him:
1) Which planet do you come from?
2) Why does Earth matter to your people?
3) Do you know of a race of grey-skinned people? What are they called?
4) Are you friends/enemies of these people? Do you agree with their ideas?
5) Besides your race and the grey-skinned race, are there any others?

A (Gilfaer) Posted 27 April 2011 - 05:45 AM
My asnwers on behalf of Jorgin (which means they won't necessarily be accurate!) would be...

1/ I don't know.
2/ I don't know.
3/ They share the same workspace with them, so they must known them, even though they keep apart.
4/ They must agree enough to cooperate at least.
5/ Many others.

Q (the L), on 27 April 2011 - 05:52 AM, said:
Did they smiled? What do you think how would they react on joke?

A (Gilfaer) Posted 27 April 2011 - 05:54 AM
The grey ones mouths never move. The nordic people do smile. I don't think they have much of a sense of humour to be honest, although as I've previously chronicled (I'm sure) one has made at least one attempt.


Q (Paxus), on 27 April 2011 - 03:00 PM, said:
Welcom back Gil!
Bet you had no idea how many 'fans' you had!
1/ By the way, I would ask that, if you ever decide to leave UM, would you let us know and say goodbye first?
2/ What abduction experiences did you have during your UM absence?

A (Gilfaer)
1/Yep, sure. I'm going now. See you in a year...
Nah, I'm kidding.
Thing is Pax, it's not as if I actively decide to "leave" for a time, it just happens because of life or circumstances or whatever.

I don't plan it that way, so I wouldn't know in advance it's going to happen.
2/ Ten days or a fortnight ago I had a rather cool "update" experience, which was 80% being taught stuff on a screen/console in a much more pleasant room than the "operating theatre". A lot of what I remember goes over my head, but bizarrely, I didn't have much trouble understanding it at the time. It was to do with energy and the capturing and utilisation thereof, and what the makeup of the majority of Existence is. Certainly enough to give the energy companies the s***s if it were ever patented on earth. lol

Q (Universal Sight), on 27 April 2011 - 06:31 PM, said:
In your experience with the Nordics, If i remember right, you were shown some things by them. (Jorgin?)
Anyways, i was just wondering if they had show you anything to the light of the history of man here on Earth. What i mean is, do you get any reference to the large monuments such as the pyramids, myan temples and the like?
Ive personally feel that man has been around way longer than we think and were very intelligent and that for some reason...humanity itself goes through cycles. Cycles of getting advanced...then some "natural catasptrophe" wiping out most and humans starting over with the limited remnants of knowledge already gained, while in turn, having to re-evolve intelligence that goes in another direction. (Sorry for the blab there).
But do you remember anything being enlightened to you in this or similar aspect?

A (Gilfaer)
Yes indeed, quite interesting.
Man (or to be more exact, organised civillisation) has been around for a long time, but a lot of the Atlantis stuff (which is to say nearly all of it) is total b******s, because it mostly comes from "channelled" communications that are only slightly more hokey than a promo cut by the Ultimate Warrior.
Also, although there have always been people "taught" by "them" throughout the centuries, the pyramids were not, so far as I know, constructed with the help of gantries or levitation beams from visiting spaceships. They were not intended to be grave sites either, although human remains did spend some time in them.

Q. (quillius), on 27 April 2011 - 09:07 PM, said:
Hello G,
may i ask if they have ever spoken about the more classic cases here on earth, i.e.
Portage county
Colares (Brazil)
Pheonix lights
in addition, do you think its viable that a spaceship has ever crashed/shot down here on earth and have there ever been aliens captured dead or alive?
What is their take on God?
many thanks

A (Gilfaer)
Everyone in the English speaking world has heard of Roswell, but I've never personally heard of Portage and Colares.
My opinion on the Phoenix Lights is that they were flares. I've seen video footage and super imposition of the daytime hill skyline, which suggests if not conclusively, at least pretty strongly, that at the point they disappeared, they all intersected with the contours of the distant ridge. Now if the lights had been on the rim of a single large object, that means it would have been about thirty miles across.
Rendlesham is a case where the skeptical explanations are lame and for some reason, parts of the proponent case have mysteriously vanished from all presentations of the incident. Not many people have heard that there was a third kind encounter during the second night for example.
Roswell I honestly don't know about, it's too old and there's too much silt in the water. To be honest, I'm not particularly interested in that single incident.
No, they have not mentioned any of these locations by name, but I have been told that technology is in the hands of the various governments, as are bodies.
They believe in a Creator.

Q (PaoloWillente), on 27 April 2011 - 09:08 PM, said:
I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but have you asked them why they are teaching you all this stuff?
If so, what have they said?
Are they expecting you to put it into use some day...?
Do you think they are aware of you posting on here, or even recollecting your memories?
Do you think it is something they are allowing you to do, 'set phaser to 1 week memory loss' perhaps, or are you going against the grain and remembering of your own accord?

A (Gilfaer)
The process we seem to be going through is a lot more subtle than that in your typical alien movie.
Yes, there is an issue about educating not just me, but the whole of humanity, but no-one is stupid enough to just dump zillions of years of scientific knowledgfe into the hands of the world's strongest governments and then sit back and watch them use it for despotic purposes.
I think they certainly are aware of the latter, and very probably the former.
If they can just tap into my mind like they do, then I doubt if anything is secret from them.
I think a mixture of those two is the answer, but that is just my opinion.
It is a combination of both letting me remember and me being ready and willing.

Q (.Sobek.), on 28 April 2011 - 04:18 PM, said:
My questions are:
Have they ever mentioned where they are from?

A (Gilfaer)
Not directly, as in,
"Check out this star map. See that point? That's our sun!"
They have made references, of a rather vague kind (and to be fair, anything short of a structure ten year curriculum of ordered history lessons would be "vague" in such a massive topic) of their evolution and some oftheir relationships to us.

Q (.Sobek.)Have they ever let you ask questions about them? and if so have they ever answered?

A (Gilfaer)
They don't usually have to "let" any abductee ask, they usually get deluged with questions I expect. Q&A is not their strongpoint though, especially not the grey ones. Or at least, if it is, it's something I haven't remembered. Normally, if information about them is going to be given to me, it looks like it's been decided beforehand and is not influenced by any individual spate of curiosity on my part.


Q (.Sobek.) on 28 April 2011 - 04:18 PM, said:
Are the Human like beings human slaves of the greys or a separate alien species?

A (Gilfaer)
There is servitude of a certain kind I think, but slavery is far to overt and obvious a concept to apply it to us. No, I don't think the greys are in charge. Nor do I think all greys are "on the same side".


Q (Paxus), on 28 April 2011 - 09:58 PM, said:
Howdy Gil, :D
*L* I didn't mean, tell us everytime you're absent, I meant tell us if you plan to leave UM and never come back.
1/ Can you elaborate on your last abduction? (As in spare no detail! Tell us everything from the moment you were taken to the moment you were back and how long it took you to realise it had happened {if you didn't know the moment you got home})

2/ As you can imagine, a lot of people here are very proof orientated and let's face it - it really would be the 'Holy Grail' of the whole ET dilema.... In that vein, I'm wondering if you've had a chance to look any further into setting up a webcam to record you while you sleep?

3/ PaoloWillente beat me to it - I'm also very curious about why they are teaching you stuff.
This really doesn't sound like them studying you as a specimen to me - it sounds like preperation for a future task!
Does this possibility excite you?

A (Gilfaer)
1/ My memories consist entirely of being with Jorgin and one of his other blonde types. Only Jorgin was talking to me, although the other guy was a part of the proceeding somehow. He kept to the background. I know there was some medical stuff, because there was a large, red patch on my right arm, just above the elbow. Not a bruise or impact injury. It felt like a burn, or to be more accurate, corrosion. I don’t remember what caused it. (Next morning there was no discolouration, but the area was painful and sensitive.)
My memories are like a highlights reel from a sports program. I remember seeing
“pictures” on the console in front of me of a couple of galaxies, and I remember operating the console to get a different viewing angle and to change pictures. I understood how it worked.
There were ways of looking at the same picture in different ways. If I could compare it to the way we photograph the heavens with Hubble, it would be a bit like the way we can look at Jupiter in X-ray, infra-red, ultra-violet and visual light. Large changes between appearances whilst looking at the same objects.
I do remember that there were two galaxies, one of which I think was the Milky Way. The other was much bigger and didn’t have a defined shape like ours.
Now there weren’t three or four ways of looking at them, like in my above example with Hubble. There were only two here. One that was normal light, and another that made the Galaxies look about three times bigger, and surrounded by a bubble of radiation or something. In this view the stars and structure of the galaxies went to a very dark blue colour against a black background, very silhouette-ish, and the “bubble around them was a dark purple. Also in this view was a lighter blue thing that was everwhere. Not located on top of the galaxies themselves, but everywhere. All around. Like sparks.
I then jump to a conversation I’m having about something entirely different. I’m aware that I’m trying to prolong things before I have to go back. (I guess anyone would if they felt that stimulated.)
Jorgin makes a rather firm motion with his right hand, as if to tell me that everything is over for now, and then I feel a hand on the back of my head.
That’s the last thing I remember.
I was aware the very next morning, and it took between now and then for things to form up in my mind as they are now.
2/ No, I haven’t tried a webcam. I doubt if I shall bother.
3/ Yes, I guess it does. But it’s a big unknown. There’s not much laid out to know about in full detail is there?

Pg 69

Q (PaoloWillente), on 28 April 2011 - 10:33 PM, said:
I'm just thinking aloud here, but you said you were conscious and fully aware of what was happening, but don't remember until days/weeks afterwards. Isn't that slightly contradictory?

A (Gilfaer)
No. Not unless you're implying that the mechanism by which my memory is suppressed is an ongoing one that is functioning at the time of the abduction, rather than a single act that is done without me knowing and only taking a second or two to implement.


Q (747400), on 28 April 2011 - 11:00 PM, said:
Um, i don't mean to be fatuious or facetious in any way, but you mentioned, casually, just now being taught about "the capturing and utlisation of energy", and "what the makeup of the majority of Existence is". Now this would seem to be a fairly Big Thing, and one might expect someone who'd been let in on such a potentially world-changing secret to, well, you don't seem particularly blown away by it.

A (Gilfaer)
Depends what you mean by "blown away". I can say that even by the standards of most teachy stuff I've done with them, it's fascinating, even though my recall is sketchy. I was someone who developed a fascination for astronomy and physics at the age of six, so something like I could've gone along with for twice as long.
However, "let in on a world-changing secret"? If I knew as much about physics and engineering and all the rest as Jorgin probably does, then I'd be blown away. Never mind blown away, I'd be camped outside the patents office with a very large sketch pad and a solicitor. I don't imagine that even with a total recall of all that went on tha night I'd know enough to change the world.


Q (747400), on 28 April 2011 - 11:00 PM, said:
And why would they let you in on all these Big Secrets? Sorry if you may well have said all this before, but do they have some sort of agenda and wish you to spread the word or something? Sorry if, like i said, you've covered all this before, but thanks to our friend Pax I've just looked in on this thread.

A (Gilfaer) Post #1022
1/ I don't know.
2/ Not that unsubtly, but there's probably some sort of long term educational project going on. I expect it will last a lot longer than my span here.
3/ No problem. Hope you don't find me nuts.


Pg 70
Q (PaoloWillente)

1/ But how are you so sure that you are conscious when you only get the recalls of memories?
2/ If say, you were to ask them a question, how would you know that you had asked them if you couldn't remember?
3/ And how would you remember to ask them question if you only vaguely remember physically being there?
(I may be confusing myself here...)

A (Gilfaer) Post #1036 on 29 April 2011
1/ I have had conscius recall of a very few things, one of the most significant of which was that encounter on the hillside with my father. Another would be seeing the small grey on the beach when I was a child. They were never obscured by memory loss. The difference between "memories" of encounters and dreams I've had of them is distinguishable. That's all I can say really. I believe I can tell the difference.
2/ I wouldn't necessarily.
3/ When I'm there I'm totally conscious will full recall of my life outside of abductions. It's only after an encounter that the recall problem occurs.


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